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Nibiru - Effects of the Nibiru Complex

Nibiru - Effects of the Nibiru Complex

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Effects of the Nibiru complex: the big picture that the media will not give you

by Rolf Kenneth Myhre
Revised and updated: August 4, 2010.

Nibiru will at its closest be 1750 X Earth's diameter from Earth

This article is a follow-up of the article Nibiru triggers an Earth crust displacement in 2011. Nibiru’s arrival to the inner part of our Solar system in March 2003 was picked up by seismographs all over the world (ZT note 1; ZT note 2). In this article we will take a closer look, from a ZetaTalk perspective, at what kind of effects the Nibiru complex already has had on Earth: geoscientific, plate-tectonical, meteorological, electromagnetic and biological.

A) Effect of Nibiru: Earth’s wobble of the spin axis Earth’s orbit around the Sun was blocked by Nibiru in December 2003. In the next months also Venus got blocked in its orbit, and Earth’s twin closed in on Earth from behind. Earth was thus in a “trapped” constellation, which early in 2004 had the effect that Earth in its diurnal (24 hours) rotation got an increasing wobble around the imaginary north-south axis. In 2005 the wobble increased to a tilt of 4-21°, and increased further in 2007 with a tilt of 19-38° (depending upon where on the globe the observer stood). By 2009 the North Pole of Earth was pushed consistently away from the Sun, giving the northern hemisphere a colder winter and summer. Around July 20, 2010, the effect of Earth’s trapped constellation reached a new phase, in which the wobble was substituted by a forceful rattle of Earth to-and-fro between two positions. A1: Earth’s increasing wobble of the spin axis resulted in extreme weather, extreme temperatures, and weather out of harmony with the seasons. Record high tidal waves that led to flood catastrophes in areas where this was highly unusual. Exceptionally many tornadoes and hurricanes. Dangerous oceanic malstroems. The melting of the Arctic sea ice. New and rare types of clouds. A1.1: The extreme weather resulted in a catastrophic fall in global food production, which again resulted in global food shortage.

A2: The increasing wobble of the spin axis resulted in increasing misinformation from GPS equipment, since this information is based on mathematical calculations of times and distances that do not take the wobble in consideration.

B) Effect of Nibiru: Earth’s tectonic plates are wrenched and shakened loose from each other and set in motion B1: Stretch zone phenomena where rock layers are being pulled apart because the tectonic plate is being drawn in opposite directions simultaneously. B1.1: Structures and buildings imploding; pipes and Internet cables breaking B1.2: Bridges collapsing B1.3: Sink holes B2: Earthquakes B3: Volcanic activity B4: Booms in the air; underground rumbles and humming B5: The release or increased pressure of gases and liquids in pockets between rock layers B5.1: The Earth releases stinking methanethiol; the Tunguska event (1908) B5.2: Released methane gas and birds dropping down from the sky B5.3: Explosively high pressure in petroleum wells B6: Greater tectonic adjustments

C) Other effects of Nibiru C1: Changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and magnetosphere C2: Anomalies in Moon’s orbit around Earth C3: Increased radiation of certain particles from the Earth core D3.1: Increased frequency of albinoism D3.2: Increased frequency of mutants C4: An increase in mental, immunodeficiency and infectious diseases

D) Effects of Nibiru’s electromagnetic charged tail D1: Fireballs and meteors D2: Atmospheric electromagnetic disturbances D2.1: Satellites rotating out of position or crashing towards Earth out of control D2.2: Massive power blackouts worldwide D2.3: Train and aviation accidents due to sudden failure in the electrical signal system. D2.4: The biological compasses fail D3: Hydrocarbon phenomena: “light towers”, neon clouds, spirals D4: Carbohydrate phenomena: ”Manna and ambrosia from heaven” D5: Iron oxide dust colors the air and the waters red

concludes that increasing greenhouse gas concentrations resulting from human activity such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation caused most of the observed temperature increase since the middle of the 20th century. The Global Warming phenomenon is thus a scientific quarrel whether the temperature increase since the 1950s is caused by man or nature. IPCC has instead chosen to focus on the CO2 concentrations. Over 3000 cold records in USA. which causes 9–26 %. The critics of the consensus view. 2008. * ZT Newsletter February 8.74 °C. In this real show the global heat records are just one small part of the big picture. which early in 2004 had the effect that Earth in its diurnal (24 hours) rotation got an increasing wobble around the imaginary north-south axis.028 % of the Earth’s atmosphere. 2008. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 2009. * ZT Newsletter March 30. diagrams and statistics from Al Gore & Co. The CO2 level in the pre-industrial era represented around 0. as an explanation of several environmental problems and crises [Wiki article: Global Warming]. which causes 3–7 %. the effect of Earth’s trapped constellation reached a new phase. and increased further in 2007 with a tilt of 19-38° (depending upon where on the globe the observer stood). by 0. Record high tidal waves that led to flood catastrophes in areas where this was highly unusual. The Canary Islands are experiencing the worst rainfall in 40 years. * ZT Newsletter November 29. 2009. with 0. A1: Extreme weather Earth’s increasing wobble of the spin axis resulted in extreme weather. A film team involved in making the documentary Before Tomorrow.74 °C may be increased solar radiation and/or an increase of heat from the Earth core reaching the surface through undersea volcanic activity. resulting in regional . from 1906 to 2005. * ZT Newsletter September 7. heat records in south. In 2005 the wobble increased to a tilt of 4-21°.038 %. an increase of CO2 just makes our world greener and more lush. Article dated July 26. and weather out of harmony with the seasons. from 0. and that the temperature level determines the CO2 level. 7000 buildings have collapsed in China due to heavy snow. . 2010. The major greenhouse gases are water vapor. claim that all the facts indicate that it is the solar activity that determines the temperature level on Earth. * ZT Newsletter August 2. 2009. and they were not prompted on the issue. which causes about 36–70 % of the greenhouse effect. extreme temperatures. The pattern of extreme temperatures becomes more complex. which IPCC blames for the increase of the global average temperature the last hundred years. In the next months also Venus got blocked in its orbit.. which causes 4–9 %. The consensus view is that the temperature increase until the 1950s comes from nature itself. and ozone (O3). Natural sources to the global increase of 0.74 °C. 2009. taking the shape of vertical bands over the globe. With all the media circus around the Global Warming issues. By 2009 the North Pole of Earth was pushed consistently away from the Sun. started to talk about several symptoms of Earth having got a marked wobble of the axis spin (source: Ian Mauro 25 Nov 2009). Since it is difficult to explain water vapor as an environmental threat. Exceptionally many tornadoes and hurricanes. and this small part is being balanced by global cold records! * ZT note about Global Warming.A) Effect of Nibiru: Earth's increasing wobble of the spin axis Earth’s orbit around the Sun was blocked by Nibiru in December 2003. Dangerous oceanic malstroems. Cold records in north. independently of each other. The severe rainfall in England. As a matter of fact. carbon dioxide (CO2). Lindzen: Resisting climate hysteria. however. Earth was thus in a “trapped” constellation. It is mainly the increase of CO2. The Arctic sea ice is melting.Extreme temperatures (heat and cold records) Media have in the last years been full of articles and discussions about the so-called Global Warming phenomenon. about the Inuits’ views on climate changes and the melting of the polar ice. this enhancer of lushness. and Earth’s twin closed in on Earth from behind. * Richard S. The Inuits live on all sides of the Arctic Ocean. The melting of the Arctic sea ice. were quite surprised when several of the Inuit groups. Around July 20. methane (CH4). The consensus view is that the global average temperature has increased in the last hundred years. people have missed the real meteorological and geological show which have been going on worldwide since 2004. from 1906 to 2005. New and rare types of clouds. and with the minds filled with theories. however. in which the wobble was substituted by a forceful rattle of Earth to-and-fro between two positions. giving the northern hemisphere a colder winter and summer.028 % to today’s level of 0.

