Literary Guide Student Name:____________________________________________________________ Title of Book: Author(s): Genre: Point of View (first or third person): Setting

(time/place): Mood (what emotions the book arouses in the reader): Theme(s) (moral or lesson learned from the book): Character Description (include a brief description²age, occupation, personality, etc): Protagonist:


Other important characters:

etc) Conflict(s): Describe at least 4.Examples of literary devices used (quote from the text and include page numbers): Irony: Dramatic Irony (reader and other characters know more than a particular character): Situational Irony (when there is a discrepancy between what is expected to happen. Person Person vs. Society . ideas. and what really does happen): Flashback: Foreshadowing: Allusions (subtle references to well-known people. Explain the situation and characters involved. or what would be appropriate to happen. events. They might include: Person vs.

Fate (God) Plot Events: 5-8 Rising Actions y y y y y y y y Climax: When the problem is solved at the end of the story.Person vs. It¶s the most exciting part. Self Person vs. y Falling Action Events: y y . Nature Person vs.

³The stars winked at me´): Personal Reactions to the Novel (write a paragraph of your personal reactions to this book): . quote from the text and give page numbers).Examples of Figure of Speech Used (again. Hyperbole (Exaggerations. For example ³I tried a thousand times´): Metaphor/Simile: Personification (giving non-living items human traits. For example.

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