Kisla Rami Period 4 AP Literature 11.27.

10 Meta-Cognitive In my Hemmingway/Faulkner assignment, I attempted to rewrite Hemmingway¶s ³Hills Like White Elephants´ as Faulkner. Although I might¶ve epically failed, I tried to use Faulkner¶s techniques in order to rewrite it so it could somewhat look like Faulkner¶s writing. The main difference between Hemmingway and Faulkner is that Hemmingway¶s writing is much more abstract than Faulkner¶s. Faulkner¶s writing is more straightforward, yet it allows his readers to draw their own conclusions after certain revelations. Faulkner uses imagery in order to relate certain ideas or objects to his character. For example in ³A Rose For Emily´ Faulkner describes Ms. Emily¶s house in the beginning, juxtaposing Ms. Emily¶s character to her house in order to draw comparisons or similarities between the two. In my rewrite, I attempted to create a setting that would mirror the woman¶s emotions in Hemmingway¶s story. I wrote ³extended and desolate´ in order to try and describe the girl¶s inner feelings and what she must¶ve felt like at that very moment. Hemmingway¶s story is probably much longer because of the dialogue he includes in it which allows the readers to understand what his story is about, whereas Faulkner includes more explanations than dialogue to convey his point to the readers. I chose to not give the characters names because I figured that it would alter Hemmingway¶s story a little too much which isn¶t what I wanted to do. I was trying to describe how the girl was feeling because I felt that it would be a much more straightforward approach than trying to create dialogue between the man and woman. In class we discussed various ideas about what the girl might¶ve been feeling and how the man was trying to control her and push her to make a decision that she might¶ve not wanted. Faulkner gives his readers certain

information that allows them to draw their own conclusions. So instead of saying that the girl had an abortion, I tried to hint it and let the readers think what they want.