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Introductory Statement:-

Today we will study how to use parts of speech

Teaching Point Teachers Activity Student’s Activity

1. Noun Name of a person, place Student’s will read the
animal or thing is known sentences students will
as noun. give some examples.
1. Anil is a cunning
2. The postman
brought me a

2. Pronoun Words which are used Student will read the

instead of nouns are sentences.
known as pronouns. The teacher will ask the
1. I fell over and hurt students to give some
myself. more examples.
2. Whom do you want
to see?
3 Verb A verb is a word that Student will name some
denotes an action or verbs.
predicates a fact.
1. Lata sings a song.
2. Bob writes a letter.
4 Adverb An adverb is a word that Students will read and
qualifies or adds to the notice how adverbs are
meaning of a verb an used in a sentences.
adjective or another
1. He can do it well.
2. I often go to their
5 Adjective An adjective is a word Teacher will ask the
that adds to the meaning students to add one
of a noun or pronoun. positive adjective with
1. Vineet is a tall lad. their name.
2. His watch has a
golden chain.
6. Preposition Propositions are the words Teacher will ask the
which are used before a students to complete a
noun or a pronoun sentence or two by a
1. She is very fond of proportion.
2. This mischief was
done by Akshay.
7 Conjunction Conjunction are the words Students will read the
which join the words, sentences and find some
phrases, clauses or conjunctions.
sentences together.
1. He is poor yet
2. Work hard or your
will fail.
8 Interjection Interjections are the words Students will be asked to
that show sudden feeling give some sentences of
of joy sorrow or surprise. surprise or jay.
1. Alas! my mother is
no more.
2. Bravo! A fine hit

Home work:- Write a paragraph on any topic using maximum no. parts of speech.