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8081908 Poems of Love and Spirit

8081908 Poems of Love and Spirit

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Published by: snozzytushar on Jan 01, 2011
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Words & Photography By

Gordon Artrias Rosenberg

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License. 2006 Gordon Rosenberg You may also download a copy of this manuscript for free at http://lightreport.org

About the Author

Gordon Artrias Rosenberg is a student of Taoism, Hinduism and other Eastern philosophies. His writings follow these paths, including his poetry, his metaphysical and healing arts essays, and his book-length teaching manuscripts. Gordon is also an avid digital photographer and took the pictures in this book (with the exception of the dolphin clip art). He’s a native of the picturesque Pacific Northwest, now living in Bend, Oregon with his wife and creative partner, Debby Rosenberg. You may find links to their poetry, photos, videos and other creative work at their main site http://lightreport.org.

To love as dolphin loves Without trying or holding back Without worrying which way May be right or wrong Dolphin loves because love exists Gives because giving is the only way Dolphin loves as love is intended Knowing all else is not real love This is how dolphin loves And it’s how we can love For we too are capable Of loving in spirit

Sharing our lives with conscious intention Guiding one another through our final ascension Loving each other and all who have given Rise to their lives with souls that have risen Bound I to discover, life’s best done in twos For you are my lover, and you are my muse

Falling nightly Into your arms Elsewhere nevermore Soft whispers in willing ears Passionate embraces Knowing caresses Like this forever

Smoke it stroke it hold on tight Brave a storm that lasts all night On mast of passion sails unfurled Against the blow my toes are curled

hidden worlds to explore Slumbering dragon within alit by your touch Divine feminine spirit that heals me so much Brought home we are to our own higher power As we love each other in this most sacred hour . restricted no more Caution torn asunder.Rapture Once More Bodies and souls awakened so deep After so many years of being asleep Electric we flow in the deepest embrace ‘Tis clear we’ve found a new kind of grace Once again children we are at play in a field Our once innocent hearts longing to be healed As if by chance to have discovered the other And merged so fully with one’s ultimate lover The wilds they beckon. our beings run free Through tame-less landscapes long forbidden to see Passion once restricted.

TRANSFORMERS Transformers of light Reveal to my sight This new force has come To share source as one Wherever it shines All lives intertwine Gives pause to wonder Why be any other Revealers of sight Bring light to the night .

CURRENT EVENTS Life but a passing story played out On a screen in front of my eyes While what’s really significant Goes unnoticed behind the screen There’s nothing here to do or be But be oneself and nothing more To believe one must do anything Is to be caught in a trap of delusion Once out of this trap to become What’s behind the screen and see Current affairs as only passing fancies Temporal and with no permanent bearing .

BORN TO LOVE The heart yearns to love The mind thinks it must choose The heart loves everyone The mind seeks one or few The heart must have its way To find a love that’s true REAL FOR ME To find one’s truths Among illusions To make one’s way To higher peace To discover love And lasting bliss To thrive on nature Music and spirit There is no more Of any meaning And nothing else Which moves my soul .

CHAKRA DREAM Spinning wheels of color and light Bring ancient memory to our sight Remember now what we’ve forgot Create once more with pure thought Spinning wheels of color and light Awaken us from this dark. dark night BLISS No matter now how long I slept ‘Tis love which fills my every step Love and joy and truth and bliss All that’s real I know as this It matters not what’s to come Where I’m bound or where I’m from Time to share what’s been found Share the love ‘round and ‘round Share love with all ‘round and ‘round .

NIGHT ‘Tis at night my soul comes to play Free of the duties that fill each day When in the space of living my dreams I see clearly life and all that it means Truth it comes in the midst of dark nights Beyond the place of wrongs and rights Joined by those who help me do what I do ‘Cause they’ve been here and they’ve done it too ‘Tis then they provide what I think I may need To follow my path and sometimes to lead In the light of night where I am in full sight They return the love that I’ve come to dream of The night is my refuge from the trials of day A time to recover from the life prices I pay .

