Surat exporting Rs. is tucked in the far west of the subcontinent and is a great place to indulge in the opulence of diamonds! The art of diamond cutting and polishing in Surat is regarded one of the best in the world. South Africa is precisely the country that majority people would associate with the diamond industry. Diamonds have been treasured as gemstones since their use as religious icons in ancient India. Surat is one of them---this little known Indian industrial hub is fast emerging as a big player in the world diamond arena. improved cutting and polishing techniques. Their usage in engraving tools also dates to early human history. Surat. Many countries export rough of a diamond in to the market. Now a day diamond is a very luxuries item. But business centers in the other parts of the world are catching up fast and steady. A billions of turnover of diamond is take place in a year. and innovative and successful advertising campaigns.000 years but most likely 6.80. These rough is cutting in to a small pieces and polishing b the workers and make a diamond. Surat is s central point of diamond producer.[5][6] The popularity of diamonds has risen since the 19th century because of increased supply. where significant alluvial deposits of the stone could be found many centuries ago along the rivers Penner.000 cores in last year .History of Diamond Industry The name diamond is derived from the ancient Greek (adámas). Here is a secret for making the most fabulous deal on Indian diamonds. give a miss to the lanes and by-lanes of famous Mumbai 'Javeri Bazar'---instead take a tour through the Surat diamond shops to grab some really exquisite pieces. Krishna and Godavari.000 years. Diamonds have been known in India for at least 3. India has always been center stage in the dramatic history of some of the world¶s most famous mesmerizing diamonds. A very large business of diamond cutting and polishing. growth in the world economy. India has been the earliest known source of diamond. one of the major industrial city in the state of Gujarat. India is manufacturing 90% diamond of the world. India is largest country of cutting and polishing of diamond. while Surat is producing 75% of diamond of the world. Diamonds are thought to have been first recognized and mined in India. In case you are not sure about the whereabouts of the place.

Russia Botswana Democratic Republic of the Congo Australia South Africa Diamond polishing countries India Russia China South Africa Lebanon Environmental Analysis Environmental analysis is most necessary before establishing any company or firm. . Following is a list of the diamond manufacturing county. internal environment is controllable while external environment is not controllable which is require to analyze. Following is the external environment analysis which affects diamond industry. The past few years saw a steep decline in the diamond processing industry in Mumbai---the traditional diamond hub in India and this acted as the additional boon for the Surat diamond industry. where are a very big list of countries which done a different jobs.The diamond industry is mainly based on imported rough uncut diamonds. the jewelry wardrobe of any fashionable lady in the whole world is never complete without the Surat diamond jewelries. These brilliant diamonds are used along with gold and other precious and semi precious gemstones to craft out exquisite jewelries that can be the reason of envy for any gemstone collector. a necklace or earrings. because a various factors of environment is affected to the business activities. you can get them really cheaper than those you will get in the countries like Israel or Belgium. A measure manufacturing country of diamond Diamond is associated with a various job. Be it an engagement ring or the bangle. Because of the low production costs. which earn their distinguished sheenvand shine in the hands of expert cutters. There are two types of environment internal and external. Surge in the economic and infrastructural degradation over the past few years forced several Mumbai based small as well as big diamond Houses to shift their bases in the neighboring Surat. And all these have eventually contributed to the making of present Surat---the world's largest diamond processing centre. Rough producing countries.

Change in to a technology is affect to the diamond industry. Demand and supply of diamond present and future estimation .  Government and political environment: Government policy is affect to the diamond industry. However. rough diamond prices in 2009 were up by about 15% and they have increased that much already in 2010. Import and export of diamond is directly depending on government import export policy. Technological environment: Technology is directly affected to the diamond industry because cutting and polishing of the diamond is depended on technology. As a result. Growth rate of diamond industry Retail diamond prices in the second half of 2008 experienced one of the largest decreases in decades and followed by relatively no price changes up or down in 2009. Business of Diamond is totally depending of a foreign market. So change in policy and taxes is affected to the diamond industry. there is significant pressure on polished diamond prices to move upward.

. Today. CO . Most of the companies are smart enough to set up branches in the cities like Antwerp and Tel Aviv.India Al Hussain Fragrances & Jewels ± India JAGRUTI GEMS & JEWELLERY ± India Jamuna Dass & Sons . But with the growth and expansion in the market. keeping to international industrial standards. and with every support from the Government. . LTD .India Dharmanandan Diamonds ± India Adani Exports Ltd. With exposure to a highly lucrative diamond market. . New York and Tel Aviv.List of measure diamond manufacturing companies Soham Overseas . so that the local workers can absorb the tricks of the trade. family run small cutting and polishing units. the Surat based companies are coming up with thousands of diamond retail stores that are expected to herald a worldwide cut in the diamond prices for years to come. top quality.India SANGHAVI JEWELLERY MFG . PVT .India Future scenario of diamond industry Traditionally diamond industry dealt only with lower-quality diamonds. Surat---as believed by the trade analysts-is soon to replace the Belgium's Hasidim as the global leader in diamond industry. today's workshops are larger and professionally managed..India CLASSIC DIAMONDS (I) LTD. the character of the Surat diamond industry has changed dramatically. both abroad and back home.India Arihant Star . On a global scale.India RS Exports . As opposed to the traditional. expensive stones are cut in Surat that can give a run for their money to those cut in Antwerp.

Reason for selecting diamond industry A present situation of diamond industry is very strong. Shortage of diamond is taken place in future. Price of diamond is continuously growing it is strong point of selecting diamond industry. . Availability of aircraft in Surat is create a great opportunity for diamond industry.

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