The waters have risen because they are warmer.” . Temperate climates used to periodic gentle rainfall will suffer intractable droughts. The reason lies deep within the Earth's core. The Eastern USA is experiencing the coldest winter since 1985. around the globe. is experiencing the heaviest snowfall since such meteorological recordings started in 1937. Areas of the world which have been deserts throughout mankind's memory will become swamps under constant and repeated rains. not warmer oceans. . has been estimated to happen once every 1000 years! * ZT Newsletter January 17. and warm water takes up more room than cold water. Nobel Peace Price winner Al Gore has functioned as a gigantic decoy by fronting the Global Warming myth. why would this slight rise affect the oceans? Meteorologists will tell you that the effect of air warming is air turbulence. As long as meteorologists can find a similar pattern on the books or an old timer can be found to regale us with tales of the old days. From ZT note: Heralding: ”Weather changes heralding the giant comet's approach will at first be within normal parameters. for no apparent reason. an area the meteorologists refuse to consider. In just two weeks extreme floods in Oklahoma/Arizona. Record high tidal waves.flood. is the warming of the Earth's oceans. * ZT Newsletter August 5. China. A key change. 2007. * ZT Newsletter August 2. How is it that the oceans. worldwide. Floods. 2007. 2007. Then this will switch about. 2010. Cold and heat records all over the world in the summer 2010. no one will get unduly alarmed. It is at this point that Alarm Bells will go off. and thus their predictions on the atmosphere will never be based on the right parameters. a degree or so. Western Europe is experiencing one of the coldest winters for several decades. * ZT Newsletter July 18. have warmed up? Is it the almost imperceptible rise in the temperature of the air. This has been measured as a 6 inch rise. All attempts to explain the changes based on Global Warming from the Greenhouse effect will run into snags as the weather will refuse to be predictable. The oceans are warmer because the core of the Earth has heated up. 2010. Floods worldwide. * Wiki article: 2010 Northern Hemisphere summer heat wave. as all elementary physics books will report. to which one could point. Snow on summer solstice in Austria. frost warning in Oregon in June. is a constant source of conversation. on all the beaches. as reported to date? Since heat rises. after all. France. South Korea. and it does so in response to its brother coming closer. The weather. Beijing is experiencing the coldest winter in 40 years. but the intensity of these discussions will change when the effects on food chains relied upon by man move outside of familiar boundaries. * ZT Newsletter July 11. 2009.and snowfall records all over the northern hemisphere. so very deep and so very cold.Floods and high tidal waves (unrelated to storms and earthquake-caused tsunamies) * ZT Newletter May 27. * ZT Newsletter June 27. Cold. * ZT Newsletter December 2. Freak tides. Seoul. 2010. 2010. Brazil and Canada.

the contrast between air over the northern oceans and the air inland has increased. That this cloud formation has only been seen recently links it to the Earth wobble. . What will happen as the continent warms during summer. approximately 3. it drives the Earth under her blanket of air twice daily. 2008. 2008. Since the magnetic N Pole is in the Arctic between Canada and Siberia. High tidal wave and tornado . as their ships on occasion were caught in them during a pole shift. there is a lag. The first two hurricanes/cyclones ever to be recorded at the east coast of South America. Where in general the atmosphere drags along with the Earth's surface. The cold air drops. 2010. and the descriptions . Hurricanes all over Europe. the process is aborted. First. Thus the increase in tornadoes during May. The last pole shift occurred during the time of Moses. and tornadoes will increase!” * ZT Newsletter March 9. occurred in March 2004 and March 2010. 2007. such as jet stream loops and extreme temperature changes. and then leans her magnetic N Pole away from the Sun toward the other direction ahead of sunset. However.” . A tornado is a pool of cold air atop a pool of warm air. About a ship lost in a malstroem off the coast of Taiwan. * ZT Newsletter September 21.Hailstorms ZT Newsletter 16 Dec 2007: ”We have mentioned several effects of the Earth wobble. * ZT Newsletter June 1. As the N American continent has warmed inland due to the change of seasons. What happens when the N American continent is pushed into the north Pacific at dawn. the typical scenario of a summer thunderstorm.Hurricanes and tornadoes ”ZetaTalk Explanation 5/31/2008: The more violent wobble is inciting tornadoes over the N American continent in several ways.600 years ago. the tale was told and recorded. increasing the contrast? The cold air driven atop the now hot air will find a greater contrast. this lurching about affects the N American continent primarily. * ZT Newsletter April 4. The hurricane Ike which swept Texas. leaving a layer of moisture heavy clouds instead..Oceanic malstroems ZT note: Ocean Vortex: “These giant whirlpools have been recorded by the ancients. the Earth first leans her magnetic N Pole away from the Sun when it rises up over the horizon at dawn. and spirals as it does so. as with many pole shift generated tales. the air can rise or plunge.” * ZT Newsletter December 16. 2008. which is what causes the prevailing westerlies. which has only been present since 2004. But what occurs when such an air mass is pulled under another. and again into the north Atlantic at dusk? Cold air is driven over the warm air found overland . one of the plagues that afflicted the Egyptians during the time leading into the Jewish Exodus. these tales are taken to be myths.Rare and new types of clouds ZT GPL 6 Jun 2009. When one of the fleet managed to escape. Record high number of tornadoes in USA. and the time of the plagues and the shift itself were recorded both in the Book of Exodus and by the Egyptians. Both of these accounts contain tales of severe hailstorms.precisely what tornadoes need in order to form. About the formation of ”wobble cloud”: ”Another myth reported in folklore relates to severe hailstorms. and they returned to its former position? Instead of a thunderhead forming. When the Earth is pulled under an air mass of a different temperature. During the Figure 8 the N Pole of Earth forms daily.

