The White Stain

By Luljeta Llashanaku Translated by Kisla Rami My head Resting on your left shoulder No valence, Gray, metallic Loneliness Rusted freckles strengthen the crowded character Of a naive child. Time Slips Slowly The thermometer hung on the wall Falling slowly like shy, see-through underwear The striptease of autumn The striptease of annual autumn Provoke the hidden agendas Of our third dimensions. The same dream haunts me A worm eating new leaves As your shadow slips slowly from the chair Like an evening dress I once wore, Solely covering my tropical waist No valence. Chemical loneliness with no hope. the reaction burns, black gases that drown my free spirit

the ideal has always scared us. Like the stewardess¶ white stain Over there in the entrance. when they announce to fasten seat belts when they announce that the destination has been reached.