This is the first revision of Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 6/85 on 'Guideline for Presentation of Engineering Drawings'. Although it is basically similar in essence and format to the one published in 1985, various modifications have been made to suit current JKR requirements. These guidelines should be followed for the presentation of engineering drawings for all road projects under Cawangan Jalan, Ibu Pejabat J.K.R. This Arahan Teknik will continue to be updated from time to time and in this respect, any feedback regarding these guide lines will be most welcome. All comments should be sent to Cawangan Jalan, Ibu Pejabat JKR, Malaysia.

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1. INTRODUCTION The following guidelines have been prepared in order to standardise the presentation of engineering design drawings for road projects undertaken by JKR. The objectives of setting these guidelines are : (a) to maintain a consistent standard in the production of engineering drawings that will clearly and concisely describe the works to be carried out; (b) to simplify the draughting process, the checking of drawings and where possible reduce the draughting requirements without detracting from the completeness of the works; (c) to produce drawings that can be readily modified with a minimum of redrafting to provide complete "as constructed" records f for the project. These guidelines have been compiled by incorporating the good features of design drawings prepared by JKR and those submitted by Consultants. 2. DRAWINGS REQUIREMENT All drawings (master tracings) are to be A1 size, 594mm, by 841mm with a 10mm, 12mm and 21mm border. The title block as shown in Model Drawings No.1A should be used for all drawings. No deviation from this is allowed. General notes and legends are to be located on the right hand side of the title block. Drawings should be arranged so that the Northing Arrow is at the top right hand corner of the drawings.The Northing Arrow to be used is as shown in Model Drawing No. 1A. No other type of Northing Arrow is allowed. All drawings submitted (including draft copies)

must have a Professional Engineer's chop and signature of at least a director of the consulting eagineer's firm. 3. SEQUENCE OF DRAWINGS Engineering data should be prepared in a logical method starting from general information and scope of work to increasingly specific details or items and method of work. The recommended sequence for the Drawings is set out in Section 5. 4. SCALES OF DRAWING The scales of drawings should be selected to clearly illustrate the information that is to be relayed. Generally, to show more details, larger scale of drawing and greater number of drawings are required. However, the smaller the scale, the more limited the designer is in relaying the complete information on one drawing. Accordingly, informations may have to be disaggregated so that one drawing may be limited to one subject at a time. All scales are to be in metric system except for Land Acquisiton Plans which have to be in accordance to the respective Land Office's requirement. 5. SEQUENCE AND SCALES OF DRAWINGS 5.1 The following illustrates the sequence of Tender Drawings and scales that are to be used in a typical road project: DRAWING TITLE SCALE (a) cover or title page not applicable (b) drawing index not applicable (c) key plan 1:2,000,000 to 1:3,000,000 (d) location plan 1:25,000 to 1:250,000

Cawangan Jalan, Ibu Pejabat JKR, K.L

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2 Land Acquisition plans will not form part of the Tender Drawings but have to be prepared for the purposes of Land cquisition.1 Cover or Title Page The cover or title page shall follow Model Drawing No.000 to 1:6. Ibu Pejabat JKR. (e) northing arrow. 6. usually 1 inch to 4 chains or 8 chains. the project number must be obtained from the Documentation Unit.16 This drawing should indicate : (a) project location with respect to other states in the country. 6.000.The scale will be as that required by the Land Office. limit of project and kilometre post.000 (j) plan and longitudinal horizontal 1:1.L Page 3 .000 The key plan can be combined with the location plan. (b) state boundaries.ARAHAN TEKNIK (JALAN) 7/85".000. 2A.The details are given in JKR publication "GARIS PANDUAN UNTUK PENYEDIAAN PELAN PENGAMBILAN BALIK TANAH BAGI PROJEK JALAN PERSEKUTUA. Cawangan Jalan. whether designed epartmentally or by Consultants. (f) suitable scales . (b) the proposed alignment.000 to 1:3. (d) all the major Federal Routes. 5. 6. CONTENTS OF DRAWINGS 6.3 Key Plan (n) traffic.1:2.N .FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 (e) abbreviation.Please refer to Section 7 for full explanation of the system. guide and and temporary sign plans suitable scale (o) drainage plans suitable scale (p) structures plans stated in section 6. symbol and legend plan not applicable (f) elements of curve plan not applicable (g) superelevation details plan not applicable (h) typical road cross sections and pavement details plan suitable scale (i) alignment control plan 1:3.A Drawing Numbering System has been drawn up and all drawings must follow this system. For all projects.2 Drawing Index This drawing lists all the titles and number of each drawing within the contract set. 3A for guidance.4Location Plan This drawing shows: (a) specific location of the project with respect to the surrounding areas.Please see Model Drawing No. (q) relocation of services suitable scale plans (r) miscellaneous plans suitable scale (c) name of states and main towns where the project is located. K.000 profile plans vertical 1:100 (k) cross section plans 1:100 or 1:200 (recommended) (I) junction details plans 1:250 or 1:500 (m) road marking plans suitable scale 6.

