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Overview of Key Analysts
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e Quotes

From: Sent.

To: Sublack
Great. ~o far it. put it i n a brief memo and give to

ao dorranee i s aware

I w i l l only be on the c a l l for 3 0 min today


-----Original Mu.ag*-..-From: Lawrence. Dallas B Mr OSD PA T o i Barber, Alliaon Ha O W PA Sent! Ron Jan 08 09:52:01 2007 Subject: white house requests h i there.

Sorry we didnt connect, hope you had a nit. wek-nd with t h e family.
m i s i s what the white touse ha. mkxç f o r with rçgçt e ttr r o l l outs

11 inviting the xagiorrl a¥ memberi co a m e t i n g at t h e white how*, poaaibly with potua.

on Wednesday
retired militmry uiftlyt ccnr -11. 31 jcoc c o n f e r e e c a l l (1 pitched c h u , they agreedl


t o iukà mure you were i n the loop!

alla as B. Lawrence

DirçctorOffice o f Community Relation.


Public Uwimon



Thompson. Jonathan Mr OSO P A

Here's a cut of ~ilitary CWan SMEsfor thisweek'sTestMpes. Well remove Kagcnand UHantondnce both and aremyour~m

based upon your green lighting

Recommend depardhg upon DS'S approval have U OPand Kimmit background fiese tODcs Timing T6D S -



p1~ v0 I l

Stnt FiMq, Januw 05,2007 5 51 PM

To Thompson. Jonathan Mr OSD PA

Subject RE C M I m M r o e ExpssTraÈtPuns
here are afew names to consider tor the briefing.


DJSO) Arrwncan 5-. Reç Clew Polite* General WkyneA Oownlfà (USA. Retired)MSNBC LieutenantColonel Robert L Maghres(USA Rmired)Fox New CNN. QBC Raao O J ~ R r McCaNana ICaonft USA Reciwi CES Uaicif~anwal a m H Scales ~iIUSA Relma~ Fox Maws R Major ~ e n e iDonald W, ~heppenjrtJsA~, l ~etired) CNN

Mr Jed Bfbtxn (F





FromThompson, Jonathan MrOSD PA



Subject FW Civilian M n r Exports ~ r a v a Plans Can you socializewith the suspectsthatmatter in OARDEC, Policy, etc.
First blush wouldn't we want to include Kaoan at AEI, am Jack Keana?

r 06.2006 5:13 PM

Subject Cuitbn Defense Experts Travel Bans

Jonaftwiand I made some changes to the travel lists I attached the laateat and greatest Pleaaft let me kncwlfyou need anything else Thanks,




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Sent: To:



Sony thk is late, gents. Am in Tahoe for the week with too much family. Back tomorrow pm
Re@lGlwrP9ld1w ~ Q l e ~ . : P m u k l ~ & B ! m Q!!lQCf&% : ! ~ 2 Best. Jed




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Subpet: Evening Clips trom 12/29 There were 20 DoUrtlated news ~gments tonight. CNN (9) ledtonight, followed by FOX New (6). MSNBC (I). CBS (1). PBS (2). ABC (I), CMDY (O), ad NBC (0). Overall D o k l t t c d coreuge wm light dueto the werwhciming coverage of the impending Hussein execution. In coverage similar toearlier in thc week, commentar~ a troop surge remained critical. Wniklhc Hussein cxeculion dominatedcovenge tonight. there on a few direct references to the PenlaconLeadinznon-DoDstories lonioht included' President Gerald Ford's funeral, and updates on the Duke case.



reportedtonight that the mtliury had "pfWtred s wane ofmion" b which lhq would keep Marine bnudes in Iraq bneer, ai well u-rush" Army bnfndes into I q a h e u ) ofscbeduk PSI 8ucha<*ui, who ¥xnoie 'Tucker' ims week. re~nsed wet.l.'* notion of xauid oio duo an-1between thi: Penueofi Ian and White House, which consistedofa troop surge for an inc&sein t h e o v e r a l l ~ i l i t q size. Previous comments regarding x Doop surge creating "more targets" and "more casualties" were reiterated01saVetal programs. Favorable opinions ofa surge came from Em. Gen. James Marks Ret. who said that "you can use more forces there (Baghdad)" and some analysts on FOX Newsalso gave favorable views of a short term surge.


