Kisla Rami 21.12.

10 Alice Notley¶s ³I the People´ Explication Most of the time, literature is much more effective when the right linguistic choices are made by the author. In order for the audience to fully comprehend what the author is trying to convey through their writing, they first have to understand the significance of the specific choices the author makes through style and word choice. In the poem ³I the people´, the author, Alice Notley, makes her audience stop and think about what the actual context of the poem is. Instead of Notley stating her purpose or ideas in a plain fashion, she makes significant decisions throughout her poem, such as the style and the pronouns, in order to keep her audience engaged and to create a type of mystery for them to solve. When a poem is written in traditional form, it may be a bit dull for the readers to follow all the way through. The same goes if a poem is written in ordinary language and the ideas or underlying innuendos are bluntly stated. Notley¶s poem is the complete opposite. Her use of pronouns such as ³I´, ³you´, and ³we´ are significant because they are scattered throughout her entire poem. Notley decides to use the pronouns almost randomly it seems because even in her title, ³I the people´ seems to be more of a grammatical error than anything else. Notley¶s repetition in her poem is also significant because it can relate to the fact that we as people are used to doing the same thing over and over, never having any variety in our daily lives. Democracy is something every American believes they are entitled to. Everyone is free to think what they want and also do what they please as well. In her poems, Notley uses different pronouns in order to emphasize the idea of democracy. In the midst of the ³we´, ³our´

and ³you´ there is ³I´. The significance of this choice of style is essential to the point Notley is trying to get through to her readers. An individual can still be considered an individual with unique ideas and choices amongst a large population, like that of America or any other country familiar to democracy. Although Notley¶s poem needs to be read over a few times in order to fully understand it, the message it gets through to the audience is very important. Notley conveys the idea of democracy through her diction and style of writing in a way that her audience can be intrigued in the poem.