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Power line carrier communication (PLCC) is mainly used for telecommunication, tele-protection and tele-monitoring between electrical substations through power lines at high voltages, such as 110 kV, 220 kV, 400 kV. PLCC integrates the transmission of communication signal and 50/60 Hz power signal through the same electric power cable. The major benefit is the union of two important applications in a single system. In a PLCC system the communication is established through the power line. The audio frequency is carried by a carrier frequency and the range of carrier frequency is from 50 kHz to 500 kHz. The modulation generally used in these system is amplitude modulation. The carrier frequency range is allocated to include the audio signal, protection and the pilot frequency. The pilot frequency is a signal in the audio range that is transmitted continuously for failure detection. The voice signal is converted/compressed into the 300 Hz to 4000 Hz range, and this audio frequency is mixed with the carrier frequency. The carrier frequency is again filtered, amplified and transmitted. The transmission of these HF carrier frequencies will be in the range of 0 to +32db. This range is set according to the distance between substations. PLCC can be used for interconnecting PBXs. The electricity board in India have an internal network PLCC between PBXs.

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It is also called "Wave trap". It is connected in series with the power (transmission) line. It blocks the high frequency carrier waves (24 kHz to 500 kHz) and let power waves (50 Hz - 60 Hz) to pass through. It is basically an inductor of rating in milli henry.

It provides low impedance path for carrier energy to HV line and blocks the power frequency circuit by being a high impedance path.

LMU is a composite unit consisting of Drain Coil, Isolation transformer with Lightning Arrester on its both the

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a non-profit organization.Power line carrier communication . As a result. DPLC has the required quality of bit error rate characteristics and transmission ability such as transmitting information from monitored electricsupply stations and images.in/Main#Profile?uid=5381876804749532689&rl=t Retrieved from "http://en. digital power line carrier (DPLC) was developed featuring several technological measures which enable digital transmission via power lines and performed a field evaluation test. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. A power line carrier using a power line as transmission media needs to change its transmission system from analog to digital to address rapid diffusion of IP devices and digital telecommunication devices..wikipedia. the free encyclopedia http://en. a Tuning Device and an earth switch.org/wiki/Power_line_carrier_communication sides. Tuning Device is the combination of R-L-C circuits which act as filter circuit. LMU serves the purpose of connecting effectively the Audio/Radio frequency signals to either transmission line or PLC terminal and protection of the PLCC unit from the overvoltages caused due to transients on power system. With this view.co. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation.org/wiki/Power_line_carrier_communication" Categories: Telecommunications | Signal connectors This page was last modified on 9 October 2010 at 15:36.Wikipedia. See Terms of Use for details. additional terms may apply.com/bplnew/tsg/plcc. http://bpltelecom. LMU is also known as Coupling Device.htm http://www. Inc.wikipedia. Together with coupling capaitor. 2 of 2 17-Dec-10 12:10 PM .orkut.

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