In minor DoD-relatedslories, CNN had a m d i s c o s s i m t h e comractin~process, specifically citine the Pentagonand Hamiliton Sunstran. This report argued against government overspending and wed the Pentagon's contract with HamittonSunshanu ftn example. CNN ran iuweekir segment "Heroes,"where they highlighted the courage of Senior Chief HospitalCorpman ReginaldDcm. CNN also carried a short news brief that said accordingtosources in Iraq. lhc Iranian prisonerswere rekased.


Key SentimentsÂ

i 1

Ed Henry (CNN) after a report about 3 troop surer " an already stretched thin military being stretched

. .


Col. lack JacobsRet. (MSNBC) had aslighlly different opinionof fltroopsawfrom hisslance last night "It might stabilize the military sIBM'in at leas for & little while."

Rcad Wolfee of Newsweek claimedhis -said ihr atroop surge would be a "much more longlenn commitment" than die rix monlh troopincrease that has been discussad.

decide they want to prosecute the war and co forward or find a way to gelout The military now that they ate still in the world ofhalfmeasuls."


Gcn. DonShepherdRet.(CNN) while hedilcoued ihe ¥3000-~~iialitymuk longer we're there,and theloim "me westay,Ihe morecasualtiestherewill be"

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From: Ruff. Enc Mr OSD PA
To: Friday. December 29,2006 4 3 7 PM Whitman, Bfym Mr OSD PA

Ce: Smith. Dorranca HON OSD PA; Ranget. RobertCIVSD Subtact readiness hearing
Bryan. following up on our brff conmation this am., here Isma latest into on Congressman Murtha's defense appropriations subcommittee heanng on readinesso l U S ground forces:

Mike Domlnguezand Dave Patiaraonhave been organizing folks to try and determine how and when wecan Inform the deasion-maklngprocess I mnot certain hew many meetings have been held but Ihave attendedtwo ' llast Friday and Monday) Lisa-Maw was at the Monday (nesting as well and mere was discussion about developing an LA-PA outreach enon in the weeks before the actual hearing Mikes shop has complied material I that can berefined etc and distnWlBdloVwH I and the media s\c Note that I asked Mike fortheelectrons and understandfrom him that the papers are wnal was provided to Secretary Gates lor his confirmation hearing Prep

Meantime,there am additional factors that are Hkçto Muonce the debate and may an occur beforethe Jan. 16 hearing 1) As we know. tfr Pwioent may dffkvr t i l l mti~patea 8trxtogy speech bebr* mat date and 2) Ifo mere *.l,be neenngaahonty thereafwronhis p ~ ~ p o ~ e a w a ~ 3) TncCJCS annualmrsmaYÈÈ9m towam report save for 'elease wÈ manpi ano4tthe am w ~OOD'reaolnwe reporr fcr F v 06 w.n M deiivBte0 In n r


*Ã I

Dominguez and Patlamonam the civllian subpct matter experts and we should consider at least oneof them, . probably Mike since Dave k knee deep In 06 Budget matters, fortattrim tathejoumalists. GatOMr am jwt a tç ition ions Ioffer fnr the good of meofderm tho went it I f OKioed mat PA thoulo engage m ma megm component beforethe f t c i ~ anear no Pççam1 ~ 8 m to get in ttXjCh lprabfrabq Wadnosday I l you rave any questions


To intomi the public of the multipleeffortaundertakenby DOD to promote mlliwy m d i n o u .


Raise awareness of the substantialprogress DO0 has made to fund and modernize the military Raise awarenessof the slgoiflcam diffefencasbfltwena soldier of 1990,2000 and ZOOS

STRATEGY' Todisseminate Informationto journalistsaM/or news organization representatives. TACTICS:

. .


Editorial board maring8 with WSJ, USA Today and Washington TIMa Militarymaiyite Bneflngls) Fad Sheets (that can be used on the H 1 as well as pfovfdedtomDOfters and ed writers H Phone or In-pereon briefings toa small numberd eo1umnl.t~ who regularly send to me blagoiphu*(Jtd Babbin, SatenaZfto,a.g.1 Charts that have bean v d l n previousbudgat hearingsthatlllustrate the lewlsof fundiiofaW D t e i n the earty 1990s




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Charts that point out the modernizationof m l ~ e q u l p m e nparticularly me gear of a sotalerandmarine t National talk mato (on* or two progrImsJ Regional talk radio (stations mat reach prim~fib Army or USMC audiences) U.S.