Global food shortage reached a new level in year 2000.” Oceanic malstroem and ”wobble cloud” A1. A summing-up.1: Catastrophic fall in global food production. which again results in global food shortage. when food shortage was reported in 77 countries. 2009. and due to weather related problems. 2008. blaming lack of maintenance work on the GPS satellite network. and the price of food was rising dramatically. * ZT Newsletter March 29. 2009. * ZT Newsletter May 23.are remarkably similar. Jump in rice price. The extreme weather results in a catastrophic fall in the global food production. UN report says one billion are starving. 2009. From ZT Newsletter December 23. 2007: “Reports of crop shortages increased exponentially in 2000. Introduction to the subject.” * ZT Newsletter December 23. A2: Increasing misinformation from GPS equipment The Earth’s increasing wobble results in increasing misinformation from GPS equipment. 2009. * ZT Newsletter April 6. devastating. But the media was still underreporting crop shortages… By 2007. and by late 2002. draught is the primary reason to food production failure. * ZT Newsletter June 21. from Australia to USA and South America. 2007. * ZT Newsletter February 15. and about other submarine accidents the last years. A report from Global Research. the fact that crop shortages were occurring and grain stores were depleting was finally being admitted. Illustration of the GPS satelite network . food stamps and soup kitchens are reintroduced. In May 2009 the American Government started to spread disinformation regarding the cause that GPS equipment will start failing in 2010. which again results in global food shortage. since this information is based on mathematical calculations of times and distances that do not take the wobble in consideration [Wikiartikkel: Global Positioning System]. About the nuclear submarine USS Hartford which crashed with another American ship. a UN Report documented the extent as worldwide.

and the world ocean rushed down in the gigantic impact crater. and brought new life to Alfred Wegener’s (1880-1930) hypothesis of continental drift from 1915. one of the many moons or meteors in its tail crashed with Tiamat. The tectonic dramas become some times top news. Then the southern hemisphere is being wrenched westwards while the northern hemisphere is being held back. had its orbit around the Sun where the orbit of the Asteroid belt now is. A water planet. between Mars and Jupiter. giving a sort of whiplash effect which put the tectonic plates under enormous strains. In this constellation of being trapped. which thus became the Pacific Ocean basin. in this position being pulled forwards and backwards. The biggest piece became Earth. . ZetaTalk calls this The torque effect. but media present most of the manifestations of the tectonic dramas as isolated events “just happening”. the greatest weakness of plate tectonics is the way it is rooted in the dogma of gradualism instead of catastrophism [Wiki article: Catastrophism]. the Earth’s twin planet coming from behind and also moving in collision course with Earth. with the result that the northern and southern hemispheres are being wrenched in opposite directions. First. In addition comes the Earth’s wobble of the spin axis. Earth has since 2003 been trapped in a constellation between four other planets: Nibiru in front and moving in collision course with Earth. smashing Tiamat in many pieces. The Earth then got the orbit of today. During one of Nibiru’s passages through the Ecliptic. which ZetaTalk relates to Earth crust displacements. Let us start with ZetaTalk’s version of the origin of Earth. Plate tectonics is a geoscientific subdiscipline with status of being the prevailing scientific theory about the movements of the Earth’s crust. The Earth being trapped in a constellation between four planets. Catastrophism is the idea that Earth repeatedly has gone through short-lived global cataclysms. From a ZetaTalk persperctive.B) Effect of Nibiru: the Earth's tectonic plates are wrenched and shakened loose from each other and set in motion According to ZetaTalk. and these effects are reflected in ever more dramatic phenomena related to the tectonic plates. The whiplash effect and the torque effect become more forceful the closer we come to the Earth crust displacement. which according to Zecharia Sitchin was called Tiamat by the Sumerians. The media give all the attention to the consequences of the manifestations. as with catastrophical earthquakes. Earth is continually being pulled forwards and backwards. the northern hemisphere is being wrenched eastwards (in the direction of the Earth’s rotation) while the southern hemisphere is being held back. Plate tectonics had its breakthrough at the end of the 1960s. leaving the reader in the dark of the deepest causes behind the manifestations. Venus in the neighbour orbit on the inner side to the left (if the observer is standing on the N Pole facing forward in Earth’s orbit). as the personal tragedies and the socioeconomic losses related to earthquakes. and Mars in the neighbour orbit on the outer side to the right (if the observer is standing on the N Pole facing forward in Earth’s orbit).

