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INTRODUCTION UFONE GSM is a Pakistani GSM cellular service provider. Presently UFONE is giving network services to 750 cities and giving a hard time to the competitors by launching different packages in a short time period. . UFONE is subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company. It was founded on 29 January 2001.Their main products are Post pay & Prepay connections.


UFONE PACKAGES Paanch ka Pandrah U Loan Uwon U-circle U share Mobile Number Portability Missed Call Notifications Phone Book Saver Virtual Private Network (VPN) Mobile Banking Unlimited SMS Friends N Family .

SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Second Large Market Share World wide cheap call rates PTCL name Representing .

CONT«. Weaknesses Placing Franchises Events Jamming Special Ufone Voice Quality .

Opportunities Continuing to Expand Globally Publicity and Marketing Develop Franchises .CONT««.

CONT« Threats Govt. Interference Competitors Economic Conditions .

Primary Data: Questionnaires 10 contain 12 questions Units: Based on people who use UFONE connection. € Sample . 5 male users and 5 female users. Total 10 users. These people were divided gender wise.PROCEDURE € Research: ¶descriptive research· Secondary Data: information about ufone.


5 1 0.5 3 2.5 4 3.Q2:Have you ever been customer of Ufone 5 4.5 2 1.5 0 YES NO MALE FEMALE .

5 3 2.5 0 YES NO MALE FEMALE .5 1 0.5 2 1.5 4 3.CONT« Q3:: Are you satisfied with the service of UFONE 5 4.

Cont Q4:The packages provided by U FONE on advertisement are really persuasive. .

Q5:: Do the offers really exist provided by the UFONE .

Q6:How do you find the quality of network provided by the U FONE? .

Q7:packages of UFONE are relatively ? .

Q8:what type of problem do you face while using UFONE .

Q9:evaluate the performance of customer service of UFONE .

Q10:how do you find the atmosphere of franchise? .

Q11:which tools should be used for UFONE promotion? .

Q12:if you are satisfied with some another connection. then what type of extra service should UFONE provide? People said that UFONE should work on hidden charges and it should clearly identify in advertisement. There should be more franchises for customer convenience UFONE should provide inexpensive rates for other connections as well Relationship with customer should be fair Free SMS should be given UFONE should launch some good packages for PostPay customers .

Conclusions and Recommendation Ufone could develop some new and innovative services to attract customers to increase their revenues as well as it customers: It should introduced International SMS packages should also introduce some International call packages to Middle Eastern countries. In ´ Ufone ghantaµ package time of the They .


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