Exploring Shelter at Iris House Monday, December 13th

´a shelter is something we buildµ

To continue thinking and talking about shelter in different ways, we introduced two new projects with new media this morning. Before beginning we asked, ´What is a shelter?µ during Morning Circle. Some of students· thoughts are quoted on this Daily Page. The first invitation was a collection of wood, sticks, and natural materials along with wood and hot glues. Students used these materials to build models of shelters in three dimensions.

´shelters keep us dry when it·s rainingµ ´we need to be careful when we find a shelter, or when we·re inside of one, because it can be very delicateµ

We also offered a clay invitation ² our first of the year! Students decided what type of animal or human shelter to build and went about using hands and tools to craft an amazing variety of clay shelters. Check them out in the studio all this week!

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