The intraplate rifts that ZetaTalk mentions most frquently. As the South Pole. * transform fault (or transform boundary) occur where plates slide past each other. According to plate tectonics. in the climax hour of the Earth crust displacement. Divergent boundaries within continents initially produce rifts which produce rift valleys. which shows that this ridge once upon a time was oceanic. ZetaTalk claims instead that the general trend is that the Earth crust displacements result in fracturing. full av mud and sea shells. Subduction zones result in enormous earthquakes and deep oceanic trenches. The overall trend of the displacements with their plate rifting and splitting is that Earth. or in a continental collision between two continental plates leading to mountain range formation (like the Himalayas). * divergent boundary. an earlier world of oceanic plateaus and ridges stuck above the ocean for the first time. When the world ocean had rushed down into the Pacific Ocean basin. Thus emerged the original supercontinent that Wegener in his hypothesis assumed must have existed. There are three types of plate boundaries: * convergent. The plate boundaries represent fundamental zones of tectonic disturbances. which means that the two plates are moving away from each other. very slowly have drifted away from each other. and crust is neither destroyed nor created. it would be better to talk about plate rifting and splitting. rifting and finally splitting of the tectonic plates (ZT note: Continental Drift). as a planet sailing through space. From ZT note: The Scripted Drama: ”The stage having been set. at least in the sense that the continents very. gripped by the passing North Pole of the 12th Planet [Nibiru]. On the top of Mount Everest one can still find shells. Rifts can be interplate (in a divergent boundary) as well as intraplate (a plate in the process of being split in two). where mid-oceanic ridges (like the Mid-Atlantic Ridge) are formed in the sea floor spreading zone. instead of talking about continental drift. and which he named Pangeae. the crust movement steps during the hour of the shift are as follows: 1. the Earth’s crust consists of seven giant and 30-40 less tectonic plates being in close contact with each other (Wiki article: List of tectonic plates). almost all earthquakes and volcanic activity happen here.We can imagine this as an illustration of one of Nibiru’s moons crashing with Tiamat. or collisional boundary. moves north. This will either result in a subduction zone where an oceanic plate moves beneath an oceanic or continental plate. So. creating the Pacific Ocean basin. are Rift Valley in East Africa (Wiki article: East African Rift) and New Madrid Seismic Zone in Eastern USA (Wiki article: New Madrid Seismic Zone). This results in a spreading zone with the formation of new crust between the two plates. We will now move forward in time and see what will happen. according to ZetaTalk. then. The most active divergent plate boundaries are between oceanic plates. The boundaries between the plates are called plate boundaries. ZetaTalk rejects the theory of continental drift. These areas can form in the middle of continents but eventually form ocean basins. becomes ever more balanced and harmonized what concerns the geographical distribution of oceans and continents. the crust is torn .

while the rest of the Americas cling to the Atlantic Rift while it separates. it will tilt upwards on the Atlantic side. Russia. 9. In the rest of this chapter B we will look closer at various plate-tectonic phenomena and consequences hereof. the movement eastward of the African continent is a momentum creating this tear. and the dragging north or the North American continent. 7. In the case of the Americas. When the ocean off the bulge of Brazil has reached the position of the current North Pole. This follows. Europe and Africa move further east. During the tearing of the Atlantic Ocean floor. 6. promptly. 3. but in shuddering steps with halting adjustments and pauses between shudders. The pileup is in what was the former Northern Hemisphere. which is volcanic active. [Rolf Kenneth: For those not familiar with St. The movement of the massive plate housing Europe. such that this tears. crust slippage stops. [The content of paragraph 9 has been formulated clearer by Nancy Lieder in a private email to Rolf Kenneth. creating yet another drama. * ZT note: Whiplash. which means that all the plates in this area will be pushed beneath or above each other. since the Atlantic Ocean will be rifting and expanding. Canada moves north. Lawrence Seaway tears further. in jerks and tears. The Antarctic plate is. Russia and the Near East [the Eurasian plate] to move is felt most strongly in India. The effect of the Indo-Australian plate taking a dive under the Himalayas is to relieve tension along the African Rift. Rift. The tilt upwards on the Atlantic side will happen almost without resistance. This rift. so instead of rifting and splitting in two. marks the actual boundary between four giant tectonic plates: the Eurasian plate and the North American plate in the North Atlantic. List of tectonic plates. Thus. over the hour of the shift. In essence. and then Japan explodes [by powerful volcanic eruptions] and Indonesia crumbles. between the south tips of South America and Africa. essentially the weak link in this landmass held at so many points to the further side of the Atlantic Ocean. In the case of Africa. allowing the Atlantic to rip apart during the slide northward. On the Pacific side. an already existing tear in the St. this causes Central America and the Caribbean to crumble. 8. . as subduction of the Indo-Australian plate has already begun. the weaker link already established and momentum in process. has its boundaries adjacent to six other plates. allowing pre-existing stress points to relax. creating an inland bay into the Russian lands just to what is now the north of the Himalayas. along with the tearing of the African Rift. among them the Pacific plate on one side. These phenomena indicate that the plates now are exposed to extra-ordinary severe strains and stresses. and on the other side the South American plate and the African plate sharing the South Atlantic Ocean between them. as the Himalayas are driven over India at this point. This will result in new land emerging from the sea. The Mid-Atlantic Rift is a deep rift valley which runs along the axis of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge along nearly its entire length. the Antarctic plate will be pressed down by another plate. The major northern hemisphere plates stop. of very solid structure. and whatever follows crashes into them. It goes like this:] The Antarctic plate. Lawrence Seaway. the force is further movement eastward. already sliding eastward. * Wiki articles: Plate tectonics. which is the world’s fifth largest plate. and the compression of the Pacific is creating resistance as plates are subducted under the Americas. 4.” [Rolf Kenneth: Click on the links to see a more elaborate description of the destinies of Japan and Indonesia during the climax hour. Mid-Atlantic Ridge.] 5. Indonesia is placed at the vulnerable southeast tongue of the Eurasian plate].from the core and freed in this way. and Asia [the Eurasian plate] to the east also is expected to rip this plate along the Himalayas. as we have stated. 2. and the African plate and the South American plate in the South Atlantic. it is the common name for a system of canals that permits ocean-going vessels to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the North American Great Lakes. however. The Pacific Ocean will be compressed. effectively submerging this country in a wink. The immediate effect of the massive plate housing Europe.

