CB Daze – CB and the 70’s By Larry Shaunce

Do you remember CB, when it was at its peak? They’d almost bust the doors down, just to get a peek At the latest rigs and the hottest mics Ah, the D-104 which everyone liked! The channels were crowded, especially 19 And you certainly remember that lower 16 Everyone had one, young and old Some had many and were very bold! Then there were 40 and I was at loss I couldn’t go there because of the cost My rig was outdated, I felt out of place But sooner or later I’d join in the race Red Ryder they called me when I got on the air With my Pace base I could talk to them all My PDL-II and my rotor were there I was set up and ready for the extra long haul With my D104 and my logbook at hand I’d get on the air and heat up the band Yes, I would shoot skip and made many a friend Not knowing someday it would come to an end There was Kraco, Handic, Midland and Craig And rarely a contact that I couldn’t make SBE, Johnson, Hy-gain and Royce And don’t forget Browning, the DX’ers top choice Now whatever happened to the "Solar Hot Rod"?

I had a quad I thought I could trust But the ice brought it down and it’s now full of rust Do you remember Red Sovine and "Teddy Bear"? It’s those kind of songs you now find so rare It’s "Giddy-up Go" and "Phantom 309" That made those days special and CB’ers so kind There was "First Mama" and then "Geraldine" Some of the finest that you’d ever seen It was people like Flip and the president’s wife That made CB seem almost bigger than life Now whatever happened to "Miss CB Guide"? Or CB break coffees. they seemed to have died Now they are gone as far as I know They sold their CB’s. I’m still on the go There’s now a new breed that is now on the band And CB is new again. but where did they go? Maybe someday they’ll be back on the air As king of the airwaves. but whatever is? All this I know. I still ask myself why I stuck with my Turner. stormin’ the land It’s not like it was. I really do miss I’d like to go back. please don’t tell me so But all is not lost. I really do care Now those days are gone. for only a day . the old "Signal Kicker" I could even talk to the "Old Country Picker" Yes.The mighty antenna that could nearly hear God Or the "Power Wing" antenna that appeared it could fly Why I never tried one.

just checkin’ the time Ah yes. and now I must sign .No matter the price that I’d have to pay 10-36. 10-7.