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Organizational Behaviour UFONE

Organizational Behaviour UFONE

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Published by: Abdul Mannan on Jan 03, 2011
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Table of Contents: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: INTRODUCTION: COMPANY PROFILE««««««««««««««««««««««« INTRODUCTION««««««««««««««««««««««««.... VISION«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.. MISSION««««««««««««««««««««««««««««...

OBJECTIVES««««««««««««««««««««««««««« CUSTOMER SERVICE««««««««««««««««««««««... ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE«««««««««««««««««.


Ufone Management Profiles Mr. Abdul Aziz President & CEO Mr. Mohammad Nadeem Khan Chief Financial Officer Mr. Naveed Khalid Butt Chief Officer Government & Regulatory Affairs Mr. Ahmad Kamal Chief Officer Customer Services Operations Mr. Jafar Khalid Chief Technical Officer Mr. Faisal Khaliq Chief Information Officer Mr.Younas Iqbal Sheikh Chief Officer (Sales & Distribution) Mr. Akbar Khan Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Muzzammil Sadiq Chief Officer Procurement, Contracts and Administration Mr. Moqeem Ul Haque General Manager Corporate Strategic Planning & PMO Mr. Mohammad Zahid Qureshi General Manager Administration

Organizational Structure«««««««««««««««««««««.. Structure of the organization«««««««««««««««««««« Financial Position Analysis«««««««««««««««««««««..
  Market Share   Revenues   Investment

Marketing Goals«««««««««««««««««««««««««« PROMOTION«««««««««««««««««««««««««««


Strategy Advertising Advertising Objectives Advertising Budget Advertising Strategies Advertising Message Advertising Media y Print Media y Broadcast Media y Display Media Online y Media Events y Ad Shoots y Personal Selling y Direct Marketing

Market shares of Ufone«««««««««««««««««««««««. Expansion««««««««««««««««««««««««««««... Human Resource Assessment at Ufone««««««««««««««««...
                              Recruitment at Ufone Internal Recruitment External Recruitment Direct Applicants Referrals Advertisements Private Employment Agency Through Vendors (Outsourcing) Electronic Recruiting Recruitment Procedure Replying To Candidates Scheduling Interview Screening Process Goals of Ufone HR Department Responsibilities of Ufone HR Department

  Objective of the Performance Management   The Performance Appraisal Process   Performance Appraisal Method Use by UFONE

  Rewards Related to Performance

                        Compensation Workplace Programs Individual Salary Fixation Current Base Pay: (Job Based Structure and competitive Total Compensation Assistant Manager Level Manager level Senior Manager Food Subsidy Increments Recognition of The work Permanent Employees y Minimum wage y Medical Allowance y Health Insurance y Loan Insurance y Transport allowance y House Rent y Overtime y EOBI y Children Education allowance y Provident Fund y Leaves y Travel Policy y Meal deduction Claims y Expense Claim y Overtime Claim y Medical Claim y Mobile deduction Claim y Dispatching of Salary Slips

Job Involvement and Organizational Commitment«««««««««««...
y Workgroup behavior

SWOT analysis is an overall evaluation of the company¶s«««««««««

CONCLUSION«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««« RECOMMENDATIONS...............................................................................................................

And secondly thanks to our respected Sir Ali Asghar who directed us to focus really on the HR issues and department in a very effective way. .ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all we are thankful to Almighty Allah who gave us strength for the completion of this project.

which are both on the job and off the job. This type of management creates a sense of ownership among the employees. They have many branches in different cities of Pakistan. The probation period is 6 months. There is open door policy prevailing at Ufone. job offers etc for the appointment. There are no unions in the organization. . The Hr department at Ufone also manages grievance. which is a great sign for any organization especially like Ufone who are through their expansion. They do screening interviews. They also give their new entrants orientation so that they get familiar with the environment of the organization. Ufone has adopted participative management. There are no workingwomen issues in Ufone. and women consist of 20 percent of total work force of Ufone. All the recruitment and hiring is done from the head office. The style of management at Ufone is different from the traditional organizations.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Ufone is the leading organization in the cellular industry. employment tests. At their head office they had 150 employees. They are using a HRIS. They really care about their employees and for the improvement of HRD they continuously conducting training workshops. Ufone provides perfect environment for employees to work efficiently to gain experience and to add worth to the organization. They use both internal and external recruitment. The immediate supervisor evaluates performance. They have 1500 plus employees. They do there recruitment through online and also through newspapers.