6A for guidance. 6.reservoirs roads. (e) boxes encompassing a particular stretch of alignment. (e) section details of pavement including details for the construction of pavement over the existing pavement (where applicable). (c) clothoid formulae or other for mulae used and their notations. (h) northing arrow. (d) typical section for ground treatment (where applicable). (i) suitable scales . (b) typical vertical curve . cummulative total equivalent standard axles. (f) trigonometrical stations with heights. shoulders. and design subgrade CBR. camber.if applicable. K. 6.1:25. (c) typical shoulder treatment on superelevation Please see Model Drawing No. The abbreviations. villages.4A for guidance. base year. (f) pavement design details such as design period.5A for guidance. dual carriageway too. 6.7 Superelevation Details Plan This plan shall contain the following : (a) superelevation for curves with or without transition. Please see Model Drawing No. symbols and legends and their corresponding full words.parabolic curve. Ibu Pejabat JKR. rivers. Please see Model Drawing No. Please see Model Drawing No.6 Elements of Curve Plan This plan shall indicated thef ollowing : (a) typical horizontal curves with or without transition. (b) superelevation for the single carriageway and where applicable. drainage features etc. (g) route number. Symbol and Legend Plan 6. (c) typical cross sections for urban and rural carriageways with drainage details and access road.7A for guidance.000 to 1:250. details and representations. symbols and legends are standardised and should not be changed.8A for guidance.5 Abbreviation. Cawangan Jalan. details of which are shown in the Plan and Profile plans whose reference numbers are indicated next to the boxes.Please see Model Drawing No. (b) superelevated typical cross sections where applicable.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 (c) other projects in the vicinity if any. railway tracks and other physical features etc.8 Typical Road Cross Section and Pavement Details Plan This drawing shall indicate the following : (a) typical road cross section in embankment and cutting (for both flat and rolling terrain where applicable) showing width of carriageway.L Page 4 . This drawing shall contain : (a) abbreviations. (d) local towns.000.

points.'s) together with the details of the horizontal curves and I.W. public utilities etc. such as rubber estate.P..1:3. points.P. The details shall include the following (a) horizontal alignment of centreline together with the limits of carriageway and shoulder. (e) location of any proposed culverts and its details (including catchment and discharge figures)and any proposed stream deviation. and contour lines. (j) vegetation of the area passed through.L Page 5 . (b) co-ordinates of all the I. to be acquired. (1) match lines.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 6. (f) location of all structures such as bridges and box culverts and their levels. Please see Model Drawing No. points.000. K. (i) physical features such as existing roads.P. (d) horizontal curve data (as shown) for all I. points. (c) distances and bearings between all I. (j) all relevant references to bound ary stone in setting out the first intersection point shall be indicated. tracks. (i) all relevant Survey Department's bench marks with their levels.O. (b) extend of R. The details shall include the following : (a) points of limit of project and horizontal alignment indicated by all the I. (k) existing buildings. (d) extend of cut and fill areas and carriageways in distinct shades. (g) location and chainages of all SC and CS points.9 Alignment Control Plan 6. (h) direction of flow of all proposed side drains and their levels. Ibu Pejabat JKR. Cawangan Jalan. paths. swamps etc.10. (1) suitable scales .P. 9A for guidance.1 Plan Profile This drawing is to indicate the bearings and distances of the various Intersection Points (I. (g) locations of boreholes.000 to 1:6. (h) temporary bench marks with their levels.padi fields.P. (c) running chainages along centreline. (e) reference mark information for all I. More than one section of the horizontal alignment can be shown on the same plan using separator lines but the northing arrow should be indicated for each section. (k) northing arrow.10 Plan and Longitudinal Profile Plan 6. property lines and types of buildings. temporary bench marks and bench marksand their levels. (f) locations and c'hainages of all ST and TS points. points including the starting and finishing points.P.P.

