GCDP - Creating Your Self Appraisal and Post Appraisal Comments
Revised - 6 Mar 2009

Welcome to the 2009 ABS Global Career Development Program (GCDP). These instructions are to assist you with creating a Self Appraisal for the period beginning 1-May and ending 30April. (Refer to the GCDP Timeline on the website for more specific details.) To begin creating your ‘Self Appraisal’, locate the GCDP link on the Compass or Access Home Pages.

Click on the ‘Begin Appraisal’ tab at the top of the screen, or click on the ‘Sign into Oracle’ button found in the panel on left side of page.

At the login screen use your Oracle login (same as you use when entering timecards).

Click on your Employee Self Service responsibility, and then click on GCDP.

Click on the Create Self Appraisal or Post Appraisal Comments button to begin.

Continue through the self appraisal process by following the instructions on each screen.

Creating Post Appraisal Comments Begin the same as you did when creating your Self-Appraisal. If already logged in, you should see this button on the GCDP appraisal’s home page…

Type ABS Post and click on the flashlight icon to bring up a list of templates.

Select the latest ABS Post Appraisal Template. Click on the Select button.

ABS Post Appraisal Template name appears. Click on the Next button to continue.

Follow the instructions at the top of each page to complete and submit.

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