Ufone is now owned by Etisalat. from Islamabad on January 29/2001. aggressive and innovative players in the mobile sector of Pakistan. virtual private network (VPN). and a lot more too revolutionized communication. Ufone expanded its coverage and has added new cities and highways to its coverage network. and consequently Ufone. It offers services such as mobile office. Ufone understands the need to communicate effectively and efficiently at all levels of society. Ufone has a subscriber base of nearly 17. Huawei will provide its future-oriented Energ GSM solution to expand Ufone¶s . After the privatization of PTCL. Currently Ufone has expanded its product portfolio to include Black Berry handsets and providing one of the largest EDGE networks in the country today. Ufone has PRS roaming agreements with more than 100 international operators and also provides prepaid roaming facility to more than 15 destinations across the country. Since the outset it has expanded its coverage and customer base at a rapid pace and established itself as one of the leading cellular service providers in Pakistan. In connection with that in April 2006 Emirates Telecommunication Corporation.5 million and a market share of nearly 21%. which is why various products are catering for the needs of the Pakistan corporate market. has assumed management control of Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Ltd ± part of the $2. For most part it has been a step ahead in introducing innovative products to the market. The growth of cellular sector in Pakistan can also be attributable to good governance and conducive policies of the government of Pakistan. INTRODUCTION: Ufone commenced its operations. As mobile users in the country have reached 88 million at a very rapid pace. Ufone was pioneer in launching the GPRS services and Multimedia Messaging services (MMS) in Pakistan. Ufone is now considered to be one of the most active. including the lead in introducing GPRS international roaming and prepaid international roaming for these services in the Pakistani market. Subsequently the growth in subscriber base caused a healthy trend in its revenues and margins. under the brand name of Ufone. Ufone provides international Roaming facility with more than 215 international operators across 124 countries. The successful privatization of PTCL. operating under the brand name of µUfone¶ a whollyowned subsidiary of PTCL commenced its operations on 29th January 2001 as a GSM 900 service provider.INTRODUCTION: COMPANY PROFILE: Pakistan Telecom Mobile Ltd. Ufone has always played a pivotal role in the development of cellular market in Pakistan. Under the agreement.6bn deal to buy a 26% stake. is hailed as ushering in a new era for telecommunications in Pakistan. Ufone has seen a subscriber growth of over 10 million since July 2007 onto its network. which is commonly known as Etisalat.

Its primary market is intended towards teenagers and students. superior connectivity. The outlets are able to service the customers with innovative solutions. clear signals & voice quality. Ufone keeps you connected´ OBJECTIVES: Ufone because it is a dynamic organization with a powerful culture that allows people to make the most of their skills. I developed such knowledge and skills which directed to my career. At Ufone we aim to provide you with wider coverage.network to cover 1500 cities. VISION: ³To be the leading telecommunication service provider in Pakistan by offering innovate communication solutions for our customers while exceeding shareholder value & employee expectation. Ufone prepay is more affordable. The GSM contract for Ufone also include huawei¶s new generation GSM dual density BTS that feature high integrated and receiving sensitivity to improve the network performance and lower the cost of network construction and O&M expenditure. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Ufone is proud to have an efficient and friendly customer service through 21 companyowned Sales & Customer Service Centers and nearly 250 franchisees across the country. It has the ability to retain its existing customer base with a high level of customer satisfaction via optimum network service and a 24 hour call center facility.498 million as on April 2007 and has network coverage in more than 166 cities. and all major highways in the country. enables the telecom service provider to evolve into 3G smoothly. Ufone has a subscriber base of 12. These services are mainly targeted towards the business community of the country. villages.. personality and career. Posta pay services are marketed by the name ³Post pay´. Huawei will provide Mobile Softswitch solution based on the advance R4 architecture to satisfy Ufone¶s Network expansion requirements. where you want to be««««. In addition.´ MISSION: ³Ufone it¶s all about u! We are. Ufone is poised to face the ever increasing challenges of the market and is confident it will attract new customers. . Wherever you are. towns. Ufone markets its prepaid services as ³Prepay´. The network also allows Ufone subscribers to enjoy high speed wireless data service. and are empowered with Web based franchise management systems.

T. Nadeem Khan has around 12 years experience in the telecommunication industry both locally and internationally. He holds a diversified portfolio as international auditor at MIC. Ufone GSM and Celtel International. Abdul Aziz has rejoined Ufone as President & CEO in December 2007. he has over fourteen years of experience in the Telecom Industry both local and International including Europe. A fellow Chartered Accountant. Lahore. An engineer by profession. Mr. Naveed has done his B. being first CFO/Cosec was a key member of the Core Team which launched Ufone in 2001. Luxemburg and served in the capacity of Financial Controller in Millicom Cambodia before joining Ufone as Chief Financial officer (CFO) in 2003. S. Asia and Africa. Mr.. Naveed Butt has worked on senior management positions with various cellular operators in Pakistan. Abdul Aziz President & CEO Mr. Mr. Aziz. Millicom International. Mohammad Nadeem Khan Chief Financial Officer A Fellow Chartered Accountant Mr. Naveed Khalid Butt Chief Officer Government & Regulatory Affairs With over 15 years of commercial & technical experience in the telecommunication industry.A. During his career he has held various senior level positions with companies including Warid Telecom. . Presently he is heading the Regulatory Affairs departments at Ufone.E.ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Ufone Management Profiles: Mr. in Electronics from U.E.

he was part of the Ufone Core Launch team and was responsible for the development of Customer Services Operations department. and has held various senior technical management positions with his last employer Mobilink. He possesses a cumulative experience of over 20 years in Telecommunication Industry of Pakistan. DVCOM and Warid where he had established his mark in Customer Operations. . In his last assignment at Warid. He has a proven background in successfully managing large-scale cellular projects.Mr. Ahmad Kamal Chief Officer Customer Services Operations Ahmad Kamal has rejoined Ufone as Chief Officer Customer Services Operations. Sales. leading Network Planning. He has the exposure of previously working for country¶s most renowned telecom companies including Digital Communications. where he was serving as Director Access Network Planning before joining Ufone. and has over 14 years of diversified experience in the telecom sector. Mr. establishing and improving Organizational Processes & Structure. he was heading the Customer Services and Product & Services Departments. Mobilink. HR and Administration fields. he served as the Project Director & General Manager Network Planning in Ufone. In his previous tenure of approximately 5 years at Ufone. Before his appointment as CTO. Ufone. and aligning technical activities in line with business strategies. Jafar Khalid is working as the Chief Technical Officer of Ufone since June 2008. Jafar Khalid Chief Technical Officer Mr. Operations and Implementation initiatives.