DUELING SELVES One self but wants to gaily frolic Partake of maidens and earthly delights Dance the melodies of this world Play with all that comes my way Another leaves behind this trivia Dives deep into life’s passion and pain To seek all that’s felt and linger there To know answers which can’t be known Why both selves when one would do Neither gives in to ease this life What cruel joke to reconcile these foes Within this single helpless human form How to choose or make peace Of the mirth and melancholy To find a way to play with truth Or feel the joy found deep inside .

POET What strange compulsion this To pen the truth in the soul More than sound and form Speak the heart or not at all What inspires this telling What magic there is in it What tension to say it right What beauty it happens at all Will I know ever why I must Will I someday tire of it forever Perhaps ‘tis simply mine to do Relevant as any other way here .

SEAWARD Tiny ships upon the waves In many clusters drifting At the edge of the ocean Aware the tide is shifting While waiting out the night Though much may be confusing These dedicated sailors Know all is of their choosing They’ve left the docile harbor Where the focus is survive Out on the churning waters Their souls have come alive Never more shall they fail Never again will they fall This fleet of peace awaiting Dawn’s certain coming call Their course is newly charted They’ll cross the bar together Put to the seas united Fear not the stormy weather These ships of love and plenty Have made ready to depart Across that far horizon To help launch a brand new start .

CHILD I looked at her and smiled Face so kind on such a child She waited there so patiently As learned I what might I see Then merrily she went in time For me to now my own way find WHAT IS When I was young So much I knew Now I’m old And have no clue All that’s done Or never was Whatever is Seems just because So fine is this To be in touch Have no more need To know so much .

NOW WE’RE HERE ‘Tis said we are gathering Magically merging as one Called here to be part of Great beauty to come Can you not feel it Something more real Will you help set the table For a plentiful meal Where has your life been And where are you bound Can you ride out despair ‘Til there’s joy all around Can you take time now To find your way home Or is this too much Do you feel all alone Need you always respond To the whims of this place Does it matter which rat Wins or loses the race Co-create with others What we’ve only foreseen Or go on your way Knowing not what we mean ‘Tis time now to know What’s coming our way For within each of us There dawns a new day .

my one tantric lover I am in you and you are in me Merged as one as ever could be Growing deeply within a radiant light Such bountiful joy and loving delight As if in tune with all of creation Loving this way beyond even sensation My depth of feeling and knowing so much Coming from you and your loving touch .TANTRA SONG In this moment of pure joy and expression I take you to my heart. my only. into my essence I welcome you now as never another You.

one with all life Spirits loving.Awaken this moment in the grace of what is Nothing that’s hers. one with our sounds Are you seeing me as I’m seeing you Never have I seen a sight so true No way here of ever pretending Are we at our beginning or ending Tantra exploding. we’ve found love which comes straight from Source . such love can never be wrong To find each other after waiting so long Never before a love of this kind Then only love that’s more in the mind This joy of tantra and total devotion Filling us with light as large as an ocean Building together with a power and force Of two who’ve found loving straight from its source Yes. nothing that’s his But one in the glow of all that surrounds One with our touch. energy abounding Feeling the joy that’s clearly resounding Love comes once and now comes again Finding our way to where we have been My energy with yours brings forth what exists With each gentle movement and each sensuous kiss You are my essence and I am yours too Inside your form part of me is now you Move we together. true husband and wife Beyond need to make love by decree Passion now rising degree by degree Oh.

ALONE There’s a place we take no one Where only we may dwell ‘Tis there we find our truth Which we alone may tell ONWARD Now in just the nickest time All that was is left behind Forth I go in ways unknown Unafraid to walk alone .