Proposed superelevations of various pavement and longitudinal section can also be indicated. 6. rivers (with names). (b) setting out plan with the sufficient details so as to enable the setting out of the junction. (c) the proposed finished road level at the centreline. limit of R.1:1. culverts.11 Cross Section Plan This plan shall show the cross sections of the proposed road at various chainages along the horizontal alignment. guardrails and structures. (f) above the finished levels. (e) any other details deemed useful for clarity. Cawangan Jalan.10.W. The details shall include: (a) the existing ground's sectional profile.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 (m) existing stream.O. 6. (f) suitable scales . (o) northing arrow. (e) locations of all proposed culverts. their flow directions and levels and bridges and other structures. (d) the cross fall or superelevation of the carriageway. (p) scale . K. sumps. (b) the proposed finished cross section indicating the extent and shape of cut and fill required. details of the superelevation and the horizontal alignment along a linear scale is to be provided. Locations of the BVC and EVC are to be indicated too. (c) profile of existing ground and the proposed vertical alignment with the gradients.12 Junction Details Plans 6.L Page 6 .1:100 or 1:200 (recommended). islands.side drains etc.Plans from computer printouts can be used. 6. (g) scale .1 Junction details shall include the following: (a) general layout plan showing details of carriageway widths. property lots.1:100 Please see Model Drawing No. The shoulder should be shaded for better visual impact. sidedrains (with flow directions). (d) details of vertical intersection points.limit of project on minor roads etc. (n) lot numbers and boundaries the alignment passes through.000.. (b) existing ground and proposed finished levels. Ibu Pejabat JKR. including the chainage and data on the vertical curve..2 Longitudinal Profile The presentation shall be on graphical format and shall include the following details: (a) running chainages as per the horizontal alignment. 10A for guidance. (c) drainage and kerb details of the junction showing proposed type and position of drain and kerbs. dwellings and its type. but must be presented in A1 size drawings. culverts etc.12.

16. (c) details of culverts (whether reinforced concrete pipe.15A for guidance.1 Bridge Structural Plans (a) The general arrangement and layout should include the following : (i) Location plan indicating the specific location of the bridge project with the proposed alignment. pavement direction arrows etc. toe drain. chevron.L Page 7 .Schematic plans showing the various phases should also be included.000).outfall drain.12. kerb inlet.ARAHAN TEKNIK (JALAN) 2D/85I . berm drain.ARAHAN TEKNIK (JALAN) 2A/85 AND 2B/85". This should include the latitude and longitude bearings and the northing arrow (scale 1:10. 6. 6.14 Traffic. A culvert schedule with the relevant particulars should also be prepared.direction of flow. The details are given in JKR publication "MANUAL ON TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES . guide andtemporary signs shall be proposed and shall follow those approved for use by the Department.16 Structure Plans This drawing shall normally be applied to bridges with following requirements: 6. 6. roadside drain.STANDARD TRAFFIC SIGNS .ARAHAN TEKNIK (JALAN) 2C/85" AND "GUIDE SIGNS DESIGN AND APPLICATION . Cawangan Jalan.TEMPORARY SIGNS AND WORK ZONES CONTROL .ROAD MARKINGS .slope protection. villages. 13A and 14A for guidance. Ibu Pejabat JKR. railway tracks and other physical features. sump. stop line. bench marks. 6.kerb. bakau piling etc. give way marking. local town. The plan shall show all details of the proposed lanes and pavement markings for the centreline. roads. (e) suitable scales . K. subsoil drain etc. Please see Model Drawing No. (ii) Plan showing horizontal alignment of the centreline complete with limits of carriageway. (b) details of precast concrete slab.traffic signs and signals (if applicable). edge deviation.corrugated metal pipe or box) with details of headwall and wingwalls. the type of lantern and the proposed cycle times.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 (d) road marking and traffic sign plan showing the type and positions of the proposed road markings.1:250 or 1:500. Guide and Temporary Sign Plans Adequate traffic.shoulder drain.Pile layout can also be included here. drainage behind abutment etc.boreholes locations.2 Traffic signal details shall include the location of the traffic signal posts. continuity line.13 Road Marking Plan 6.ARAHAN TEKNIK (JALAN) 2E/87".15 Drainage Plans The drainage plans shall be sufficient enough to depict all detail pertaining to drainage matters and should include the following : (a) details of interceptor drain. 12A. bench drain.physical features such as public utilities. Please see Model Drawing No. "MANUAL ON TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES . catchpit. rivers. 11A. All dimensions and details shall follow those given in JKR publication "MANUAL ON TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES .

Ibu Pejabat JKR. test loads and other relevant information.. ultimate bending moment resistance and shear capacity. The reinforcement and end block details may be on the same or different drawings.16. existing ground and the proposed levels. (h) Deck Slabs These should include plan and sectional details and reinforcement detail complete with relevant notes. 1:100. (f) Beams These should include sectional.elevation and sectional details complete with relevant notes on material properties and installation requirements. (e. The notes should include among other things the design criteria.2 Sequence and Scales £or Bridge Structures The following illustrates the sequence of tender drawings and scales that are to be used for a typical bridge structure : DRAWING TITLE SCALE (a) general layout (b) soil profil (c) pile detail 1:50. cover etc. 1:200 suitable scale 1:5. The notes should include the materials. 1:20.1:150. 6. K. which should include the design criteria. (b) Soil Profile This should include the borehole details at various depths till end of boring. extent of cut and fill and limits of bridge construction. (i) Handrails/Parapet and Expansion Joints These should include plan. (d) Abutment and Wingwall Details These should include typical cross section and elevation showing details for bearings and pile layout showing principal dimensions and description of all structural component. A separate drawing showing rein forcement details shall be prepared with proper legends and notes. (iv) Notes. frictional or end bearing). 1:10.L Page 8 . (g) Diaphragms These may be included in the drawings for beams or together with details of deck slab. longitudinal and plan details indicating all dimensions and cable profiles.g. The notes should normally include the concrete strength. Other laboratory test results such as plasticity index.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Longitudinal profile showing running chainage as per horizontal alignment. 1:50 Cawangan Jalan. (iii) Detailed cross section showing arrangement of beams and girders in typical section and other deck details. The numbers and types of piles for abutment and piers and their capacities and estimated lengths should be tabulated. legends etc. (c) Piles This should include pile details and joints. type of piles. brief material specifications etc. (e) Piers Similar requirements as for abutments.relevant codes used and other useful information.plastic limit and liquid limit should be incorporated if available. (j) Water Main Brackets And Other Miscellaneous Details Similar requirement as for item (i). working loads. The list of other related drawings should also be inserted.

17A for guidance. 1:5. 1:1.5. 1:20.1:30. 1:25. Please see Model Drawing No. (f) Dimension shall be written to be read from the bottom or right handside of the drawing. (d) Descriptive dimensions of more than one metre shall be written to three decimal places and unit abbreviation 'm' included.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 (d) abutment-concrete 1:20.18 Miscellaneous Plan 618. (g) deck slab details (h) handrails/parapet and expansion joints . 6.NWL 37. (c) Normal dimensions of more than one metre shall be written to three decimal places but with the decimal point omitted.18. Thus.1:25 The drawings shall be in sufficient details to properly define the scope of work. 1:7.reinforcement details ditto (f) beams and diaphragms 1:5.16. 6. (b) Units abbreviation shall be 'm' for metre and 'mm' for millimetres.L Page 9 . 1:25 1:50 (b) LLN posts and cables. four metres three hundred and fifty millimetres shall be written as 4350. 16A for guidance. (e) Dimensions expressed in millimetre shall be whole numbers.128m.1 Miscellaneous plans are for those details not described above and may consist of the following : (a) streetlighting details. 1:25 Please see model Drawing No. Ibu Pejabat JKR. 6. Cawangan Jalan. (b) types of lanterns together with details of columns. 1:10 .17 Relocation of Services Plans This plans shall show detail for the relocation of:(a) water mains.1:20 (c) Telecom posts and cables.for normal water level is written as such :. crossings and feeders pillar boxes.1:20. K.2 The streetlight detail should include : (a) locations of all proposed lamp posts.1:40 details butment-reinforcement details ditto (e) pier-concrete details ditto pier.Thus. 6. They shall show the locations of the existing services and their proposed relocations. Abbreviation should always be given in description notes but not for normal dimensioning. (i) water main brackets etc. 1:2.5.3 Requirement for Dimension A typical requirement for dimension is shown below: (a) All dimensions shall be expressed in metres or millimetres. (b) general subsoil profile.