Customer Services. He performed major successful overhauling with selfinitiatives for Process-Re-engineering in the areas of.Younas Iqbal Sheikh Chief Officer (Sales & Distribution) Mr. Channel Development.Mr. for instance heading 2 countries with a team of thousands and portfolio of Billions. He has been part of the Pakistan telecom industry in key roles since 1998. Akbar was Head of Brands at Mobilink and before that he was Head of Marketing at Paktel Limited.Younas Iqbal Sheikh heads Sales & Distribution at Ufone (PTML) and has a rich working experience of 20 years most of which is in Telecom Sector serving companies like Siemens. Faisal has a Masters Degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin. He is also a Project Management Professional (PMP) with 12 years of experience in the IT industry. Faisal Khaliq Chief Information Officer Mr. Akbar Khan Chief Marketing Officer Akbar Khan heads the Marketing Division at Ufone. throughout his career he was given challenging responsibilities. Akbar has done his MBA degree from IBA Karachi. Faisal Khaliq is the Chief Information Officer of Ufone since June 2008. Operations and Marketing. In his career he has played a key role in the areas of Sales & Distribution. Prior to joining Ufone. Before joining Ufone in 2008. Mobilink . World call. Mr. Business Operations and was a major contributor in developing complete business launch plan for Wi-Max services business in Pakistan for Witribe Pakistan (Qtel). Customer Services. Mr.Wi-tribe (Qtel) & Ufone (PTML). InstaPhone. Faisal was the Managing Director for Teradatas Global Consulting Center in Pakistan which is one of the largest offshore operations its kind for a multinational in Pakistan. Sales. .

UAE. USA and Australia. Moqeem Ul Haque General Manager Corporate Strategic Planning & PMO Moqeem Ul Haque is associate member of the Institute of Chartered accountants of Pakistan. He has over 19 years of multi-disciplinary and multi-national practices gained in Research & Development at Toshiba Corporation. Muzzammil Sadiq Chief Officer Procurement. Moqeem has also served in Mobilink. He was among one of the pioneers in Warid telecom. Mr. He participated actively in successful launch of Ufone services in Lahore & Faisalabad. Revenue Assurance and Corporate Finance at Cable & Wireless and SingTel Optus. . Japan. Mr. Qureshi has done MBA from Punjab University. He has played an instrumental role in launch of product and system development for Ufone.Mr. Mr. Moqeem heads the corporate strategic planning function as well as supervises the special projects of the organization. Mr. Mr. Australia. Lahore. His core competencies and the areas he holds expertise in includes Sales. Strategy Consulting at Bain & Co. He brings in thirteen years of extensive experience of working in the cellular industry. Contracts and Administration Muzzammil Sadiq has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from Cornell University and a Masters degree in Management Studies from Oxford University. Australia and Marketing. Commercial and Manufacturing analysis at Pirelli Cables. He is seconded from Etisalat where he is the Group Vice President Procurement ± Special Projects. Mohammad Zahid Qureshi General Manager Administration Mr. Mohammad Zahid Qureshi has over 12 year experience in telecom industry. Services and Administration. International Investments and Procurement at Emirates Telecommunications Corporation ± Etisalat. Qureshi has been associated with Paktel and later Ufone for quite sometimes.


Now subscribers have more choice.20%. attitude. so unless and until people don¶t have freedom to express their views and purpose new ideas such organization can¶t grow . Thus. Above financial figures show that market share is increased smoothly. but at the same time they are also losing the existing subscribers in favor of other operators. better options and attractive facilities like MNP. knowledge & skills that¶s why we prefer new and young talent that¶s why we hire fresh graduate each year. market share is termed to be a strong parameter to show degree of competitiveness in the sector. in general the whole setup is centralized.Structure of the organization: In Ufone the hierarchy is very lean.64%. Increase in the market share of Ufone from 2008 to 2009 was 0. all the matters are to be reported to the main company and all the policies and targets are approved at the higher level. Because to make work formally done hierarchy should be there so that people have a head on them to whom they are suppose to report. Market share in 2009 was 21. written communication. Figure-1 shows share comparison of each operator in terms of total subscribers during 2007-08 and 2008-09. While such industries like cellular industry such people are required who are creative as Basharat Ullah Khan told us that In our industry we need creativity. In highly competitive sector. the companies are adding new subscribers. and to support this view within each department people should have decision making power and this can be done by decentralizing. both in terms of subscribers and revenues with rest of the operators.56% into 2008. with new operators settling in and addition of ZONG in the local market has changed the market share structure. though Mobilink still holds highest share. Telenor has the second highest share in the market (22. Group analysis: in our point of view this hybrid org structure this best structure which best suits fast changing industries specially cellular industry. Financial Position Analysis: Market Share: According to the financials results of all cellular companies Ufone captured the market share 20.2%) in terms of subscribers followed by Ufone (21%) and Warid (19%). However. Mobilink remained the market leader with a significant difference. speed. For a long time. . execution. The PTA also declared Mobilink as an SMP operator in the mobile market. not only this lower management a lower non managerial people need leaders or someone to guide and look after them from higher level. But at the department level the structure is decentralized. Mobilink lost its share by 15% this year whereas the rest of the operators show increase in their market share.