TWO SEEKERS Two seekers they were Long on the road In search of each other Beyond all they were told Now it’s complete Now they are done With past ways of being Now they are one No more the old ways No more are they lost Wondering why life Must be lived at such cost Once pain is dismissed And passion commands When right choices we make Bring an outcome so grand .

becoming awake The impossible I think.UNSEEN What some believe. or where I’ve been Like loving each other. is a piece o’ cake . if you dare Planes and pictures fly through air Entire songs on pods and spheres Technology that sees and hears Your voice by phone across the land More planets above than grains of sand Nature around us. which I’ve no clue Billions of actions. for me can't be That truth is what we touch or see While on this earth there is a lot That's not real. I can only admire If I said I knew. by others unseen Learned where I am. I’d be a lair My own body. I’ve always thought No way can be this world of stuff So much less seems quite enough See for yourself. and it all seems real So why not more that’s hiding still Simple things. happening on cue These are things. I know can’t exist Yet existence itself is hard to resist For here we are.

THE CALL In the midst of chaos and despair comes change Change which signals the end of all old ways And lays a path for shining new days to come A path which reflects a new reality of Love and Light We have put out the call and it has been heard We are as One against the dying forces of darkness We shine as Light unto those who would silence us And who would destroy all that we’ve worked for We shall not be silenced and it shall not be destroyed The call has been made and We are its answer It is now said and so shall it be .

STATUS QUO Is man but a distant memory One of history’s passing blurs Yet to notice the timely demise Of a way we never were When this way we came as light Did our human parts even know What really were we doing here And when we’d decide to go Is our true task to not maintain The silly status of our breed But let all go on as planned That we light beings shall succeed Are we all from distant stars Through eons of empty space To transcend our current state As light itself engulfs this place .

PERFECT LOVE Would I be loved for who I am Flaws I have yet if others can Hear beneath my fear and pain Love’s laughter come forth again Need I be perfect to be loved Must my whole life be overdubbed May I be seen and not forsaken Love given freely and freely taken May I be seen and not forsaken Give me your love and it will be taken FORGIVEN For all they did or didn’t And all that was or wasn’t For that which brought me here And for myself for coming Forgive now every wrong Make this life a song Free the soul to play And love myself today ’Tis simple now to say For I have found my way .

WAY There come the coming times For which we have been waiting After all the years of slumber ‘Tis said that we are waking Through the chaos and the strife Past all that’s known or seen Forever is a new way found To a place we’ve never been For in the coming times We’ve no choice but waking .

BEGIN ANEW I wear another’s face Take another’s place Claim use of that name Things change or stay the same For in the greater scheme Life is but a dream Though I don’t pretend This too shall never end Each time I come and go There’s less and less to know For in the greater scheme Life is but a dream All the ways I’ve been I need be not again I wear another’s face Step now in his place For in the greater scheme Each life is but a dream .

There is but love. There is but shining light The darkness of my phony world I can not comprehend. For ‘tis deception that darkness shall prevail O’er the light which shall encompass all Can I but see the light within Which never has been other. Can I but see what always was And give up the past and its delusions Can I but know there’s no way to be Than the gentle wisdom in my soul .DREAM WORLD Unreal is this world in which I walk For in the real world there is but joy.

BLESSING May I freely walk in peace Be love and know not fear Leave all said and done When it’s time to say and go Let all speak as they will Yet know there’s always more Than what ever can be said And what often goes unsaid May I focus on joy See beyond the rest Know truth when I find it And home when it comes my way More I cannot wish myself Less I’ll not accept again .

THREE CHANCES Thrice I come And knock upon your gate Thrice you refuse And send me on my way Would you allow me entrance To your private sanctum You’d find your trials over And our ways would part no more Yet in your drunkenness You see not what I offer And go forth in your mist While I find others to awaken .

get our own needs met.DIVINE UNION Observing a pair of downy woodpeckers at my feeder I’ve discovered they often feed each other Sometimes going a distance to place a morsel in the other’s beak I’ve read this is fairly common behavior in the bird kingdom And wonder if there’s a lesson here for us humans That rather than all the fuss and bother in relationship Trying to have our space. and the like Often perhaps acting rather selfishly in the process That we simply focus on whatever nourishes the other And might thereby serve the both of us .

