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2nd Round Questions

2nd Round Questions

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Published by: Jasmine Pandya on Jan 03, 2011
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2nd Round Questions 1.

How the seven C s can complement the success of the communication explain from receiver s perspective. 2. Non verbal communication is more effective than verbal communication in sending message across. Elucidate. 3. Listening is the mother of all speaking Explain 4. Discuss the anatomy of Poor Listening. 5. Discuss the common communication roadblocks, which arise even after the delivery of the message. 6. Explain various forms of communication 7. Difference between formal and informal communication 8. Describe various channels of communication 9. Discuss in detail the telephone protocols required while taking up call and answering the call. 10. What are general preparation for a telephone call? 11. What are the mobile etiquettes to be keep in mind? 12. What are the features of a good listener? 13. What are the benefits of good listening? 14. Explain communication barriers. How they affect the business communication? 15. Explain types of non verbal communication

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