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Sakura's Diary - Day 7 Today wasn't too interesting, me, Naruto and Sai got the day off only

to train though. So we went to training fields and decided to just practice our basic attack and defense , not really on the jutsu's. First up was Sai and Naruto. Sai is best in defense as Naruto is in attack. So it was a weird training spar. Naruto, as his dobe of a self charged full head in at Sai, who then used one of his defense jutsu's "Wooden Wall Jutsu" and it rose up making the shurikens, punches and kunais bounce back at him. Naruto dodged them but then decided to use his rasengan! Which was awesome, and so the wooden wall cracked, and then burst into bits on the floor! Naruto would've won. Now it was time for me and Sai, I stepped forwards and bowed, he did the same and smiled. But by the time he had stopped smiling and opened his eyes I had already got next to him, my fists covered in chakra and then I punched him full power into the trees and bushes. OUCH! CHA!!! All me and Naruto saw was smoke, from the trees since they were, y'know a little dusty and dirty. Then Sai arose and looked very red and stricken on his face. He decided not to carry on battling me so it was me and Naruto, but then the stupid Dobe decided not to because it was time to go and get a full nights sleep, when it was only 2:00 PM! Ugh! Oh well, I got to spend more time doing other things, and I went out shopping for more weapons and medical/chakra pills. By then it

was 5:00 PM as I had been shopping for 1 hour and then Lee wanted to have some dinner with me, so I did and by that time I went home and started to write it is now 6:00 PM and I have decided I will go to bed early as I am tired from punching poor defenless Sai's face. Goodnight diary, write later. Haruno Sakura