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Frday 2nd March 2007.


The General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists has alleged that the owner of the Cambrian News, Richard Tindall, has instructed the editors of the approximately 120 titles owned by his company (including your very own Stoke-printed Cam-

brian "News") NOT to cover anti-war stories. In a seminar on responsible journalism held at the Morlan Centre last week, leader of the NUJ, Jeremy Deare, told that "journalism was too important to leave to journalists" and that

corporate ownership and control of the media was no longer simply a matter of Rupert Murdoch's Sun winning elections for "New" Labour, or his TV channels spoon-feeding the American public pro-Republican

propaganda. ...cont. p2

"Over a hundred" gathered in town to support national demonstration

Demonstration in Aber (see downing above) coincided with events in London (below)

More than one-hundred people gathered in Aberystwyth from 12 noon on Saturday 24th February to say 'NO!' to the replacement of Britain's Trident

nuclear missiles.

The demonstration, organised by Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Network, was timed to coincide with a march by 60,000 people in London. Both demonstrations also called for British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq.

In Aberystwyth a good natured gathering on Owain Glyndwr Square brought together anumber of political, religious and civil society groups. Demonstrators handed out information and

engaged passers-by in conversation on the issues.

Hearts were warmed by Cor Gobaith singing songs of peace and justice while ActiVeg provided teas, coffee and soup to warm stomachs.

The crowd included two former Ceredigion MPs, Simon Thomas and Cynog Dafis.

Current MP, Mark Williams said:

"The growing consensus against Trident's replacement is based on cost, a recognition of its irrelevance in dealing with today's global challenges, and the fact that replacement completely undermines the

principles of disarmament .. !'

... cont. p2

2 Friday 2nd March 2007 CAMBRIAN SNOOZE

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The Treehouse

Julian Shelley's Bookshop Siop Y Prom (near the Glen) ... or catch one of our street vendors

your "IDeal"... cant. from front He said that the pernicious influence of over-mighty media owners even extended into the field of local newspapers such as our beloved "News:' with the owner of the "News" having, apparently, repeatedly used his position to influence the output of his titles. Mr. Deare stated that he had been sent a copy of a letter sent to the editors of his titles by the owner of the "News:' Richard Tindall, in which Mr Tindall instructs them to ignore antiwar stories and that this was merely one example of how he has used his position to influence coverage of the war in Iraq and related subjects.


Issue VIII and back to the regular format.

~he Snooze is made by people hke yourself, anyone can contribute their rants, art, stories, upcoming events, humour and everything you ever dreamed of offloading onto the suckers who'll read it. ..

So come on,

show us how it's done!

cont. from Trident/Troops Out demo.

... A timetabled withdrawal of troops from Iraq is the only way forward and sooner rather than later. Our participation remains a fundamental part of the problem, not the solution. On both these matters the reluctance of Tony Blair to allow the House of Commons free votes, speaks volumes for this government's disregard for Parliamentary accountability:'

The replacement of Trident is set to cost up to £100 billion pounds. In Aberystwyth, Rebel Clowns informed the public just how many schools and hospitals this amount of money could buy. The Clowns claimed that the replacement of Trident was so ridiculous that the real clowns were obviously the government! --> cont.

Electronic distribution also available.

All submissions welcome, to this address:

CAMBRIAN SNOOZE Friday 2nd March 2007 3

----------------------------------------Iocal Demonstration Shows Growing Support for Campaign Against Oil Drilling

UWA Professor Ken Booth is one of one- hundred leading academics, politicians, church leaders, actors, writers, scientists and military figures who have demanded a full democratic debate on Trident replacement.

Ceredigion AM Elin Jones said:

'Nuclear weapons ... will not protect us from global warming or terrorist attacks. We will continue to oppose Trident.' For further information and/or photographs contact:

Kelvin Mason: 01970 610185 (home) 01970622610 (work)

Rhwydwaith Heddwch a

Chyfiawnder Aberystwyth:

AGM: 7 Mawrth, 6.30 y.h. yn Y Morlan, ystafell cyfarfod.

Cyfarfod bob mis, nos Fercher cyntaf am 6.30 y.h. i Ian y grsiau yn Y Gwesty Cambria.

