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Published by: Chandan Kumar Banerjee on Jan 03, 2011
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Proposal for new Set up Diploma Institution at Tatarpur, P.O. - Bolpur (Muluk), PS-Bolpur, Dist-Birbhum, West Bengal


Diploma Institution
In the Name of

Santiniketan Institute of Polytechnic


Society for Welfare and Development of Human Initiatives

Agriculture and Educational Policies of the Nation.0 THE PROMOTING BODY The promoting body of the proposed institute is SWADHIN. in increased industrial activities in and outside India the demand for technically qualified people has increased manifold during last ten years. Construction and Planning for . Due to opening up the Indian economy and entry of multinational to India. promoted by educationists and Social workers. 2.1 INTRODUCTION TO ITS REGISTRATION STATUS GENESIS INCLUDING ITS SWADHIN. Government of India as well as the State Government has embarked liberisation.S. A duly registered trust for public charitable purpose having its registered office at Guskara (Ausgram Road). Bolpur. privatization and Globalization of Economy in all the three sectors. The State Government’s policy of liberisation to attract entrepreneurs in setting up industries in public-private sectors and private sectors has ushered renaissance in the industrial sector. West Bengal is no exception. P.Burdwan DETAILED PROJECT REPORT (DPR) FOR Santiniketan Institute of Polytechnic Tatarpur. Birbhum 1. Burdwan.0 INTRODUCTION The development of a Country is dependant on the industrial. was established in 2009 with the objectives of promoting specialized technical education in the field of Engineering. 2.(A Duly Registered Trust for Public Charitable Purpose) Guskara. Aushgram. As a result of this massive industrialization is taking place in the Country. a duly registered trust. Dist: . technological up gradation. West Bengal.

2. SWADHIN has decided to start a Polytechnic in the name and style of Santiniketan Institute of Polytechnic at Bolpur. 2. 3.1 OBJECTIVE OF THE INSTITUTION. The Institute has a clear vision and objective. The objective of the institute are to provide quality technical manpower to the industry in the State. ability and selecting students of character. The institute shall be committed to develop itself as a value and need based quality education provider in West Bengal. to enable access to the best intellectual resources. Its ultimate goal is to produce qualified and competent professionals.3 VISION OF THE PROMOTING BODY The vision of the promoting body of the institute is to create congenial Environment to develop a magnificent institute in all Spheres of technical education. responsive to the changing needs of the society at the National and International level.the needy students of West Bengal and nearby states. to encourage faculties to develop coordination in academic and research activities of common interest.2 MISSION OF THE PROMOTING BODY The objective of SWADHIN is to provide real Leadership in the educational world by choosing individuals of outstanding character. Dist – Birbhum. and by pursuing those areas of teaching and scholarship that would most help them to develop our resources. determination and application. in its quest for a quality centre for learning and development of Human Resources.0 OBJECTIVE AND SCOPE OF THE PROPOSED INSTITUTE. . increase our wisdom and promote human happiness. 3. As such.

865 It is clear that a huge nos. 3. The aim of the reform is to address the fundamental issues underlying poor performance of the industries in West Bengal.3. Presently. The prominent areas where West Bengal excelled during past five years is power sector.4 INDUSTRIAL SCENARIO OF THE STATE West Bengal has been a pioneer among the States in India in embarking on a comprehensive of reform of the Industrial policy of the Country. one technical university and one IIT at Kharagpur and one NIT at Durgapur.2 GENERAL AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION SCENARIO OF THE STATE Education Profile 2008 -09 School Education • Number of Schools up to class XII – 71. there are about 57 Polytechnics imparting technical and professional education in the State of West Bengal. There are five general university. Small scale and . of students get enrolled for further education especially in the job oriented courses.3 STATUS AT ENTRY LEVEL Status at Entry level is good in West Bengal and is in ascending order presently.961 • Number of Students enrolled – 1.77.333 • Boys / Girls ratio – 54 : 46 Technical Education (Polytechnic / ITI level) 1 • Number of ITI / ITC – 66 2 • Number of Polytechnic (Diploma Colleges) – 57 3 • Number of Students enrolled – 23.78. Automobile. 3. Diploma imparting institutes play a major role here.

3. The output of such system must cater to the actual need. 4. . The Technical education System should be a demand driven Market based self sustaining system rather than a supply driven system. 4. globally competitive market.1.1. and liberalized economic environments. West Bengal is enriched with natural resource.2. each discipline must be industry oriented and professionally recognized.1.1 To develop a Technical Education System which is responsive to the new innovations in technologies. State Government with its neo industrial policy is moving ahead. timely supply of manpower will help industries in quick stabilization and capacity utilization.0 ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES Curriculum and module of different streams will be provided by West Bengal State Council for Technical education. To take steps for providing Entrepreneurship and Business oriented Technical Education for ensuring gainful self-employment in preference to the wage employment to the trainees.3. To impart superior & improved skills to youth through practice based industry oriented teaching as per the present day requirement of Industry for better employment opportunities in the National and International Job market. requirement and expectations of the local as well as global industry. This will ensure a better living for them in addition to reducing the pressure on the local job market to some extent. 4.1.Infrastructure and Construction sector. 4.1 BASIC ACADEMIC PHILOSOPHY OF THE INSTITUTION 4. Hence. contemporary industrial culture.5 SCOPE OF THE COLLEGE VIS-À-VIS THE INDUSTRIAL SCENARIO AND EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES ALREADY AVAILABLE IN THE STATE.4. The above areas require technically skilled manpower for dynamic up gradation. 4.

