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Role of Editor in New Media

Role of Editor in New Media

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Published by Arpit Agarwal

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Published by: Arpit Agarwal on Dec 31, 2010


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As early as 1994, research predicted the death of advertising as it was known. It was predicted

that the metrics of advertising world would change very significantly through the advent of

new media and internet. Primarily, there would be a strong focus on advertising effectiveness

and ―engagement‖. This was to change the world of advertising (Rust & Oliver, 1994). As

expected, almost all major advertisers today have a strong online presence and most ad

agencies have transformed themselves into specialists in Social Media Marketing or Search

Engine Marketing, in addition to more regular form of advertising like online banner

advertisements. Google created another business model that enabled a long tail of advertisers

to come online and advertise.

This presents, in itself, a new opportunity for new businesses to emerge in this growing

market. It is predicted that online advertising spend will become 30% of the total advertising

spend by 2012.

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