7 billion. As for Ufone's financial health. and the total investment decreased by 48% but the operators are taking it as a temporary setback. and the rest of the companies faced losses. again followed by Telenor and Ufone. the companies like Zong and Ufone have increased their investment in the reported year. The investor friendly environment makes the country home to world telecom giants like Orascom. but the last year.16). Pakistan has been an investors' heaven especially for telecom sector for a few years. The increase in revenues is almost 3. Although there is an increase in the revenues by 16. Zong plans to invest US$ 500 million more or so in the coming year to roll out the infrastructure all across the country. As far as financial health of the companies is concerned. Ufone exhibited improved growth of 45% in its revenue. Particularly the rising petroleum prices along with power shortage and high advertising costs put extra burden on operator¶s expenses. . which shows that investors are financing in Ufone and Ufone is developing interest of investors in financing. Double digit inflation and taxes could be major reason besides other factors mentioned earlier. Telenor.6% this year. Telenor and Mobilink's increase in revenue remained slow and steady during the reported period. Although the reported year did not prove to be very exciting one for the operators. 212 billion. These companies had been investing heavily in rolling out their networks with a pace that more than 90% of Pakistan has been provided with telecom facility within just three years. 1. Singtel and the latest addition of China Mobile.86% in 2009. Warid Telecom (Abu Dhabi Group). During the reported year. Today.Analyzing the market share of each operator by revenue (Figure . where the company's revenue grew three times of its actual revenue of the last year. the total revenue of mobile segment stands at Rs. it was noticed that only Ufone made profit of around Rs. Zong performed exceptionally well in terms of increase in revenue. a major share of 64% in the total revenue of telecom industry.86% which was almost huge increment from than that of its competitors. Warid. all the companies lost their share in total revenue of the industry except Ufone and Zong as their shares appreciated from 15% to 19% and 1% to 4% respectively. Even in such a discouraging situation. Revenues: Due to huge amount of sales Ufoneµs revenue in 2008 is 15% which was increased to 18. the company seems to be in total control of its finances and it is managing its financial resources very prudently. Investment: Investment in 2008 was US$ 27455 million and in the next year 2009 the investment increased from this point to US$ 40660 million. Mobilink remained the leader. the growth was over 40%. Among the operators.

public relations. Marketing Goals: PROMOTION: Ufone believes in Integrated Marketing Communication which is a carefully blended mix of promotion tools. The major contributor to the total investment made in the mobile segment turned out to be Telenor with a total of US$ 374 million. Recently Ufone invested a huge amount on mass advertising. . direct marketing & personal selling. While looking at individual investments. Ufone employ different marketing activities and channels to communicate and deliver value to customer. sales promotion. Mobilink has substantially cut down its investment to more than 70%. Ufone strategize to carry out promotion in order to increase its market share. It was definitely a risk to take such decision. These communication channels includes:Advertising. They are developing and playing new advertisements on electronic media not even with a month¶s gap or so. These activities are coordinated to provide maximum communication output. Strategy:   Advertising: ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES: Ufone use advertisements when« It has to inform the customers about new or available services It seeks to persuade people to purchase their service or switch to their connection from any other connection ADVERTISING BUDGET Ufone is a heavy spender on advertising in electronic media as well as other media.We hope that investment in the sector will further increase with the introduction of 3G. followed by Telenor and Warid reducing investments up to 33% and 65% respectively.

For this purpose Ufone is re-launching itself under the name of one single brand called ³UFONE´. But now Ufone has again hired a comedian trio featuring Faisal Qureshi.e. The shocking Orange & Green colors used by Ufone have always attracted people. Afterwards Ufone hired non-celebrity young models for its youthful message theme. Recently Ufone has again adopted humorous theme for its message content.A single Ufone advertisement played 15-20 times per day on a TV channel costs millions varying with the time of day when it is played.Waqas Anjum (Senior Marketing Executive-Multan) is of view that you must bring changes in marketing to attract customers. Mikaal & Hammad. This advertisement created a big controversy regarding the erotic and sexually attracting acts by the three female models. Ufone also hired three lollywood queens i. Message Format --»The format of Ufone¶s advertisements has always been very colorful and eye catching. Ufone always hire endorsers in group Mr. and then in its blooming stage it shifted its message content to youthful excitement. ADVERTISING STRATEGIES: Advertising strategy consists of two major elements: Advertising Message & Advertising Media. This brand would have Orange & Black as its corporate color instead of conventional Orange & Green color. as directed by CEO and CMO of Ufone. The strategy behind hiring this trio is that they are economical and are personal favorites of people. Jia Ali and Veena Malik with Mikaal in an advertisement of ³Baat Ban Jaye´. Due to negative response by people Ufone had to vacate its billboards and eradicate its banners. Ufone has already generated much revenue through it. Message Source --»The very first Ufone advertisements had Faisal Qureshi as its message source. posters etc overnight. This time Ufone is winning the hearts of people through humor and it has increased RPI of Ufone. Ufone has the following strategies regarding the Message and Media of advertising:- ADVERTISING MESSAGE: Message Content --»The very first content of Ufone¶s advertising message was humor. These colors look beautiful on wall printing of Ufone. . Ufone spends 20% of its profit on advertising and sales promotion. Meera.

