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Mapping Cultural Diversity

Mapping Cultural Diversity

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Publicación de la Unesco sobre diversidad cultural. La red de microcines fue incluida en el rubro de las buenas prácticas.
Publicación de la Unesco sobre diversidad cultural. La red de microcines fue incluida en el rubro de las buenas prácticas.

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Published by: Grupo Chaski / Stefan Kaspar on Jan 03, 2011
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International Festival of Cinema without Borders

Sandra Velásquez Puerta

The flm industry in Colombia has witnessed
an increase in the variety of flms being made
and screened, owing to the Film Law 814 (2003).
The number of flm projects submitted in response

to the calls of the national Film Development
Fund has also been steadily increasing (834 appli-
cations in 2010, as against 458 in 2004).1

In this context, the Festival Internacional de Cine
(International Festival of Cinema
without Borders) is another good example of the
promotion of cinema. In the words of its curator,
Pedro Adrián Zuluaga, the Festival views the his-

tory of flm as a series of uninterrupted dialogues

between countries and cultures. The annual Festi-
val presents a curated programme of independent

flms produced around the world and focused on a
specifc topic each year. Started in 2007, the Fes-
tival completed its fourth edition in 2010.

This Festival refects the spirit of the UNESCO

Convention, particularly the provisions of Arti-
cle 10 (a) which emphasise education and greater
public awareness programmes. In addition to doc-

umentaries and experimental flms, the Festival

also organises public discussion fora on the cho-
sen subject with directors, critics and academics.
By doing so, the Festival attempts to break down
the boundaries between the public and those who

work in the flm sector.

Over thirty institutions including family welfare
organisations, cooperatives, trade unions, public

institutions and major private flm companies in

Colombia have come together for this initiative

(thus refecting Article 11 – Participation of civil

The Festival is a window without borders for new

flms, new audiences and new producers.

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Sandra Velásquez Puerta is a lecturer at the
National University – Sede Manizales in Colom-
bia. She is a Fellow of the U40 programme since

1 Source: Proimágenes en

Newsletter “Coalitions Currents”

The newsletter of the Coalitions for Cultural Diversity, “Coalition Currents” includes a sum-
mary of key developments related to the campaign of civil society for the protection and
promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, a section on upcoming events and a sec-
tion entitled “Seeking” to call for candidates and experts as requested by members. The
newsletter is sent to over 1500 subscribers worldwide. It is published by the secretariat of
the Canadian Coalition for Cultural Diversity (CCD) and the International Federation of Coali-
tions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Activities of the IFCCD



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