4. 2. Also take appropriate measures for better carrier planning for attracting bright students and high quality professionals to adopt teaching as a viable alternative carrier. 1 2 3 4 5 Name of Course Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Intake 60 60 60 60 60 Electronics & Communication engineering Computer Science & Engineering .No. It is proposed to start diploma Programme of 3 (three) year’s duration in the following branches initially: 1. To take steps for Constant Faculty Development and upgrade their skill levels.2 TYPE OF PROGRAMME. DIPLOMA IN CIVIL ENGINEERING DIPLOMA IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DIPLOMA IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DIPLOMA IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMMUNICATION ENGINEERING DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 4.5.3 IDENTIFIED PROGRAMS AND THEIR INTAKES The Institute shall provide courses for diploma level on the following discipline initially : Sl. 5. 4.1. 3. 4.

wielding workshop. electrical workshop.Total 300 4. 4. with 5000 nos. of Books and 20 National.6 CENTRAL LIBRARY As per AICTE Norms. carpentry workshop etc. 4.7 CENTRAL WORKSHOP As per the course curriculum prescribed by West Bengal State Council for Technical Education to which this institute will be affiliated.4 TARGET DATE OF START OF ACADEMIC PROGRAMS The target of starting of five academic Programmes scheduled for 2010-11 is June 2010.8 AFFILIATING BODY The diploma level Programmes will be affiliated to West Bengal State Council for Technical Education.mt. 4. Workshop will be established separately as per stream such as mechanical workshop. There will be uninterrupted Internet connectivity of a minimum of 512 Kbps through teased line Broadband from BSNL. 4. fitting workshop. 8 International Journals.5 CENTRAL COMPUTING FACILITY The Institute will have a Central Computing facility with 165 Computers configured and networked through HP Proliant Zeon Pentium server (dual processor capable with 1GB RAM). . the Institute will establish Central Library measuring 430 Sq.

The students to faculty ratio shall be 20:1and the ratio between Senior Lecturer and lecturer shall be 1:3 7. While selecting the faculties for recruitment emphasis shall be given to the academic values to the recruitment process.0 GOVERNANCE The proposed institute will be governed by a Board of Governors .2 BOARD OF GOVERNORS SL. LADDER.0 RECRUITMENT. 6. To achieve goal the institute shall form a policy of Governance.9 ACADEMIC VALUES The Institute shall adhere to the basic need of academic values in its staff members.0 OVERALL TEACHING REQUIREMENTS. 7..4. 7.No. PROMOTIONAL AVENUES. STRATEGIES FOR ATTRACTING AND RETENTION OF FACULTY PERSONNEL FOR EXCELLENCE. AND NON-TEACHING STAFF The recruitment of overall teaching and non-teaching requirements of the college shall be at par AICTE.1 PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNANCE The Philosophy of Governing shall be modern and result oriented.OFFICE VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY NAME Malay Pit Abdus Samad Avik Ganguly . 5. Recruitment of faculties shall be arranged as per AICTE Norms. 1 2 3 CONSTITUENCY PRESIDENT EX.

instructional area. etc. Laboratories.-Bolpur (Muluk). Workshops. P. Swapan Sarkar Fazle Rabby FOR MAIN CAMPUS 8. indoor game.1 THE SITE The site of the proposed Institute is located at Tatarpur. 8. The campus shall have Institution buildings. teacher common room.05 acre buildings shall be constructed over around 35% having facilities like administrative wing. gymnasium and other 65% of the area shall be vacant where other recreational facilities like games and sports and open air stadium shall be built up. Studios.S. Play ground.2 PROPOSED LAND USE Out of the total area of 5. Hostels for Boys and Girls and Gymnasium. canteen for students and staffs. P. 8.3 DESIGN CONCEPT The conceptual design of the college has been made for effective construction of the institution.4 BUILDING AND FACILITIES IN THE CAMPUS The Institution proposes to build up instructional area as per AICTE norms.. Canteen.Bolpur Dist:-Birbhum 8.0 CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT 8. students common. .O.4 5 6 7 SOCIETY NOMINEE SOCIETY NOIMINEE SOCIETY NOIMINEE SOCIETY NOIMINEE MASTER PLAN Satyendra Nath Mondal Amitava Chakraborty Dr.