An oil pipeline and an oil refinery in Texas explodes.. Stress between two tectonic plates caused a gas pipe to snap. which includes both interplate and intraplate rifting. 2009. While some try to explain this as “undetermined volcanic activity”. failing or changing position. * ZT Newsletter February 24. the New Madrid Seismic Zone in Eastern USA is the stretch zone most frequently mentioned (Wiki article: New Madrid Seismic Zone). * ZT Newsletter May 16. greatest explosion since WW II. one can now see the development of a gigantic rift in the earth (here). 2008. 2009. In Western Saudi Arabia. and thus the explosion. 2009. The explosion could be compared to an earthquake with magnitude 2. * ZT Newsletter March 29.1: Structures and buildings imploding. outside of the capital of Puerto Rico.B1: Stretch zone phenomena where rock layers are being pulled apart because the tectonic plate is being drawn in opposite directions simultaneously. Waterloo (Iowa). * ZT note: North American Rip. ZetaTalk predictions from 2002. Structures. is that pipes and Internet cables laid upon such a foundation will be stretched and come under tension. the two plates will be pulling apart as the Earth changes proceed. Egypt. buildings and whole cities resting upon such a foundation may collapse and implode. B1. * ZT note: The stretch zone: that sinking feeling. Offshore Internet cables five miles from Alexandria. not far from the Red Sea where the African plate and the Arabian plate share boundary. ZetaTalk has introduced the term “stretch zone”. 2008. and may finally break. 2009. A German building implodes. A gas pipeline explodes in Moscow. * ZT Newsletter November 1. sparks were created. A stretch zone in Saudi Arabia due to two plates pulling apart. The term is used especially in cases of intraplate rifting due to the present wrenching and shaking of the tectonic plates. per the Zetas. Bristol (Pennsylvania) and Walthamstrow (UK). The characteristic of intraplate stretch zones is that the rock foundation is sinking. failing and/or changing position.8. breaks. Some of these plates are being drawn in opposite directions simultaneously. * ZT Newsletter May 23. Buildings imploding during the same week in Tecumseh (Oklahoma). * ZT Newsletter February 10. Due to ZetaTalk having the US population as its main target of mission. pipes and Internet cables breaking One of the consequences of rock foundation sinking. A very powerful explosion at Caribbean Petroleum Corp. . * ZT note: Stretch Zone.

Article in WebEcoist. Sinkholes in Springfield (Missouri) and in Cleveland (Ohio). 2007. * ZT Newsletter May 11. More than 100 sinkholes in the province Guangxi. 2009.2: Bridges collapsing One of the consequences of rock foundation sinking. 2009. is that bridges crossing the river may be wrenched more than they can endure. * ZT Newsletter August 5. either at one or at both sides of a river. collapse. failing or changing position. * ZT Newsletter September 30. Sinkholes in New Jersey and in Calgary. 2008. A bridge under construction in Vietnam collapses. Mexico City and Guatemala. 2008. * ZT Newsletter May 16. * 13 of the Biggest. 2009. China. Strangest. Ireland. Winnipeg. Bridge over Mississippi river collapsing on August 2. * ZT Newsletter July 12.3: Sinkholes As explained in the Wiki article Sinkhole. California. * ZetaTalk Newsletter 25. China. A bridge in Minneapolis and a bridge in Oroville. on September 23. Iowa. During two months bridges have collapsed in India. Sinkholes in Texas. oktober 2009. In California two cars were . and collapse. are all related to stretch zones. 2007. dated August 26. Italy. A sinkhole appeared in the middle of a church in Naples. 26 sinkholes in the province Sichuan. on October 24.A very powerful explosion at Caribbean Petroleum Corp. and Most Devastating Sinkholes on Earth. 2010. The new sinkholes that ZetaTalk discusses. * ZT Newsletter May 23. 2009. Mexico and China. 2009. 2007. * ZT Newsletter August 30. Canada. B1. 2007. there may be several types of causes behind the sudden appearance of a sinkhole. * ZT Newsletter April 1. B1.

B2: Earthquakes Earthquakes are the release of great intraplate or interplate tension. which closely correlates to its destructive power. and occur in rift zones like New Madrid Seismic Zone. Deep quakes rock the boat but don’t normally throw the crockery about. so that surface quakes are noticed.0 is equivalent to a factor of 31. Intraplate earthquakes are relative rare. moving the plate as a whole rather than adjusting the surface. they are extremely significant and more importantly. In Quebec (Canada) a gigantic sinkhole swallowed a house. The increase in deep earthquakes. Thus. Further. “One of the surest signs that the current eccentricity in weather patterns and the increased magnetic diffusion exhibited by the Earth’s core and the warming of the oceans from the bottom up are not simply variations on the norm. More about the outbreak of sinkholes in China and Guatemala. just as the increasing magnetic diffusion is not in the media. as most quakes registered by man are on the fragile and easily crumbled surface. A sinkhole appeared in San Carlo alle Mortelle church in Naples on September 23. an explanation of the significance of deep earthquakes. and thus get little media coverage. * ZT Newsletter June 20. a difference in magnitude of 1. Almost all earthquakes are interplate. 1997.0 is equivalent to a factor of 1000 in the energy released.The significance of deep earthquakes ZetaTalk gives. Therefore deep quakes result in little damage.6 in the energy released. since the tension is greatest here. several persons being inside the house died.swallowed by a sudden sinkhole. 2010. Sinkholes suddenly appearing in Berezniki (Russia) and near Guatemala City (Guatemala). in ZT note April 15. as noted since the mid 1980’s. is the dramatic increase in deep earthquakes. Few earthquakes register at this level normally. . This of course gets little media attention. they predict that official earthquake databases may soon hold back information about the earthquakes' depth. A difference of magnitude of 2. those indicating plate adjustments at the most fundamental level. However. . as a symptom heralding the coming pole shift. are in particular a telling clue that a pole shift is in the Earth’s near future. 2009. The snapping or crumbing surface affects mankind’s habitat directly. as they are difficult symptoms to explain. little understood. Magnitude scales like the Richter scale are logarithmic.

Exponential increase in earthquakes since 2007 According to ZetaTalk. Earthquake data is reported by location.9 (source). Official earthquake statistics 2002-08. and depth. a summing-up of USGS’s cheating with statistics since 2003. With . According to ZetaTalk.000 years. * ZT Newsletter July 12. M = 5-7. Earthquakes with M>4 worldwide at the same time. 2008. Diagram of earthquakes worldwide. and a pattern was established from May 25. which have been deadly and destructive from 1900-2008. the earthquake was far more powerful than the official magnitude of 7. the current availability of these statistics may be blocked. * ZT GPL Chat January 16.0. but as these increase and attention is focused on this curious symptom. running an official database in which earthquakes worldwide are being registered. 2009. 2006. worldwide at the same time continues. * The earthquake in Chile on February 27.” . was the fifth strongest earthquake in the world since recordings started around 1900. Expect that latter piece of information to be dropped in the future.S. showing that there was a dramatic increase in 2007.9-5. * ZT Newsletter November 30. 2010. an exponential increase has started. Geological Survey (USGS) (website). 2007. . See ZT Newsletter December 24. 2009. * ZT Newsletter October 7.unexplainable in any other context. which occurred off the coast of the Maule Region of Chile. M=6-8.ZetaTalk newsletters discussing earthquakes: * ZT note July 2004. About the powerful earthquakes in Sumatra in December 2004 and September 2007. date and time. The exponential increase is documented concerning earthquakes with magnitude 4. The repercussions will last the next hundred years. With this less alarming presentation they hope to avoid public speculation about the cause for the increase in earthquakes and magnitude. Earthquakes occuring at the same time worldwide started in March 2003. In this way the government is trying to present the present the global platetectonic drama as far less alarming than it really is. * ZT Newsletter September 16. has since 2003 cheated in their reporting by registering far fewer earthquakes and by giving them a lower magnitude than the real numbers. it was a linear increase in the number and magnitude of earthquakes from 2003-06. 2010. was just a foretaste of what will happen to all of the Caribbean and Central America. A statistic diagram for the period 1900-2008. This exponential increase is predicted to continue until the Earth crust displacement. and an exponential increase from 2007 until today. The earthquake. The trend with earthquakes. Richter scale magnitude. The earthquake in Haiti on January 12. * ZT Newsletter January 18. which will release an inferno of earthquakes the world has not experienced in the last 50. See also USGS report. FEMA warns the population in the New Madrid Seismic Zone about possible catastrophes. 2007. 2003. The increase in deep earthquakes is currently reported. . 2010.USGS has cheated with earthquake statistics since 2003 U.