THRESHOLD Small step Through the door Big step Forevermore Many steps Says the lore Make a path To one’s core SERVICE What better to be here Than in service to all The form matters not Let source flow through And serve each as it will Only because it’s ours to do .

How to sit by silently. That we hold the truth inside us How to be and live. tell me what you speak . Only to distract ourselves From what really need be heard? Why a need to say out loud And have others give reply. Is the need for constant chatter. To respond to every word.SILENCE IN THE WIND In nature I find the answers Which no one else can give. Oh. Who could ever comment on What’s told by sea and sky? So much for us to learn While listening to a creek.

Offers beauty and such grace What would be if we but hear The silent wisdom of this place The truth which is within us The only voice we can not doubt Listen to that voice our own And learn what we’re about Bring forth the force of nature Which has always been inside Waiting for us to hear it Once we still the voice of pride For there is no way to part From one’s self and all our kingdom Once we find our way back home To the place where lives our freedom May nature’s grace take us back to freedom .In the chanting of the cricket Conversing of the bird The croaking of the frog So much that can be heard Oh. would I give up need to speak Truly nothing can be said Would improve the voice of nature Yet these words play through my head They beg be written down like this And shared with others from within Yet a well-turned phrase need no reply Like speaking to the wind The force which brings us here.

FUTURE While walk I through the night See once more with clearing sight Am I but what I’ve always been Or will I be what new comes in Where I’ve gone but never toiled All old plans are duly foiled For now the new is all there is And all the rest is done again Whereas are there but nevermore The plans of one who’s gone before Now one sees in every sense That no old ways hold relevance Gone the days of thinking less To simply get one through this mess It all need not be torn asunder But for them left to plow one day under We can go where each we’re bound No more need to bring one down The rest is left to merge with grace For who by choice transcend this place For who by choice transcend this place .

EVER MORE In a once and ever when I am there and it is then Come so far to be here now So little done for learning how Knowing more is knowing less Surrender now and know the rest Change of ways ‘tis here at hand ‘Cause change is the way of man To hold forth in wisdom full Truth is all we’ll ever know When live we do at our core And all the other we ignore Spiraling on we go as one Where for ever more all is none .

no demon untamed In the pursuit of love at all costs Standing alone in the name of undisguised love.COURAGE Those who choose love over anger and fear Are the true courageous ones. Even when no one stands with us. no story untold. Comes not easy in a world which knows more Of hate and violence and fear and pain than love Standing in its name is the real challenge of love And the path to one’s greatest glory . The path of love knows no retreat And is not for the faint of heart On the front lines of one’s emotions The lover faces the terror of seeing all. Leaving no stone unturned.

time it is never as we walk both sides of forever .BRIDGE Just touching down in a land I’m soon bound Can’t help believing I won’t miss the leaving Can’t even be clear if I’m there or still here When will I go or do I even need know For time it is never on both sides of forever Yes.

all the joys I have known To go now fully into the light In the middle of day and darkness of night To go now fully into the light In the middle of day and darkness of night . the mind it has grown The sage is afoot. wisdom of a sage Perhaps no choice but be what we be So much to learn. so much to see What is it like to share what I am By giving myself simply the best that I can Who’s inside you. the poet is free. who’s inside me Are we but learning how to be free Is that all we do as we travel this earth Learning and seeking for all we are worth Learning about love and learning to see Learning and loving and trying to be free Oh.SEEKING HEART To travel this life and turn each page With the heart of a poet.

