Two new USOF broadband plans have been offered by BSNL i.e. Rs. 250 and Rs. 150 per month.

USOF stands for Universal Service Obligation Fund and BSNL stands for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.which is considered as backbone of telecom industry in India. These new plans have been offered in the rural parts of Goa and Maharashtra to empower these rural areas with internet connectivity by providing them High Speed Broadband Internet at extremely low rates. 1 GB download limit per month along with 2 megabytes per second Broadband Internet facility is being offered under the plan of BSNL-USOF 150 to the subscribers of rural areas of Goa and Maharashtra telecom circle. And if they want to exceed these pre-defined limits, they may do that by spending only 40 paisa for every additional megabyte they consume. And in the second plan of BSNL-USOF 250, 1.5 GB of download limit along with 2 megabytes per second Broadband Internet facility is being offered but the plus point of this connection is the one hundred free local calls for every month are also included in this package. The same 40 paisa per megabyte will be charged for every additional megabyte that is consumed by the subscriber as of the broadband plan 1. Main aim of BSNL is to empower rural areas of the state and it is offering a lot in addition to broadband packages like tele-education, tele-medicine service and video conferencing, besides some very important services are also being offered by them like birth certificate issuance, utility bills and record of lands.

Access round the clock help at following toll free numbers y y y y Dataone Broadband '1800-4241600' PSTN Call Center '1500' (in select states) Sancharnet Help Desk '1957' CellOne all India Help '1800 180 1503' or '1503' All BSNL Customer Service Centers (CSCs) now remain open on all seven days from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM without any break for all activities.

a single demand note would be issued to the customer in respect of all the connections applied for. Remote Line Units (RLUs). Majority of the local network is built up on jelly filled and OFC for trouble free service. Payment of telephone bills being received on Saturday and Sunday . Customers can also make payments by cheque/Demand Draft to BSNL franchisees all over the country. With a view to simplify and offer customer friendly services. Shifting charges for local as well as all India shifting of fixed telephone (bfone) has been abolished. Pagers being given to outdoor staff in a phased manner for speedy rectification of faults.Cheque deposit machines have also been installed in many cities. Accordingly. Procedure for restoration of telephones disconnected due to non-payment simplified and powers delegated to Secondary Switching Area (SSA) heads. more than one Bfone connections can be applied on a single application form. Extensive use of digital loop carrier (DLC)/Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) system for improving reliability of external plant. Internal Distribution Points (DPs) being provided in the customer premises to eliminate the faults arising out of overhead wires. so that customers can make payments 24X7 at their convenience. Establishing call centers across the nation to provide single window solutions and convenience to customers. Application Forms for new connections have been made free of charge for all services. Remote subscriber Units (RSUs) being provided extensively to reduce the long lengths of copper cables. Countrywide Network Management & Surveillance System (NMSS) to ensure uninterrupted and efficient flow of telecom traffic.

through cheques in City Telecom Offices (CTOs). shifting and third party transfer. Various application forms and procedures being simplified for new telephone connections. More than one Public Call Office(PCO) permitted at the same premises. .