The number of eruptions per year have been fairly stable the last centuries. B3: Volcanic activity Smithonian Institution is responsible for the website Global Volcanism Program. yearly and global volcanic activity. When trapped methanethiol is released from rock layers torn apart. B5.0 quake in Haiti in January. where one finds statistics for historical. underground rumbles and humming * ZT Newsletter March 23. The earthquake on March 13-14. and is in fact a component in bad breath. The volcanic eruption on Iceland is explained in the context of the expansion of the Atlantic. the Tunguska event (1908) Methanethiol has a penetrating odor associated with rotten cabbage.a magnitude of 8. 2010. 2010. go here. About underground humming. * ZT GPL Chat November 29. which is relatively rare. and thus trigger a tectonic domino effect worldwide. * ZT Newsletter April 25. humans out in the nature may think that they are close to a swamp. Earthquake in Chile on February 27. like the non-smelling methane and the highly repulsive smelling methanethiol. The putrefaction creates gases. the number of eruptions were a bit higher than usual: 2004: 71 2005: 73 2006: 76 2007: 71 2008: 76 2009: 67 * ZT Newsletter March 28. According to ZetaTalk.000 persons. 2010. This was an intraplate earthquake (in contrast to an interplate). 2009. B5: The release or increased pressure of gases and liquids in pockets between rock layers During an Earth crust displacement vegetation may be trapped between two rock layers. and may lie there and rot for thousands of years until the rock layers for some reason are torn apart. 2010. B4: Booms in the air. while those in towns may believe that there has been a gas leak. The earthquake was measured to a magnitude of 7. on the Tibetan Plateau. January 8. leading to an explosive high pressure in petroleum wells.1. e. flatus and feces (Wiki article: Methanethiol). and from 1960 to 2003 have been stable between 50-67 eruptions per year (source).g. 2010. About booms in the air. Tectonic changes may reduce the volume of some petroleum-filled reservoirs. . may have killed as many as 10.8 it was 501 times stronger than the 7. during the prelude to the next displacement. Some times movements in one tectonic plate may cause adjustments in other plates. * ZT Newsletter May 16. 2008. rotten eggs and flatus. 2008.1: The Earth releases stinking methanethiol. About booms in the air and underground rumbles. Earthquake in Haiti on January 12. To search for the number of eruptions per month or year. For the years 2004-09.

* ZT Newsletter February 24. 1908 (Wiki article: Tunguska event). and when sparked by lightning. 2010. About putrid smell worldwide on January 8. 2010): ”Methane gas… can cause explosions as was the case for the Tunguska explosion.2007. From a global odor point of view. One of the great mysteries of science is what caused the incredibly powerful explosion in Tunguska.3: Explosively high pressure in petroleum wells Tectonic changes may reduce the volume of some petroleum-filled reservoirs. on June 30. ZetaTalk touches on this issue in an answer to a question (ZT Chat Q&A June 5. A quake split the permafrost. leading to an explosively high pressure in petroleum wells. The explosion followed the path of rising methane back to the ground in Siberia. 2007. Can this type of explosive behavior be anticipated as quakes increase around the world? Yes. About the primary cause of the oil spill catastrophe that Deepwater Horizon triggered on April 20. releasing methane gas into the air. each with blood oozing from its beak and curled up claws. . More than 100 starlings fell from the sky and dropped down in a single garden in Somerset. 2007. 2008. exploded.The Tunguska explosion in 1908. reports of a putrid smell coming in from all over the world. 2010. * ZT Newsletter June 13. but such explosions will be extremely rare.” Tunguska 1927 (19 years later!) B5. ZetaTalk explains that they were victims of methane gas released from rock layers. and about two other petroleum wells that had problems with explosively high .2: Released methane gas and birds dropping from the sky * ZT GPL Chat March 13. was just such a day. 2010. in Tunguska. 2010. B5. Dead starlings poured down over Somerset on March 7. in the middle of Siberia. About putrid smell all over Indiana. as methane is lighter than air. this may have been a “historical” day! * ZT note January 9. This pool of gas rose into the upper atmosphere.

