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Retreat Crochet Blanket Pattern From Naomi

Retreat Crochet Blanket Pattern From Naomi

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Published by Naomi Vela

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Published by: Naomi Vela on Jan 01, 2011
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Retreat Crochet Blanket pattern from Naomi

Requirements: 5mm crochet hook 8ply yarn Patience! Method: 1. Make a slip knot and before pulling the loop too tight, pop the crochet hook through it. 2. Loosely chain a multiple of 6 chains and when you have the required amount (width you want your blanket), do 1 extra chain (this is the turning chain) 3. Now you will do 4 trebles into the 4th chain from your hook. 4. *Skip 2 chains and do 1 treble into the next chain, skip 2 chains and do 5 trebles into the next chain. 5. Repeat from * along the remainder of the row, to the end of your starting chain. 6. Before turning your work, do 3 chains. 7. Now turn your work, and do 4 trebles into the base of the starting chain. *Next, into the top of the middle of the 5 trebles done in the row below, do 1 treble. Then into the single treble do 5 trebles. Repeat from * to the end of the row. You should end up on a single treble. Do 3 chain, and turn your work 8. Now all you do is repeat step 7 until you want to change colours, or until the blanket is the desired length. 9. Voila enjoy the satisfaction of learning a new pattern to crochet. If you run into any hassles after the retreat, feel free to email me, and I’ll help you. I’ve attached a swatch to your instructions so that you can see what your pattern should be looking like.
(or whatever size you need to obtain correct tension)

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