Indus. Jung. Hum.e. it named UROCK AD SHOOTS: The ads of Ufone are shot mostly within Pakistan.ADVERTISING MEDIA: To increase the reach and frequency of advertisement Ufone is using repetitive strategy for its advertisements. Ufone advertise in the following media types:Print Media: Ufone tries and print ads in all leading newspapers including The Dawn. But the PostPay ads are shot in foreign locations. The famous event sponsored by Ufone in 2006 was a series of musical concerts did all over Pakistan. TV one. signs (on Shop boards etc). ARY. Khabrain and local Sindhi newspapers as well.com etc. It includes the electronic media television and radio. Cartoon Network etc (except MTV Pakistan). hoardings. Nawa-i-Waqt. But Ufone is not carrying out direct mail or direct e-mail advertising Events: Ufone has sponsored many events in the past and holds future plans concerning it. HBO. Libas. Sunday magazine. Ufone places flashing ads on famous portals like coolbuddy. wall paintings etc. And the humorous theme always makes the ads more appealing and engaging the minds of customers. Recently Ufone shot in the picturesque locations of northern areas of Pakistan in its advertisement of UWON ³sabse sasti call´ . posters.e. akhabr-e-jahan. Display Media: This type of media is the second choice of Ufone where it carries out its most of sales promotion and advertising. featuring Mikaal Hassan and Junoon. Mag etc Broadcast Media: It is the prior choice for Ufone. Ufone also plays its ads on local channels like WASEB and Punjab TV. pakfellows. Ufone advertise using billboards. Ufone¶s painted rickshaws Online Media: Internet is the online media. Ufone place its ads in all leading magazines as well i.com. SME Multan has used a new and innovative vehicle in display media i. Ufone is advertising in all Pakistani channels including GEO.

Public Relations: Ufone is less conscious of developing its general public relations. It avoids getting in news stories and controversies but sometimes it proves inevitable. Direct Marketing: Ufone employ on-road umbrella franchises where the directly market and sell their connections and Sims. But recently it has launched its ³Hajj Guide´ service on Ufone. .

Market shares of Ufone: According to January 2010 market shares of telecom companies in Pakistan are as follows««««««««. .  It won¶t be an exaggeration to say that Ufone has placed itself where it is now through brilliant promotions.Personal Selling: Ufone administer personal selling facility to sell their Post Pay connections targeting well to do people and businessmen.

Company perks. market visibility through various market initiatives to fulfill subscribers¶ satisfaction and demand and above all to increase the value of investment for the shareholders. many experienced employees find themselves with more and better job opportunities . which will enhance the subscribers¶ capacity by 10 million. Similarly new employees are hired to take their places. and retention. A strong focus will be on maintaining high quality of service. In spite of these measures employee retention is quite low at Ufone. increasing usage and exploring new revenue streams on value added services. Human Resource Assessment at Ufone: Qualified professionals from outside have been hired/are in the process of being hired. This is the largest ever expansion project of Ufone. Many monitory and non-monitory incentives are provided to the employees for the purpose of. A lot of new employees. One of the reasons lies in the fact that although the company is providing its members with a lot of benefits. motivation. Due to this many employees find themselves unable to create a balance between their personal and professional life and thus avail the first better opportunity out! Also since the telecom industry is still at its growth stage and a recent entrance of three new telecom service providers in the local market. primarily to adopt customer-oriented approach with a view to strengthening customers' loyalty as well as to increase market share. the work load on them is very high. paid leaves (in certain cases) and medical benefits are a few to mention.Expansion: Keeping in view the growth potential of the cellular industry there is no option but to be aggressive in order to remain a potent force in the cellular industry. Sometimes even staying for as long as 10 at night . towns and highways and enhance its current installed capacities in existing cities. both at managerial as well as non-managerial levels are found leaving the organization after just a few months of joining. which is always a benchmark of Ufone. Employees work for longer than just 9 to 5:30 (the official work timings). In order to extend cellular network to new cities.especially during a busy season (year end etc) or at the launch of a new campaign. Ufone has finalized a huge network expansion contract amounting to about USD 550 million.

