287 BC: Archimedes is born in Syracuse, Sicily 269 BC: Archimedes goes to Egypt to study at Alexandria. 263 BC: Archimedes returns to Syracuse He invents the Archimedes Screw He tests the purity of King Heiro II’s crown. He works for the military (mainly inventing) 215 BC: Civil War in Syracuse 214 BC: With the help of Archimedes’ inventions (Claw of archimede, Heat Ray/Burning Mirrors), He helps keep the Romans away 212 Bc: Romans invade Syracuse and a Roman soldier kills Archimedes Archimede’s last words were ‘Do not disturb my circles.’ A Roman soldier commanded him to meet General Marcellus, and at the time, Archimedes was pondering over a math problem. He told the soldier to not disturb his circles, and the soldier killed him in rage. Ironically, Marcellus was upset as he considered Archimedes a great asset to math and science.

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