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Subtect:The New Years' Eve Rant

M y traditionalNew Years' Eve column, afboit a few days early so my editor can havethe weekend eft Thus. a pre-emptive Happy New Year to all Best. Jed

4 ~ ~ 0 0 s


~rom~ A F I S - H O I P I A
Sent. To
Friday December 29 2006 7 3




Sl6Qfttt Evening Clips from 12/28 Main Topic TroopSurge Sub-Thew Analyitssay "Gatespnvately opposed


Evening News Broadcast Coverage Report
Dtt~nber 28,2006

D~D-reiatedstory covered flitstraegy session held at crawford, Texas with President Bush and his "warcabinet" which led into reports aboutthe potential troopsurge. Straightforwardcoverage of Secretary Gates' recent trip 10 1raq.and hismeetings with U S military commandersandenlistedtroops, was included in thecontext ofthe Texas session with the President. T e leadinenon-DoDstories tonieht were. thedeaths offonncr Residcni h Gerald Ford andlames Brown, and winter¥ft&hc problems. All networksearned President Ford'scriticism of the war i n Iraq.

Reports on the President'$footing with the "wucabinet" focused pnmarih on the President, withJirtt pusiftg n l i o i n of Secremn Gates Comii'ÈCT>taron 8 irooià sutlie contm~e<no htghiy skcp~ical In ~tefljlncts oc of and


A minorionic o f d i m u i o n wax the conflict in Sonul4in which said that U.S. commander; "want to we peace brought to Somalia" and also reportedthu Somalia has harbored aLQaeda terrorists. Key Sentiments:



. .....-..".. .

CNBC Host Bob Pimi: " imderatMulIhuDefense Secretly Robert Gales isalso presentingplans t h e I in e l d include a jobscrenion program in Iraq~not the United Su%cs-loopenas many as 10 stale-owned factory around Iraq by end o f January. Cleariy this administration is trying to lake a bit more omprehensivcapproach to Ide problem" 0 P.J. Crowlcy responded: "It's t good i h - weshoaid have done it three years ago" Joe Scarborough on itroop surge: "His (PresidentBush] Defense Secretely WKI soldiers In Iraq oppose the

Joshw Green ofMSNBC: "So Gales may bea emall voice ofotffiositimndown I n Crawford... but to all outward appearance it looksas if the President has nude up his mind and isnow looking for arationale" Maj. Gen.Don Shcpperd ( R W 0 "He'll (Cues) be more colkgid with Coopew he'll be eaiier to wort wilhHie mllitaiy. Bill he's eot a wuah load on his shoulders he's been dealt avery difficuh thine" o the Gcrctary's trlpto Iraq: "Mien h e w WCT there... he basically heard ftom the s commanden...don'tjust send us troops,tell u whal you want But from the troops lhanxlves he


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. . .

heard, yes, wecould use more troops- So you have these conflictingviews withinthe miiitniy" Gen Barry McCaffrey (Ret.): On a troop surge: "Do we believe thai will change the nature ofthe civil war... no it won'l"

Col. Jack Jacobs (Rel,):On atroop surge: "It (toesnt matter if we go iilwith 30,OOO or 3"



Juan William of NPR on Secretiiy Gates: "He wasdoing lesf liitening than selling" referring to the notion ofa troop (urge to the commanders in Iraq Barbara Stan on Afghanistan. Noled positive progress i n the reconstructioneffort, but also noted, 'the Taliban can readily move in and wke over" 0 "Many,many Afghansarc againsttiieTaliban. They wantjobs, they want progress.A d . . . onmy W n d trip to Afghanistan. Traveling the road between Kabul, the capital, and the north, to Bagram, we passed two gas stationson the road, under construction, a very small sign bulthar's part o f die new Afghanistan" John Edwards at his.presidentialcandidacy announcenieni: "It is amistake for America to escalate its role i and in h a . It's a mistake to swse troons into Iraa. It sends exacllv the wronc sienal to the h , therest of . the world dbout what our inientlons are." David Manin on the CBS Evening News noted u t h e end o f a repott on a posiible troopsurgethat ft "would almost certainiy mean ~iorc American c<5ualtics."

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