And whenever there is an opening or a vacancy occurs. Internal Recruitment: In the case of internal recruitment people from within the organization are promoted to fill the vacant vacancy. If more than one employee is eligible for the vacancy. management checks whether there is a need to hire a new employee for that particular job or whether it can be incorporated into an existing employee¶s job. HRMS (Human resource management system) for its internal employees as well as the employees which they will recruit in near future. The HR department and the relevant department in which the vacancy exists. A set of expert panelists is then selected from each relevant department to interview applicants Direct Applicants: Ufone maintains a data base system i. The effect of internal vacancy is that it motivates the employee to perform their best and produce maximum output. After the promotion The employee may be sent for further training.Recruitment at Ufone: Before recruiting a new employee. Referrals: By advertising a post internally Ufone gains an added benefit. The hiring from within may have a trickledown effect i.e. the current employees may pass the information on to any interested friends and relations. In this case the human resource management considers other departments in the organization that might be interested in the appointment in order to make it a joint effort. the opportunities spring not just from the first vacancy but from the vacancy created when a person in the company fills that vacancy. It also creates a healthy competition amongst the employees. In some case certain some people just drop their CV¶s at the head office.e. They talk to relevant supervisors and especially to the people the new person will work with. the organization may call them for an interview. which is. who most appropriately meets the requirements of the particular vacancy. analyze whether there an employee within the organization exists. Word of mouth is also a valuable recruitment method for them and they draw on all appropriate contacts they have . Recruitment in Ufone may be of internal or external nature. then that employee is chosen who has the most outstanding record. External Recruitment: If the organization feels that none of their current employees can fill out the new vacancy then they hire from external sources.

and it uses its own web page to advertise for new job openings. They now can simply use the e-CV format provided by Ufone on its home page. In case they run short of time. Through Vendors (Outsourcing): Ufone also do outsourcing for the purpose of recruitment they hire firm. Ufone is make full fledge use of this new technology. They are also using the services of a web designer. and this is the most common method followed by most of organization these days. Everything is computerized and on-line which makes it easier to handle large numbers of replies. The HR management has hired the services of Interflow. Recruitment Procedure: The HR management decides on the length of the short-list. to propagate their service and company for them. Eveready media. they get the help of other staff.Advertisements: Since most of the posts are of a specialist nature. they intend on advertising in the journals of professional bodies and the trade press. but the employee will remain employee of that firm not Ufone. an advertising agency. supervisors and managers in the . These agencies attempt to find some one suitable using its computerized inventory database of suitable individuals. which includes five or six people at the most. Following the advert they need help to sift through the applications. Lower management at Ufone is comes through outsourcing. Private Employment Agency: The private Recruiting agencies collect information from unemployed as well as employed people about their skills and experiences. Another aspect of the electronic recruiting is that individuals don¶t have to physically go to the head office to drop their CV¶s. which will provide employee Ufone to work in the organization. The e-CV is then transferred to the relevant database or the HR department. to post the advertisement of the company on the Internet. Electronic Recruiting: The growth of information superhighway has opened up new vistas for organizations trying to recruit talent. These agencies charge Ufone for the referrals. Their next step is to find out how much adverts cost for varying amount of space and decide what they can afford.

Replying To Candidates: The candidates that do not match the job are contacted as quickly as possible and dealt with courteously since the HR management believes in the philosophy that these people. labor agreement. Those that match the job are called over to undertake an on-line evaluation test. Screening Process: The results are screened by a set of panelists in order to minimize chances of error in selecting the candidates. A date and a time are arranged and the candidate appears for the interview. The HR management sometimes keeps a small number of candidates in reserve. future applicants. They look out for the following when reading an application: How well-matched is the candidate to the requirements Any unexplained employment gaps The quality of presentation How tailored the reply is to the particular job and Ufone as an organization. needs and welfare of company and employee development). Apart from the question of time. Goals of Ufone HR Department: Policy initiation and formulation. may be future customers or acquaintances of potential.organization. and their relatives and friends. Scheduling Interview: The candidates that pass the on-line evaluation test are then called for interviews. Advice (on personnel policy. . The questions of this interview are designed especially for gauging the personality and ability of the candidate. they do this to get second opinions.

Benefits and Services (insurance programs. negotiation. Human Resource Planning (right number of qualified persons available at the proper times. Transfer. hours of work. Organization Development (increase level of trust and supportiveness among people in the organization. pay structure. loan funds. performance management skill training both for technical and non technical personals. goals and plans of organization. contract interpretation and administration. safety programs. Health and Safety (health programs. job rotation. procedures and practices). selection and induction into the organization). coaching. recruiting. grievance handling.). maintaining suitable records. performing jobs that are useful to the organization and which provide satisfaction for the individuals involved. Responsibilities of Ufone HR Department: Employment & recruiting (Interviewing. counseling. enhance interpersonal skills. Organization Planning (developing concept of company as a structure or system). analyzing jobs and their dollar-worth. wage and salary surveys of the labor market).Service (employment. LFA salary. Control (monitoring performance. training. conditions of employment. make communication more open and direct.). current human resource . Medical facility). interviewing. Yearly bonus programs along with special bonuses for achieving high targets). sick leave pay plans. development benefits functions. rates of pay. maintenance of adequate employee records etc. Transportation facility. tap the knowledge of all who can contribute to problem solutions wherever they may in the organization). recruiting. Layoff (checking conformity of skills with new department in case of transfer). Training and Development (Orientation. allocation of overtime). retention and conformance of other departments to personnel policy. testing job applicants. Compensation Administration (designing and installing job evaluation program. directly confront problems. Employee relations (wages. Promotion.