Edrychwch ar weld cyfarfodydd a digwyddiadau.

Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Network meetings:

AGM: 7 March 2007, 6.30pm at the Morlan meeting room

Monthly meetings: First Wednesday of every month at 6.30pm upstairs at the Cambrian.

Check the website for meetings and events: www.aberystwythpeaceandj uk

On Saturday 17th Febru- other marine life."

ary around one hundred Ms Kiersch was in London

people came from all last week with Edwina Lloyd

over Mid and West Wales of SOS and Mark Williams

with placards, dolphin MP to present a 2,400-signa-

cut-outs and fish cos- ture petition at 10 Downing

tumes to join the march Street.

in Aberystwyth.

The government is in the process of selling licenses to explore for gas and oil in our coastal

waters and most of

Cardigan Bay - including the At the rally on Saturday, Mr.

Special Area of Conservation Williams said: "Despite the

(SAC), home to the bay's dol- requests I have made, the

phins - are in this licensing Government are refusing to

round. talk to the SOS campaign

Spokesperson Leila Kiersch said: "It seems that they are hoping we will just fade away ... We have only started. We are getting growing support from people all along the coast and from people in the tourist industry. This is not only a threat to dolphins and


We need to keep the pressure up on the Government.

Write letters of opposition to:

Alistair Darling, Minister for Trade and Industry, 1 Victoria Street, London, SW1H OET

(Refer to the 24th oil and gas licensing round and the SAC)

4 Friday 2nd March 2007 CAMBRIAN SNOOZE

elites, enclosures and eco-fascists!

George Monbiot pulls no punches in the fight for sustainability

Tearing to shreds a popular history of iconic conservationists, George Monbiot challenged environmentalists to embrace social justice or continue a tradition verging on eco-fasdsm.

The Sir D. O. Evans Lecture at UWA on Wednesday 21st of February was attended by more than two- hundred people, an exceptional turnout. And the audience weren't disappointed. From the enclosure of forests as hunting grounds for the medieva! English aristocracy, through the colonialism of nature conservation in Africa, indicting specifically Joy Adamson (Born Free) and Dian Fossey (Gorillas in the Mist), to a contemporary elite's potentia! monopolisation of the right to air travel, while preaching environmentalism ( Coldplay's Chris Martin named and shamed), George Monbiot was merciless in his critical review.

A tradition of elitist conservationism verges on eco- fascism, excluding indigenous people from elite designated areas of 'natural' beauty or wildlife reserves.

This tradition is sold to a popular audience via, for instance, natural history programmes that 'air-brush' humanity from the landscape.

Following enthusiastic applause for the lecture, UWA Vice Chancellor Noel allowed disappointingly few questions to be put to George Monbiot. The first of these went straight to the heart of the matter, though:

How do we regard nature, as valuable only when it's useful to us or as having value in its own right? Taking the question a stage further, are we apart from nature or a part of nature? George Monbiot acknowledged the complexity of issues such as intrinsic value and moral significance' uncharacteristically admitted to not having all the answers, and highlighted the urgent debate that society still needs to have in this regard. Quizzed on measures to address climate change Monbiot was on much firmer ground. Drawing from his latest book, Heat he

explained the fundamental difference between carbon emissions trading (bad) and carbon rationing, so called 'contraction and convergence: (good).

In summary, if we are to avoid climate change catastrophe we are all going to have to consume much less energy - 90% less by 2030! - and pay much more for privileges such as air travel.

In the face of the other memorable question of the night, Noel Lloyd will certainly have wished he had cut the session even shorter. A student member of People and Planet questioned the university's environmental and ethical policies. Almost inevitably, and to the Vice Chancellor's very evident discomfort, the fact of the university pension fund's investment in the allegedly corrupt arms giant BAE Systems emerged.

Watch this space for news of how UWA responds to the challenge of environmentalism and social justice ...

Reid Mas Critigol

Yn yhaf

Critical Mass Ride

Summer times

Dydd Gwener olaf 0 bob mis 6 yh

Last Friday of every month 6 pm

Mawrth 30 Ebrill27 Mai 25 Mehefin 29 Gorffenaf 27 Awst 31 Medi28 Hydref26

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27 April 25 May 29 June 27 July

31 August 28 September 26 October

Cyfarfod yng Ngwesty Glengower

meet at the Glengower Hotel

GrWp Beic Aberystwyth Tel/ffon Kelvin: 01970 622 610 or/neu 610 185

Mix and Match or Mixes Messages?