FALLING THROUGH THE NIGHT To the end yourself be true In what you choose to say and do Give yourself in all new ways Be your best in all your days To the end yourself be true As to yourself you give your due For in the end no way to be But what within you hear and see And if not always can you know What’s all to learn before you go Know in time the truth you’ll find With open heart and with clear mind Always will the truth be known Once you’re on the journey home Through the night we fall as one ‘Til we arise with the coming sun To the end yourself be true To someday arise in a coming sun .

FIRST NATION Back from the past. her children again one First nation has come and the new shall be done . so much to do A world another on this our earth mother Future is now and it’s time we learned how Transcend the old. must fully be bold Wisdom inside. to life be applied Give forth the call that follows the fall First nation has come. returned at last Begin now anew.

energy so real A canyon of love. as always they do Come to the canyon. with intent so pure Shift the earth focus in ways that they knew From planet to planet. the time it is now Once more they have shown the rest of us how Each time we come here we do what we do We do our own work for us and them too . they knew their way sure Beings of light.CHACO REVEALED They came to earth to teach and to heal In a land of magic. see for yourself Feel cosmic force as it feels itself The land is alive. a place of peace Setting the table for a magnificent feast Nothing by chance.

JUSTICE Those who choose To others abuse Abuse themselves Before they’re done Will be true Whatever they do For each and every one .

DESTINY Given our notice we’ve taken the last plunge Around about us fulfillment shall come Adventurous longing is no more to be Revealed comes the truth of our destiny Merciless eons which seemed without end When we always were lost or forgetting again Connective dissolve. dark disorder abounds Amidst glimmers of hope that peace can be found Foretold for mankind ‘tis this bed we have made Shall our whole human race now be at rest laid Beneath the rubble of pavlovic behavior Still each may arise through spirited ardor For prophecies come and prophecies go While destiny is fulfilled by singular souls Destined to change or destined to not Mostly depends on our power of thought Walk your own path or fall prey to the pack But once you commit there’s no turning back .

I dive headlong into the River of Death And find that death makes no sense. For inside death there is nothing The light I discover at the End of Death Is light of everlasting beauty No way to express its glory and mystery And its eternal reverence for all that lives Inside death is the answer to all questions Inside death is the realization That I'm one with all creation Inside death is the knowledge that I merge with all at the moment of “death” .RIVER OF DEATH In a dream . No longer can I see myself As limited in any way. Or unable to be who I am. That death does not exist Outside the human perspective I dive into the River of Death And find death to be illusion..

Fear brings me face-to-face with realization That life can never change. I know life here won't end ‘til I'm ready To experience life someplace else There can be no separation between anything Of any consequence here or anyplace.I come here to experience life fully. By being in life to the best of my ability If I fear life it's because I'm afraid To live it in all its forms at once. I know about life by living it fully. That eventually one will perish To some unknown and unknowable place All this is illusion. For in the seeds of death Is the germination of new life Which transcends anything here. Inside death is the full knowledge of life Death is but illusion made up by mankind In the fear that no matter what one does here It can never be enough. My life is part of a grand scheme Written by One who sees far beyond Any human perspective . Then move on to a place of higher knowing Which never changes. Death is but a memory of something Which never existed Life too is illusion When seen as fleeting or unknowable.

That there can never be anywhere to go I dive into the River of Death And find it to be bottomless.I dive into the River of Death. No matter how hard I swim against the current There is no escaping the realization That my life is never to end. I emerge from the River of Death Alive in all ways that could ever matter .

MIXED BLESSING Perhaps the greatest pain Is to not be seen for one’s gifts By those closest to us Perhaps the greatest blessing Is to forgive them for seeing Only what they know to see Yet the pain lingers until one can Fully acknowledge oneself and Free the mind of all doubt and deception POET … REVISITED Poet. mystic. dreamer Whatever this affliction Never can be quenched The restless soul within Would I more normal live Please another part But every time I try Must listen to my heart .