(iv) KL . key and location plan. DRAWING NUMBERING SYSTEM 7. (c) The seventh space is to be filled up by a numeral w'nich represents section component of a project. traffic light etc. (iii) The third two digits (5th and 6th spaces) indicate the series of the projects.1 The system used is as follows: KPKR/J/R/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 /7 8/ 9 10 11 (a) (i) KPKR stands for Ketua Pengarah Kerja Raya.LB for rural roads by Unit Rekabentuk Jalan Luar Bandar. all typical drawings etc. (ii) 7 stands for Jalan. slope protection.pengambilan balik tanah represents land acquisition plan. (iii) R stands for Rekabentuk. B. JP for bridges on Federal Routes and JN for bridges on state roads designed by Unit Jambatan. Cawangan Jalan. element of signs. general layout. junction drainage and pavement su perelevation details plan. temporary signs etc. junction road markings. Ibu Pejabat JKR.keratan melintang represents cross section plan. They are as follows : 01 Johor Darul Takzim 02 Kedah Darul Aman 03 Kelantan Darul Naim 04 Melaka 05 Negeri Sembilan 06 Pahang Darul Makmur 07 Perak Darul Ridzuan 08 Parlis 09 Pulau Pinang 10 Sabah 11 Sarawak 12 Selangor Darul Ehsan 13 Terengganu Darul Iman 14 Wilayah Persekutuan (ii) The second two digits (3rd and 4th spaces) indicate the year the project is approved for design.leaut persimpangan represents junction layout plan. guardrail.L Page 10 . Each numeral will represent a section of the project or package in a package deal project etc. K. C. abbreviation symbol and legend. (i) The first two digits (1st and 2nd spaces) indicate the State code which shall be the swine as those used by tire JKR Headquarters Computer Centre. etc.keratan membujur represents alignment control plan. numeral in the form of 1. 2. plan and longitudinal profile plan. junction setting out plan. (b) The first six spaces is to be filled by six digits. 3.traffic signs. site office.represents general include list of drawings. (v) LP .FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 7. (e) The nineth space is to be filled up by two alphabets represent each categories of detail as follow: (i)AM .This space will be zero if there is no component within the project. (iii) KB . (vi) KT .kawalan lalulintas represents traffic control plans include road markings. (d) The eigth space is to be filled up by capital alphabets A. is used. superelevation. To standardise. (ii) PT . D etc if there are components within the package. traffic signs.

culverts etc.struktur represents structural plans including bridges. For the first time of correction. ST 1/1. it will be ST1/1A. 7.perparitan represents drainage plans including subsoil drain.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 (vii) PP . Cawangan Jalan. flyovers.lain-lain represents miscellaneous plans include soil investigation subsoil profile. (x) LL . drains. (g) The eleventh space with capital alphabets in sequence shall be used for the amendments of drawings. Cawangan Jalan.. Kuala Lumpur.2 The system shall be used for all projects including all departmental and consultant designs. retaining walls etc. street lighting etc. Unit Rekabentuk Jalan.ST 1 stands for structure No. for example. Ibu Pejabat JKR. 1. (ix) KA . K.1 (e) This space will be changed if there are more than one number of intersections or structures in a project. Ibu Pejabat JKR. grade-separated interchange. (f) The tenth space is for the series of drawings for the particular detail as described in 7. For example.The recording of serial numbers of projects will be registered by the Documentation section.kemudahan awam represents public utilities plans. (viii)ST . 10C for third time of correction of the same drawing.L Page 11 .1 and 1 for the series of drawings for structure No.

FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan. K.L Page 12 . Ibu Pejabat JKR.

L Page 13 . K.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan. Ibu Pejabat JKR.

K.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan.L Page 14 . Ibu Pejabat JKR.

Ibu Pejabat JKR.L Page 15 .FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan. K.

Ibu Pejabat JKR.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan. K.L Page 16 .

Ibu Pejabat JKR. K.L Page 17 .FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan.

Ibu Pejabat JKR.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan.L Page 18 . K.

FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan. Ibu Pejabat JKR.L Page 19 . K.

FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan. K. Ibu Pejabat JKR.L Page 20 .

K.L Page 21 . Ibu Pejabat JKR.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan.

L Page 22 . Ibu Pejabat JKR.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan. K.

Ibu Pejabat JKR. K.L Page 23 .FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan.

K.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan. Ibu Pejabat JKR.L Page 24 .

K.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan.L Page 25 . Ibu Pejabat JKR.


K. Ibu Pejabat JKR.L Page 27 .FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan.

FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY ARAHAN TEKNIK 6/85 Cawangan Jalan. Ibu Pejabat JKR.L Page 28 . K.

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