Animation with HTML5

Aidan Feldman

The Old
y SVG y Flash y Silverlight y Java applets

The Trouble With Flash
y Not lightweight y Not supported on mobile y No native hardware acceleration

y CSS3 y Canvas

y CSS3 y WebGL

CSS3 Animations
y Examples (WebKit):

HTML5 Canvas
y Manipulated w/ Javascript y Flash CS5 ±> Canvas y Support: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera y COMING IN IE9!

Canvas Examples
y iGrapher(Gecko):

y Processing: subset of Java y Uses Canvas element

y Google¶s O3D: plugin gone JS library y Support: Firefox 4 Beta, WebKitnightlies, Chromium

WebGL Examples
y Waves (WebKit):

y Canvascape(Gecko): res

y Quake (WebKit):

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