Nothing ever happened . Nothing ever happened Understanding what And what's not Feeling what’s real Sensing a lot Yet. Nothing ever happened To walk this path As if it’s real Much confusion With which to deal But. Nothing ever happened Leaving nothing Still unturned Seeking all yet All’s unlearned Because. going Never leaving Starting. stopping Never being While. Nothing ever happened Letting go of Grief and fear Ultimately To know and hear That.NOTHING EVER HAPPENED Coming.

Nothing ever happened In spite of loss Fear and sorrow Be complete And live tomorrow Because. Nothing ever happened This is all No more to know No more to say Nowhere to go For. And I was never here . Nothing ever happened No thing to do No way to see What you’re not You’ll never be Because. Nothing ever happened Nothing ever happened.Return to source To see above Again to know Total love Since. Nothing ever happened Never to change Or be forgot Or remembered For any thought As.

PONDERING Thinking blinking busy talking Standing sitting formless walking Starting stopping doing being Falling freaking barely seeing Expressing nothing never trying Are we living free or freely dying Where to go seems obvious The chaotic world oblivious Wherefore the real that lives within Does it matter once it ends What’s in it for me or you Are you among the choosing few Or will you perish without honor These words of truth give pause to ponder .

MUCH ADO So much there is So much to do All I am Is never through Until I give up My false pride To finally know What lives inside SILENT To love and merge in silent communion Beyond all words to a lasting reunion To love and merge with all of creation May be our way to non-verbal salvation .

SOUL SPEAK Were I to speak of love in all I say Share love with others every day Now to perfect the art Of speaking only from the heart Nothing more to know or do You serve me and I serve you This is how it’s meant to be And it is for those who see But often not when we don’t Or is it because we won’t? ‘Tis my soul that knows the way What to do and what to say To speak or not. doesn’t matter Say what I must and skip the chatter Idle talk wastes my time Tires out my active mind Save my strength for what’s of merit ‘Stead of repeating like a parrot Speak from heart and not from mind Thoughts are random most the time To speak of love in all I say Share love with others every day This is what I strive to do Perfect this art before I’m through Speak only from my heart … before I’m through This is what I strive to do .

RETURN Now I return to where it began Back to the Source of all that I am No way ever to forget what I know And no place further ever to go ‘Tis no journey for the faint of heart Brings us together or pulls us apart No former ways on which to depend No more old world still to pretend Density dissolving. beyond all deceiving Mankind’s illusions turned into dust All of its luxuries covered with rust Further I go. beliefs unbelieving Realities unreal. past fear and greed For your love is now all that I need .

MESSENGER I am a messenger and I come to you today ‘Cause there’s this I must tell you. this I need to say Though it may seem doubtful given all that we’ve been dealt This whole world is now about to fall in love with itself And no one anywhere can keep this coming flood at bay You are among the chosen who have chosen very well To be here for this explosion and now be free to tell Those who listen that it’s time to stop fighting love and all And to know that each of us has come here for this call Come here just in time and answered every bell Feeling far beyond the norm of all mankind’s emotion Learning now that time has come to renew your heart’s devotion We come here willingly and make these choices certain We part the veils and see beyond. then lift full-on the curtain Traveling on we go as one. the task forgotten never . past the noise and the commotion I say to you it’s time to grow and time to know yourself as ever To do no less than you are called and to do this way forever No more can be failed now in what your Spirit has required In this time of revelation which has been so long desired Lessons they are now complete.

‘cause you and I are due To walk beyond the fear. and live on as the soul As unlikely as it may seem The whole world is about To fall in love with itself And this is not a dream .I come to you as messenger because it is my role To help you find your way to all that you do know And since you see it for yourself and for all the others too This is all there is to say.

WHEN ALL IS WELL When all is done which never was And all that was is never done There is no more which is to do And never must a thing be known Which comes not from deep within While in one’s heart there is no more A thing which ‘tis not deeply felt By one who knows that life mundane ‘Tis but a trance which finally ends When truth and love arise again When truth and love arise again And all that is lives deep within Then all is well and all else ends .

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