the article Earth's Core. 2010. a summing-up. the magnetosphere was deformed on the sun side. 2008. These particles have various biological-genetical effects. C3. In October 2009 pictures of the Earth’s magnetosphere showed that it was twisted. Reports have come from all over the world that the Moon was/is too far north of the Ecliptic after new moon. 2010. For a summing-up of the three events.pressure. four times the size of the Earth. that the Earth’s magnetic field will not be weakened. On July 31. 2007. 2010. These particles have not yet been acknowledged by our science. 2010.1: Increased frequency of albinoism * ZT note: White Buffalo. The Coral Sea ocean floor near Australia has probably risen 100 meters in just 24 days in March-April. Magnetic Field Changing Fast. Pink dolphin. which according to ZetaTalk was the cause of the breakdown of the cooling system on the International Space Station (ISS) the same day. among them an increase in albinoism and mutants. and too far south of the Ecliptic after full moon. . 500 km further away the sea level has fallen with 39 meters. B6: Greater tectonic adjustments * ZT Newsletter April 25. ZetaTalk claims that Nibiru was the primary cause of the three mentioned changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere. plus to the auroras (northern polar lights) on August 4. 2010. see ZT Newsletter August 8. having long had an oral tradition that the birth of an albino buffalo would signify the end of an era. In December 2008 NASA informed about a huge breach in the Earth’s magnetosphere. C3: Increased radiation of certain particles from the Earth's core ZetaTalk has mentioned several times that Nibiru’s presence has resulted in an increase in certain particles from the Earth's core. * ZT collection of newspaper clips. 2005. Study Says. A few new cases of albino buffaloes attracted great interest among native American indians. C2: Anomalies in Moon’s orbit around Earth Anomalies in Moon’s orbit have been registered since March 2004. This route above and below the Earth’s equator has made the orbit a little bit shorter. * ZT Newsletter July 5. National Geographic News posted on June 30. C) Other effects of Nibiru C1: Changes in the Earth's magnetic field and magnetosphere ZetaTalk claimed in 1995. it will just change direction. NASA explained the auroras as an effect of a claimed CME on August 1. The mentioned study shows that 2003 was the start of pronounced changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. * ZT Newsletter July 15. in ZT note: Magnetic Field. * ZT note March 29. with the consequence that the monthly cycle has been a little bit shorter than usual. 2009.

the immune system will fail. particularly extra legs. .Examples of albinoism C3. immunodeficiency and infectious diseases ZetaTalk claims that there will be many causes to an increase in mental. however. The most important factor to vitality and sickness. churning as Planet X comes near. 2007 a strange case of a siamese twin is mentioned and pictured. where an identical twin is found to be growing inside the body of the larger of the twins. * ZT note: Morgellons. immunodeficiency and infectious diseases in the time leading up to the axial shift. followed by this comment: “Siamese twins or identical twins are not uncommon.” C4: An increase in mental. * ZT note: Emanation Illness. On occasion wildlife is found with extra limbs. including increased radiation of certain particles from the Earth core. and then one may die of all kinds of infections that otherwise would not be fatal. and lately kittens are being born with more than one head. this is a sign of the stress put on nature by emanations from the core of the Earth. ”the Lakshmi goddess child”. When the will is weakened.2: Increased frequency of mutants In ZT Newsletter November 18. Parasitic twins occur also. * ZT note: Take Sick. Per the Zetas. will still be the will to survive and fight. In 1995 the appearance of deformed frogs hit the news with several additional body parts.

but nothing crashes to the ground.D) Effects of Nibiru’s electromagnetic charged tail D1: Fireballs and meteors The official explanation of the increasing number of fireballs and meteors bombarding the Earth. 2009. 2009. Fireball explained by the government as junk from a collision between one American and one Russian satellite. The fourth. there is an outage. Will such failure happen again? We have stressed. Global report. According to ZetaTalk. are ”a bit miffed”. Fireball over US’ Atlantic coast on March 29. as we have noted. 2009. and in turbulent weather this can prove disastrous. * ZT Newsletter February 1. The number of subatomic particles in the electromagnetic spectrum. 2009. the real reason behind the new policy is that the ever increasing number of fireballs from Nibiru’s tail otherwise would have alarmed the astronomers. flew by Earth (see video collection). that man can expect problems with their satellites and electrical grids due to the charged tail of Planet X wafting increasingly in the direction of Earth. We were supposed to believe that space now has become so crowded with satellites that they are beginning to crash into one another! Since October 2009 NASA has started to give us another explanation. 2009. dated January 21.” . There is increasing evidence of this. Western USA and South Africa. See Leonard Davids article. Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified. The lights go out. Fireballs over Europe and Canada. was first that these were just satellite junk. ”Asteroid 2009 VA”. is beyond what mankind imagines. D2: Atmospheric electromagnetic disturbances A general introduction from ZT note: Air France 447: “We have repeatedly warned that electromagnetic disturbances could be anticipated as the charged tail of Planet X turned toward the Earth. * ZT Newsletter February 22. however temporary. occurs in an airliner time catches up with those affected as the airliner is temporarily out of control. The US Military announces that observed fireballs and meteors from now on are to be regarded as classified information. Since October 2009 NASA has started to explain away the fireballs and meteors as “a swarm of asteroids” Three of them crashed over Indonesia. They would then have recognized that most of the fireballs are coming from one and the same source and direction. * ZT Newsletter November 29. 2009. Astronomers not knowing the real reason behind this new policy. with the hope that we should not get too suspicious: We are experiencing a “swarm of asteroids”! * Article by Bonnee Klein Gilligan. the latest unmistakable piece of evidence a blast to the Earth's magnetosphere. * ZT Newsletter June 28. When a massive failure. repeatedly. When failure happens on the ground.

D2. 2009. Air France Flight 447. 2003. blamed on a minor equipment failure at one of the substations. 2009. * ZT Newsletter June 7. 2009. On February 22. . an accident happened on the Washington DC Metro when one train piled on the top of another. 2009. 2009. Brazilian Energy Minister Edson Lobão said authorities weren't sure what caused the outage at the Itaipu dam. About the power outage in Florida on February 27. 2008. 2008. a monorail accident happened in Walt Disney World. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 2009. There were massive power blackouts over the greater part of eastern USA and Canada on August 14 (blamed on an overloaded Niagara Mohawk power grid). * ZT Newsletter June 28. 2009. and all over Italy on September 28. 2009. 10. 2008. 2008. 2010. * ZT Newsletter April 5. in London on August 28. About the power outages in August-September 2003. About the powerful explosion on August 17.2: Massive power blackouts worldwide In August-September 2003 there were several massive power blackouts all over the civilized world. 2008 gives a summing-up of comments in earlier newsletters. About the power outage in Brazil and Paraguay on November 10. in Yucatan (Mexico) on September 5. and large parts of neighboring Paraguay. a B-2 stealth bomber crashed to the ground just after takeoff. Toyota has recalled 5. * ZT Newsletter August 30. 2009. at the SajanoShushenskoj hydroelectric power station. On July 5.3: Train and aviation accidents due to sudden failure in the electrical signal system The accidents discussed in the newsletters below have all been analyzed by ZetaTalk to have been caused by electromagnetic disturbances from Nibiru’s charged tail. * ZT Newsletter March 2. 2009. in Malaysia on September 1. one could naturally assume several other reasons for the accidents. On June 22. 2009. * ZT Newsletter 15. a passenger plane. 2010. 2009. a massive power failure hit Brazil's two biggest cities. D2. This is not a technical or mechanical failure. ZetaTalk explained this as an effect of the electromagnetic charged tail of Nibiru being swept in the direction of Earth. but he believed an "atmospheric phenomenon" or "highintensity storm" was to blame. and in Sao Paulo (Brazil) Nov.1: Satellites rotating out of position or crashing towards Earth out of control * ZT Newsletter February 3. 14. The aviation accident in Pakistan on July 28. On June 1. crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. leaving millions of people in the dark after a hydroelectric plant went offline. On November 10. D2. * ZT Newsletter April 11. 2010. which straddles the border between Brazil and Paraguay. not as equipment failure. * ZT Newsletter March 2. * ZT Newsletter July 19. Otherwise. That the cause is electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere has become so obvious that NASA has offered to assist Toyota in the examination of the problems! * ZT Chat Q&A June 31.6 million cars due to sudden and unexplainable acceleration problems. november 2009. Massive power blackout in New York City Aug.