employee attitudes and motivation. religion. motivation. compensation. Involves complaint investigation. skills inventories. performance appraisal. Personnel and Behavioral Research (improving worker productivity and also increasing the quality of working life. selection.e. monitoring performance). PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Objective of the Performance Management: The basic objective for performance UFONE employees circles around the following: To look at Performance system as a means to an end Setting an individual¶s goal Aligning goals across the company Ensuring employees get coaching from managers Determining merit pay Identifying training and development needs Providing data for promotion decision Input from multiple source on worker performance . training.situation including skills inventory. audit and adjustment). promotion. Equal Employment Opportunity (no discrimination in terms of gender. human resource forecast including comparison of projected future demand for employees with projected supply. transfer. employee benefits analysis and productivity studies). designing programs to implement the plans of recruitment. age. interpretation and policy. HR planning. national origin. human Resource Information system. race. Personnel Information Systems (Maintaining HRIS i. predicting success in management and organizational relationships).

marketing. managers. In UFONE.5000 in their salary as a reward. In the questionnaire there are five sections and in each section there are five questions related to the performance of employee. etc their performance is assessed after every six and they get increased Rs. engineering. After this a detail job analysis is done with looking in account the job expectation and then matching the actual performance with the desired performance. Afterward the performance is appraised according to the set standards and this appraisal is not done by the supervisor alone. Rewards Related to Performance: There is also a reward related to performance of the employees. Once in June while other in December. their major focus is on taking into the account the employee¶s perspective as well. performance of an employee is appraises twice a year. In each case employee have to show consistent performance to win reward next time. Therefore whenever the appraisal is done employee is fully participative in the process. peers. There are total 100 points from which an employee gets. For other employees like in administration. Performance Appraisal Method Use by UFONE: UFONE is using 180-Degree Performance Appraisal Method.The Performance Appraisal Process: The Performance appraisal system used by UFONE for reviewing the performance status of its employee starts with identifying specific appraisal goals set by each Group for each cadre. Within this method. . customers or colleagues are asked to complete questionnaire on the employee being assessed. finance. For ³Customer Facilitation Agents´ there 50% pay is based on their performance which is assessing every month by their managers.




for their tasks and duties they performed. to compete with others in the same industry. and compensate its employees for the work they have done. Compensation: The total returns which an employee gets against his or her work. it also varies from department to department. To develop this structure Ufone conducts some surveys. Revision of compensation is based on total pay and monetization of benefits. Salary adjustment is based on the performance.COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS: Ufone follow the performance base pay structure and pay for their performance and work output. It maybe: Employee Health Plans Employee Insurance Employee Leave Employee Retirement Income Security Ac Executive Compensation Maternity & Paternity Benefits Pension & Retirement Plans Wages & Salaries Workplace Programs: Compensation strategies are usually market based and is linked with the performance with a greater emphasis on variable pay. Individual Salary Fixation: The Ufone seeks the market trend and try to compete with market for individual salary fixation but they also analyze their own financial positions and budgeting. market movement and internal/ external equity adjustment. behaviour and for their responsibilities. . their work content. Current Base Pay: (Job Based Structure and competitive): The Ufone follows the job based structure.

50% Org If work for 10 Months 1. Provident Fund Gratuity Bonuses Incentives Assistant Manager Level: 25000 Car allowance + 200 Liter¶s petrol / Month Manager level: Car + Blackberry Senior Manager: Islamabad Club Membership + BMW Car + House + Foreign Tours . Parents.5-k 2. Wife / Spouse and children¶s 50% Employee.4% Of Gross salary Only Sales department depend upon their performance.D Surveys Policy Lines Total Compensation: Example: 60% 30% 10% Basic Pay House Rent Utilities OPD Hospitalization 15-k 7.5-k 2 Gross salaries Employee siblings.Work Analysis Evaluation & control Market trends Employee J.

A H A is the minimum grade and H is the maximum grade and they compensate their employees on the basis of their grades.T so on Rs 65 Rs 95 Company A. Trophy. Grade µA¶ 500 minutes + 500 Rs mobile usage. Exe. If the scale is 15000-20000 then the increment is the 20% of the base pay.M and Above 160 RS Increments: The increments are totally based on the performance of the employees and their seniority level. . M. At each stage the amount is different. Employees who is working in Ufone for seven years or more than seven years gets Cash Rewards. Same like this all other benefits. Food Subsidy: S. Managers: Innovative ideas Silent Warriors Recognition of The work: On Jan 29 (anniversary of Ufone). After every Two years Ufone give the amount of Rs 6000 to lower level employees if they want to purchase a new mobile and this limit increases as grade increases.E. badges and other things.Further Ufone has developed some grades for employees. but if any employee shows the performance then this may increase up to 35% to 50%.

E. Health Insurance: Like all other cellular companies Ufone also provides health insurance policy to its employees. Finance. for Administrative Staff like HR.Permanent Employees: Number of employees: Around 1500 ± 2000 Minimum scale starts from 15000 ± 20000 Maximum C. Marketing. if they travel on local transport. Loan Insurance: At Ufone loan insurance policy is also provided to their employees through banks.20000 to 25000.20000 and for Engineering it is Rs. half is given in mid of the year and remaining half will be given at the end of the year. Transport allowance: Rs 2500 are given to female employees only. .6500. etc it is Rs.7000 for ³Tea Boys´ it is Rs. House Rent: 10% of the basic salary is given to each senior/ executive level employee.O (Not disclosed by the organization) UFONE focuses on providing a large number of the compensation and benefits to its employees in a form of the following categories: Minimum wage: The minimum salary for ³Drivers´ is Rs. Medical Allowance: 1 gross salary per year is given to each employee.

