By Reet Kanjilal P/MN/R/09/067

Š August 14th 2007. announcement by the Spyker Step 1 Š Bought by ´Orange Indiaµ« Step 2 Š Renamed as ´Force Indiaµ .

Background history«    Founded in 1991 as Jordan Grand Prix Sold to Midland Group Brand name of Jordon Simplifying the solution     Passion beyond profession Emotion of a nation Brand value matters Global image .

Taking the shortcut  Building a F1 team require lots of time ² Time constrain  Money constrain  Human resource constrain Judgmental Heuristics and Biases Model .

Š Š Š International Market vs Indian Market Private Sponsored sports Readiness of Indian society The Anchoring and adjustment heuristic .

Š Š Š Promotional Race in India Creating a glocal image Building strong fan followings .

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