2009. Light tower over Siberia on February 17. and when taking a return trip relying on the recording to guide them back. november 2008. bitumen and tar. and the sensational spiral phenomenon over North Norway on December 9. The Zetas answered: ”The compass is unreliable for the past few years. 2010. * ZT Newsletter February 24. 2008.500 years ago probably was associated with downfall from meteors of hydrocarbons such as petrochemicals. The spiral light phenomenon over North Norway on December 9. triggered by explosions in a gas pipe. and lately has gotten very extreme in its variance. Many animals and insects have a biological compass. chap. (1997. 2008. according to ZetaTalk. spirals Allan and Delair have in their very interesting book. If the Earth's N Pole swings away from the press of Planet X. however. desember 2009. Part IV.C. * ZT Newsletter 2. recording during migrations where that compass laid. . triggered and shaped by various forces. These phenomena are. The cause of the spiral pattern that dived down to the ground is. Pink neon cloud over London on November 2. that the tail of Nibiru is soiling our atmosphere with ignitable hydrocarbons. * ZT Newsletter January 27. Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9. Examples are “light towers”. D3: Hydrocarbon phenomena: “light towers”. 2009. the same as for other spin phenomena in the air (like tornadoes) and in water at the surface of Earth: they are a reflection of the rotation in the Earth’s core.” 194 whales and some dolphins stranded on Tasmania’s King Island. Sad to say. Light towers over Iraq. * ZT Newsletter July 25. 11). then these animals are not given correct clues and aim for land or up a river. * ZT Newsletter 20. neon clouds. which is increasingly pointing its N Pole at the Earth.4: The biological compasses fail In ZT GPL Chat March 28. 2008. discussed how an astronomically triggered Earth crust displacement that happened 11.500 B. ZetaTalk claims something alike. 2008. China: Light tower of methane gas released from rock layers. These hydrocarbons are the material component in various new light phenomena in the sky. neon clouds. 2009 there is a question of why so many whales and dolphins have beached of late. Canada and Germany on January 2008.D2. this will only get worse as the last weeks and the pole shift loom on the horizon.

Pink cloud over London on November 2.Light tower over Siberia on Feb. around 08 AM. 2008. . The spiral light phenomenon over North Norway on December 9. 17. 2008. 2009. ZetaTalk sees a connection between the spiral light phenomenon and primitive man’s cave paintings and petroglyphs (rock engravings) where spiral patterns are a common motif.

The ancient Greeks called this honey-tasting ”heavenly bread” for ambrosia. identified manna and ambrosia as carbohydrates.500 B. Part I. the world suddenly turned red for the citizens of Sidney. of which there are plenty of just after an Earth crust displacement. Velikovsky. In ZT Newsletter October 4. alike dew and rime. Many ZetaTalk fans believed that the red iron oxide dust in the sandstorm had come from Nibiru’s tail. the Egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus. 2008. Sun halo Moon halo D4: Carbohydrate phenomena: ”Manna and ambrosia from heaven” The Book of Exodus. . Those lands where this occurred were sometimes known as the “lands of milk and honey”. ZetaTalk confirms this conclusion. in his book Worlds in Collision (1950. that in the last years another factor has turned up. and Allan & Delair discussed them in their book Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9. It forms as sunlight is refracted in hexagonal ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere [Wiki article: 22° halo].* ZT Chat Q&A June 26. 7:20-21. ZetaTalk claims. Why is the Sun and the Moon seen more often with a halo? A halo is an optical phenomenon. during a dust storm [see article with video and pictures). or occasionally the moon. ZetaTalk confirms that manna and ambrosia were carbohydrates formed in the air passing over active volcanoes. This is explained in ZT Newsletter January 27. and is thus a quite common phenomenon. the water turns milky. Examples are the Book of Exodus chap. tells how the Jews survived during their 40 years of wandering around in the desert by eating manna that each morning had been formed on the ground. Carbohydrates are close cousins of hydrocarbons. Velikovsky (1950) and Allan & Delair (1997) identified the red dust as iron oxide meteor dust. chap. forming a circle around the sun. 2). 2009 ZetaTalk claims. 9-10). (1997. however. chap. that this iron oxide came from the Australian desert. Velikovsky discussed these ancient descriptions in his book Worlds in Collision (1950. and the grease facilitates the creations of halos around the Sun and the Moon.C. D5: Iron oxide dust colors the air and the waters red Many ancient manuscripts describe cataclysmic times when the air and the waters were colored red by dust that made the fresh water undrinkable. chap. chap. 2008: ”The New Mexico Environment Department is looking into what caused a strange milky white rain to fall on Grant County…” ZetaTalk confirms that this episode was a classic manna sign. The Nibiru complex is greasing the atmosphere. but that the iron oxide in the desert had come from Nibiru’s tail from earlier passages! The picture below gives a preview of how the world will look in the weeks before and after the Earth crust displacement. A halo appears a couple of times a week in Europe. however. 6). When great quantities of carbohydrates drop in the water. 2010. 2009. 16. It tastes like honeycake. Part V. Australia. ZetaTalk quotes a newspaper article from January 11. and the Kiche Mayan collection of stories Popol Vuh. Part I. On September 23.

* Rolf Kenneth's ZetaTalk-Nibiru-2011 theme page // Home . 2009. The article above is a sequel of: Nibiru triggers an Earth crust displacement in 2011 Back to: * This article in Norwegian.Sidney on September 23.

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