Professor Ken Booth, among others, isn't sure it helps either campaign, No Trident Replacement or Troops Out of Iraq, to bracket them together. It may diffuse both messages and inhibit people who might support one or the other from campaigning and protesting.

But what do you think, is there a logical, maybe unavoidable, connection between nuclear weapons and an aggressive foreign policy? Are they two sides of the militaristic coin? Were the Stop The War coalition right to mix the issues?

Email The Snooze with your comment on this or anything else that fires you up.

Aberpalestine invites you to see

Gwilym Morus as part of his Alternative Information music tour: Wales/Palestine.


Wednesday, March 14th Morlan Centre; Door 8pm; £7 (The group will also be in Cardiff and Caernarfon)

For more details check the website:-

CAMBRIAN SNOOZE Friday 2nd March 2007 5

6 Friday 2nd March 2007 CAMBRIAN SNOOZE


At a long and productive meeting in Wrexham on Saturday, 3rd February 2007, activists from across the country met to set up the brand-new Cymru Indymedia Wales. The United Kollectives of Indymedia and the global IMC family has been delivering a genuine alternative to mainstream corporate news since the successful actions against the World Trade Organisation conference in Seattle in November 1999.

As part of this, Cymru Indymedia Wales will provide an opportunity for anyone to read, watch and listen to (and more importantly write, publish, record and distribute) news stories and features on issues and events that matter to them, rather than to the homogenised and corporatised mainstream.

Fed up with the local paper failing to cover stories you think they should be covering? Sick of radio orTY news ignoring you, or the local news website being years out of date? Don't get mad, get involved! Don't just whinge about the media, BE the media!

To find out more, check out UK Indymedia online, or drop the Cymru-imc-Wales collective a line ... mailman/listinfo/imc-wales

charity begins at home?

Your Snooze correspondent was putting up posters for Aberystwyth's Chinese New Year festival recently.

She was shocked to discover on her rounds that Oxfam, Tenovus, the Cancer Research Campaign and Barnardos all refuse to publicise community events in their windows - or indeed anywhere in their shops.

It was explained that the Chinese New Year festival celebrations are not profit-making and involve local schools and community groups. But all these shops said that their 'policy' is only to publicise 'relevant' events.

This was a little ironic in the case of Oxfam, as their window display was on the theme of the Chinese New Year. When this was pointed out the volunteers told our correspondent that in fact 'relevant' means simply that they put up whatever head office

tells them to. Your correspondent suggested that this policy might be wrong and met with the pointed rebuke "Are you an Oxfam volunteer?"

It is not a suprise when companies like Waterstones don't want to help the communities they take their profits from. But charities are supposed to be about helping people, rather than simply taking their money.

On a happier note, several local shops were more than happy to put posters up. The Wool Shop, Maeth Y Meysydd, Davies the Watchmakers and The Treehouse all obliged happily. And lots of word-ofmouth publicity meant that the New Year procession and festival went with a bang. Next year, charity shop posters or not, it'll be even bigger and better.

Until then, best wishes from the Snooze for the Year of the Golden Pig.

Ydy'r ffaith bod y papur hwn yn unieithog yn poeni chi?

Mae'n poeni ni, hoffwn fod yn agored i bawb. Gallwch helpu gyda cyieithu, fyddwn yn diolchgar iawn cysylltwch ni os gwelwch yn dda:

07906 624845 / tambriansnooze@lisls.riseuP.nel

Rydyn n~'n aros ~ s~arad syda CHI!

CAMBRIAN SNOOZE Friday 2nd March 2007 7

LETS get together to create a sustainable community

LETS stands for Local Exchange Trading System. It is an international system for people to swap their skills, goods and services with others in their locality, avoiding the financial economy. Traditionally it's similar to bartering, but whereas a barter system often involves two people directly exchanging products (I give you my spare potatoes, you give me some firewood), the LETS scheme enables exchanges to take place between a much larger group of people and 'payment' is in non-currencycheques'

For example, Angharad needs Bethan to dog-sit for her once a month. Bethan likes to have a haircut once a month, but Angharad can't cut hair. Bethan is 'paid' for her dog-sitting with a 'cheque' in local currency (in the Aberystwyth area the currency is Rheidols). and deposits it with the local LETS group. She can then pay Ceri for a hair cut, and Ceri is able to ask Angharad for IT help.