Considering the salary of Sr.and 10000/.2 OTHER STAFF REQUIREMENT WITH EXPENDITURE (FOR 3 YEARS) Sl. No. Lacs) II 57 (Rs.respectively pm.0 REQIREMENT OF FACULTY MEMBERS 9. the total salary bill faculty’s works as under: Year Total salary cost (Yearly) I 27(Rs. lecturers and Lecturers @ Rs. 15.5 EXTERNAL SERVICES The requisite external services shall be provided in the campus.000/. Lacs) III 93 (Rs.8. Lacs) 9.1 FACULTY REQUIREMENTS WITH SALARY EXPENDITURE (FOR 5 YEARS) Grade Sr. and increment @ 5%. Lecturer Lecturer I Year 5 15 20 II Year 5 15 20 III Year 5 15 20 The requirement of faculties as per the proposed intake of 300 students will be as above. 9. 1 2 3 Cadre for Nonteaching Staff Librarian Accountant Lab Instructor 2010-2011 1 1 1 2011-2012 1 1 1 2012-2013 1 1 1 .

m Cost 50 660sq. I 3. Area 2800sq. Students Hostel Others Year .60 III 9.( FOR 3 YEARS) Year 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 Inst. of Staff 5 10 15 The salary cost of non-teaching staff calculated @ Rs.m Admn.m lacs Total 9.m 600sq.m lacs 660sq. Attendant Year I 1 1 II 1 1 III 1 1 No.00 9.m 540sq.m 4500sq.m 50lacs 50 660sq.m 2800sq.3 BUILDING REQUIREMENTS WITH AREA AND COST FOR ACADEMIC BLOCKS.m 4500sq.m Amenities Others 600sq. 540sq.m 4500sq.m 600sq.and increment @ 5% year is as under : Rs.00 II 6.m 540sq.000/. 5.4 5 Office Assist. Staff Qr.4 YEAR WISE ESTIMATED COST OF RESIDENTIAL AREA (FOR 3 YEARS) Principals Qr.m 2800sq./ Lacs Year Total Salary Cost.

Rs. 50. 10.0 ACTION PLAN FOR IMPLEMENTAION 10. ie.0 15 Lacs 10 lacs 10 lacs 9. 1 2 3 ACTIVITIES Identification of Teaching and Non-Teaching staff Selection and recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff Construction of class Rooms and Laboratories PROPOSED COMPLETION DATE By March’2010 By March’2010 By March’2010 .No.5 ESTIMATED COST OF EQUIPMENTS (FOR 3 YEARS) Detail 2010-2011 Computers 141aes Instruments/MCs 10 2011-2012 20 10 2012-2013 15 12 9.1 Activity Chart Sl. Rs.2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 4 Lacs ******** ******** 5 Lacs 2. 9.6 FINANCIAL REQUIREMENT (FOR FIRST 3 YEARS) The total financial outlay for the first. second and the third years for the institute.7 STRATEGIES FOR FINANCIAL MOBILIZATION (3 YEARS) The provision will be made by the Trust for incurring expenditure on fixed assets and the fees collected from the students will be used for recurring expenditure.0 2. 50 lacs respectively as will be required is already kept with the institute ready to utilized as and when required.50 and Rs.

electrical engineers. structural engineer and trainee engineers. design engineer mechanical. they will undergo competency mapping and development process to be prepared for entry to their dream career.3 FINISHING SCHOOL Career planning needs a scientific approach to get success. 10. diploma engineers. Some of the designations matching the job profile of diploma mechanical engineering graduates are CAD Application engineers. modification of the designs existing.2 JOB OPPORTUNITY By April’2010 By May’2010 By April’2010 There are plenty of fresher jobs for polytechnic diploma holders. structural designer and ITI Draftsman Auto Cad are some of the job profiles available for the candidates.4 5 Procurement of furniture and fixture Procurement of Computers and Laboratory equipments 6 Procurement of Library Books 10. A diploma in mechanical engineering can look out for options in the field of mechanical drafting. draftsman. SWADHIN strongly believe that students are to be molded and shaped through a sympathetic approach as the line of finishing school while persuing their programme. If you have an inclination towards business you can also start your own consultancy in this field. The major companies dealing with mechanical engineering works appoint fresher for the entry level positions. Candidates with a diploma in civil engineering may apply for jobs available in the field of construction. They also provide the candidates with necessary prior training before they start working. detailing engineers. machine maintenance. Draughtsman Auto cad. estimation work and in-charge of the quality control. costing and estimating and designing. Candidates with a diploma in computer applications may join the major IT Companies of the region. surveyors. The present job scenario of India offers ample fresher jobs for polytechnic diploma holders. Trainee engineers. office procedures. . The main job profiles available to suit the criteria of civil engineers are site engineers involved with the supervision of work.

the proposal may be rejected.10. on behalf of SWADHIN. It is hereby confirmed that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and if any information is found to be false. no major constraint in implementation of the activities as per the time of activity chart as above is envisaged.3 CONSTRAINTS Being a part of an educational group. with established academic and other infrastructure back-up and’ a management with proven tract record. (A duly registered Trust for charitable purpose) have prepared for its proposed Technical Institution under the name and style of SANTINIKETAN INSTITUTE OF POLYTECHNIC. DECLARATION I. MALAY PIT President SWADHIN (Authorized signatory of the applicant) Place: Guskara Dist-Burdwan West Bengal Date: NAME Designation with seal .

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