Leaves: 7 Casual and 10 sick leaves are given to each employee at all level. The reason for maintaining the record is that the company pays 60% of the expense came over the food while 40% has to be deducted from the employee¶s salary. employee number. their name. Travel Policy: Revised and categorized different levels such as the senior level. .33% of month basic salary in a year and an equivalent amount is being contributed by the employer. signature and number of book and date at which it is issued has to be recorded.For overtime UFONE have specific formula that apply on the employees gross salary. due to which every employee have different per hour overtime rate. Children Education allowance: 1 gross salary per year Provident Fund: All permanent confirmed employees are eligible for membership of Ufone Employee Provident Fund Scheme. An employee contributes 8. the middle level and the junior level staff. EOBI: EOBI is contributed as per the standard. designation.Overtime: All employees are entitle for the overtime more then 130 hours per month . Meal deduction Claims: Meal books are to be maintained of each employee who issues it.

Mobile deduction Claim: Such an expense claims which are made if an employee has made long duration call for the official purpose and they have exceeded the limit given to them then they can make a claim by attacking a copy of mobile bill and if its valid then HR department approved it and pay the employee their claimed amount along with their monthly salary of the following month. . so if any employees make use of this facility they can claim for the amounts to be return next the month while submitting the hospital receipt. Dispatching of Salary Slips: Vendor prepares the salary slip and dispatch it to the HR department. after the whole process the HR pay them back the next month along with their salary. Overtime Claim: If an employee has worked for more than the regular time.g. they claim for the overtime amount other than their salary which they receive the next month. further HR head office send it to the regional HR departments their concerned employees salary slip and they either give their employees through cash or transfer to their accounts. Medical Claim: Different medical facilities are provided to employees at different level of hierarchy. such claim are made while returning back to the office .Expense Claim: The expense Claims are the expenses which an employee make on the behalf of the company E. Their medical clearness is done by the HR department. fuel used for business travel. and every employee is psychological attached to the organization. Overtime claim have to be approved through HR department. overnight stays on a business tour etc. Job Involvement and Organizational Commitment: In Ufone according to our investigation employees are so much connected with each other that every individual is personally involved with his or her work role.

Workgroup behavior The Work group behavior of employees with each other at Ufone is very good. and positive situational factors that may help the company to serve its customers and achieve its objectives. They work as a team. enjoy their given tasks and Coordinate with each other in difficult Situations. SWOT analysis is an overall evaluation of the company¶s: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (S) (W) (O) (T) STRENGTHS: Strengths include internal capabilities. The strengths of Ufone are as follows:- . resources.

Ufone still has room for the betterment of its network coverage in Comparison to the Market Giant ³MOBILINK´. Ufone has the most promising and attractive ATL (Above The Line) Activities. The weaknesses of Ufone are as follows:Ufone has less professionalism within the organizational members. This faulty System creates a negative vibe among its customers. OPPORTUNITIES: Opportunities are favorable factors or trends in the external environment that the company may be able to exploit to its advantage.e. Ufone is offering more and better Value Added Services (VAS) than its Competitors i. Ufone is enjoying the second largest cellular network in Pakistan. which was formerly under Government management. Ufone has great management within the organization (internally & Externally) WEAKNESSES: Weaknesses include internal limitations and negative situational factors that may interfere with the company¶s performance. Ufone has following opportunities in its way:Ufone¶s biggest opportunity lying ahead in near future is the phase of . As Ufone is a subsidiary of PTCL. Ufone still has a shadow of a government Organization. Ufone¶s Walkie Talkie. Ufone offers lowest off-net Call rates that differentiate it from its competitors. Ufone has pathetic billing system for postpaid connections.Ufone¶s differentiation is its biggest strength.

The boosting customer base of Warid and Zong is also a big threat for Ufone. Ufone has the opportunity of growing its customer base due to increasing Trend of using mobile phones. Ufone has the opportunity that it is pioneer in southern Punjab where it Can promote it and become market leader on the basis of this very fact.Conversion of their GSM technology into 3G (satellite based) technology. Ufone is facing/about to face the following threats:Ufone¶s biggest opportunity is its biggest threat as well. THREATS: Threats are unfavorable external factors or trends that may present challenges to Performance. . The phase of its Conversion of GSM technology to 3G technology can be a threat for it if not Carried out properly. Ufone has the opportunity to win the customers of its competitors by Providing them superior services on lower price. The decreasing economy rate and instability of Pakistan is a big threat for All businesses in Pakistan including Ufone.

They should start installing the ERP modules so that after some time they could easily handle the whole ERP according to the organizational requirements. Ufone is among the service industries. Anyone can voice his/her opinion and thoughts at any time and will be taken into consideration by upper management. they have adopted modern techniques for management. The HR department is doing all the things.CONCLUSION: At Ufone HR practices are functioning very well. They should conduct some seminars in stress management. . They have to improve the quality of the sub-ordinates. which are necessary for improving the quality of the HR development by conducting continuous training and development programs. Employees who have direct interaction with the customers should be evaluated on 360-degree evaluation method as well as their immediate supervisors evaluate them. which value its HR department and are constantly working towards its improvement by hiring qualified and capable Hr personals. They must conduct employee safety awareness programs. RECOMMENDATIONS: Ufone can induct temporary or contract employees as well which will not only increase their HR inventory but also enhance their marketing representatives.

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