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2010: Bye, Bye Miss American Dream

2010: Bye, Bye Miss American Dream

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Published by gonzodave
a stolen dream
a stolen dream

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Published by: gonzodave on Dec 31, 2010
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2010: Bye, Bye Miss American Dream by ~gonzodave Bye, bye 2010!

A decade that will never come again. So long my good friend Miss American Dream. You brought me through my first years of work with a four percent gain in the 70s. That became a fifty percent increase in the 80s. But your best gift was the 90s that were double what you gave in the 70s. I loved you so much, that I worked twice as hard in the 00s But you went away: taken from me and given to somebody else. Imagine how I felt seeing you drop to less than one percent. No longer sent from Heaven, But from Hell. Bye, bye Miss American Dream!

2010: Bye, Bye Miss American Dream copyright Dec 31, 2010 ~gonzodave. all rights reserved â

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