Group 1 Body Mechanics and R.O.

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Members: Abatol, Gerique Marathae Abrasado, Jennie Ann Alesna, Sharmaine Alvor, Celine Rose


Mr. Rei Mike E. Bukiron Clinical Instructor

State equip in which opposing forces contract with each other. Line of Gravity An imaginary vertical line drawn through an object center of gravity - Base of Support Foundations which an object in re st. Balance .Controlled by the nervous system. .The point of which all the mass of an object is the center. Body Alignment . A force that occurs in the direction opposing the move Force exerted by earth on the object Force exerted on a body by gravity A result of weight. Force can also be described by intuitive concepts such as a push or pull that can cause an object with mass to change its velocity (which includes beginning moving from a state of rest). . specifically by the cere bellum and the inner ear. posture and body alignment.A normal state of physiologic equilibrium.Definitions: Body Mechanics Coordinates effort of the muscle skeletal and nervous system to maintain proper balance. Center of Gravity . and balance. Coordinated Body Movements Weight Friction Force Any influence that causes a free body to undergo an acceleration. center of gravity. Fulcrum Inertia A fixed point about which the lever moves.

2.Exercise entrance respiratory systems.Develops trust and confidence . Stance Style of standing. Leverage A force that can be used by nurses to increase their lifting power and to make lifting easer.Pushing involves friction.Values and attitude 5. Posture The bearing and position of the body and the relative arrangements of the various parts of the body. promotes good circulation of blood. 3.Studies mind and behaviour . Anatomy and Physiology . positioning for a strike.- The tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest and an object in motion to remain in motion.Body contaminated with harmful microorganisms tha t may alter the body s movement coordination.Pertains the activity of muscles. Principles of Body Mechanics 1. weight of work correct application of some low on physics essential. gastrointestinal system and other system function. Chemistry . 4. Psychology . Importance of Body Mechanics . Microbiology . Physics .

It is also critical to ensure that the line of gravity should go vertically through the support base. then the center of gravity is lowered leading to an increased stability. instead of bending over and picking it up. Weak core muscles could certainly lead to knee injuries. y Line of Gravity . one should keep the back straight and the body should be bent only at the knees and the hips. posture and mobility Maintain body balance and stability Serves as guide ( beauty with enhancement) For normal muscle tone and body tone Avoid muscle strain and injuries For normal blood circulation Development and improvements of physical appearance and beauty Prevent chronic ailment Enable us to know how to use energy sufficiently For avoidance to skin breakdown and intact pressure joints To increase level of independence in completing activities Elements of Body Mechanics y Stable center of gravity . A wide support base is useful especially when lifting things. If all of these y . Wide Support Base . back aches. The spine is the foundation for a proper body alignment. bend at the kn ees and the hip and ensure that the back is straight before lifting. For example. To achieve this. the back should be kept straight and the object to be lifted should be placed close to the body. To accomplish this. back. pelvic floor. The core muscles are those muscles in the abdomen. and the hips.One of the most important elements of body mechanics is body alignment.For good body mechanics. It is important to develop the strength of the core muscles for good stability. the muscle in the foot continually deflects to maintain the balance.y y y y y y y y y y y Improves body alignment. To maintain the proper body alignment. When you lift something from the floor. it is important to maintain that curve. A lower center of gravity implies more stability. it is important to maintain a low center of gravity. This reduces muscle tension and gives more stability. It is here that body mechanics are applied. y Body Alignment . Also.It is important to maintain a wide support base. This ensures a proper alignment. A strong core muscle helps to keep the body upright and to improve the balance of the body. and pulled shoulders. if you try to stand on one foot. if you slightly bend the knees. The spine consists of bones and vertebrae that connect with each other and with other ligaments and muscles and it has an S-shaped curve. If you try to maintain an outstretched support base then you would be able to balance.

the greater the stability  Balance is maintained with minimal effort when the base of support is enlarged in the direction in which the movements will occur  Objects that are done to the center of gravity are moved with the least effort  The greater the construction of muscle before moving an object. Physical Health 2. muscle tend to act in groups rather than singly  Muscles are always in slight contraction  Large muscles fatigue less quickly than small muscle  The heavier the object the greater face  Changes in activity and position help to maintain muscle tone and avoid fatigue .principles are met. Nutrition 3. Attitude and Values Mental Health Emotions Level of understanding Neuro muscular and skeletal impairments Guidelines of Body Mechanics  Balance is maintained and muscle train is avoidance as long as the line of gravity passes through the base of support  The under of base of support and the lower of center of gravity. Lifestyle  Frequent twisting of the back on work or daily activities  Frequent lifting of heavy loads in work/ daily activities  Frequent stopping in work or daily activities  Frequent pulling or pushing of heavy loads  Frequent moving of items stored in low or high areas to waist level  Walking in stick or uneven surface  Wearing tight clothing that restricts freedom of movement  Wearing shoes with uneven or stick shoes or high heel which prediscope the wearer to fail  The person who leads on overly busy. Factors Affecting Body Mechanics 1. 6. 5. good body mechanics can be achieved. the less the energy are required to move it and the lesser the risk of injury  Pulling creates less friction that pushing. 8. 7. stressful active life 4.

. Using one s own weight to counter act the patient weight requires less energy movement  Friction between an object and the surface upon which the object is moved affect the amount of work needed to move the object.

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