As with the traditional monetary economy, people are 'paid' for their time or goods. But the LETS system values everyone in a society and doesn't disadvantage those without formal qualifications. It also keeps the skills and rewards from exchanges of labour within a local area - something the capitalist economy does not do. In addition, people get to know each other in the local area, and many LETS schemes arrange socials and events for members to get together.


Want to know more? There are a range of LETS websites where you can find out more - see or for more information.

To get involved locally, why not join the local LETS group? AberLETS has been going for 12 years, and although membership numbers are currently on the low side, that could all change if you got involved! See more information or phone 0709 222 5387.

)~or Gobaith II Choir of Hop,1 Does dim rhaid i chi fod a phrofiad blaenorol 0 ganu mewn cor, fe ddysgir y caneuon gyda'r glust. Gall unrhyw un sydd a diddordeb gysylltu a Susie Ennals, ar 01970 612657 / 07966 020312 neu drwy <>.

Rydym yn cyfarfod bob nos Fercher 0 6 tan 8 (wythnos gyntaf bob mis am 8) yn Ysgol Gynradd Padarn Sant Ffordd Llanbadarn Aberystwyth.

You do not need to have previous experience of singing in a choir, as the songs are taught by ear. Anyone interested can contact Susie Ennals, on 01970 612657 / 07966 020312 or at

We meet each Wednesday from 6 to 8 (the first week of the month we meet at 8) at Padarn Primary School, Llanbadarn Road, Aberystwyth.

THE LIVING ROOM: The new look Coopers' Arms plays host to a brand new weekly showcase of the very best in local talent. Featuring a diverse range of acts from performance poets, through singer-songwriters to regular appearances by such Aberystwyth luminaries as Earbirth and the Brothers Gin, the Living Room is fronted by Stephanie Finnegan.

Following her recent return to Aber, Steph realised that there was a wealth of talent in the area that was going unheard and unseen. Rather than simply joining the ranks of the "Aber-is-Rubbish" community, Ms. Finnegan (no mean musician herself) decided to do something about it. The Living Room was born.

In the few short months since its inception, it has gone from strength to strength, with the venue, upstairs at the Cwps, regularly packed out. Why not go along on any Wednesday and see for yourself? (But arrive early or you may not be able to get in.)

the back page Friday 2nd March 2007 CAMBRIAN SNOOZE


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GrWp Amnest Rhyngwladol Aberystwyth

')'11 etch gwahodd i gymryd rhen yn

Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Menywod

Rydym yn cynnal sesfwn i ysrvred

Trais yn erbyn Menywod Ledled B d

Bydd panel 0 siaradwyr gwadd yn trafod sawl pwnc gan gynnwys:

• Menywladdiad yn America Ladinaidd

• Diwyllianl ac Anniogelwch Menywod yn Nhwrci

• Trais yn erbyn Menywod yng N ghynuu

• Menywod a Gwasanaelh Milwrol

• Menywod fel Cenadesau Heddwch

• Ymgyrchoedd Amnesl i atallrais yn erbyn menywod

.Am 7 .30yh yn y Morlan ar 8 Mawrth, 2007

Croeso i bawb

Iwybod rhaqor, ffoniwch: 01970 -624443

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........... -

"O.~ "0"0 t.. Q) Q) t..


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I .......... "0 "0 >-






Aberystwyth Amnesty International Group

invites you to participate in

International Women's Day

w~ are hosting an event looking at


~ E CQ 0

._ u



Violence Against Women Worldwide

A panel of speakers will talk on a range of issues including:

· Femicide in Latin funerica

· Culture and Insecurities ol Women in Turkey

· Violence Against Women in VVales

· Women and Military Service

· Women as Peacemakers

· Amnesty)s Campaigns to end violence against women

.At 7.30 pm in Morlan on 8th March, 2007

All welcome

For further information, please contact: 01970 -624443