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Environment 3

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Introduction: Organization behavior is the backbone of any business.

It is used to study about the internal character and the external character of the people in the firm. People are considered to be the most precious asset of a firm. So analyzing the characteristics of the people is important in case to make them feel good inside the company as well to improve the status of the firm by their active participation. In early days of the industrialization the people were considered next to the profit and production of the firm. They were giving less respect to the active participation of the people in the production. The culture of the organization can be measured in the terms of the individual, group as well as from the whole organization. So for the purpose of analyzing all the factors that affect the organization we need to analyze all the factors that will affect the character of the individual, group as well as the whole organization. The organization will run in different ways inside. Most of the time formal, sometime informal within the individuals and they may even think of social factors as well. Most of the problems residing in the company are based on the interpersonal problems. To over come the problems within the employees the company has managed to come up with few ideas. Evolution of management: Scientific approach of management: The scientific management was formulated by the Taylor in the years of late 19th century in order to increase the productivity in the firm. Most of the principles are applicable to almost all the organization and it was widely accepted by the firm in that time. The main objective that stands with this theorem is to gain economic growth by improving the labor productivity. All the things needed to increase the productivity of the firm had been included in this theorem. Taylor noticed most of the problems with the workers in terms of the intelligence, creativity, talent, motivation, skills and more. These differences are the main reason for the low productivity in the firm. Taylor was a lathe operator and foreman. The scientific approach developed by the Taylor is the first to use the science to weigh the value of the individual workers. He said that taking the decisions of the industry just by the wish of the decision maker and the thumb rule should be omitted and the importance should be given more to the careful study of the process of taking the decision. More analysis has to be done before taking any kind of decision. It created new era in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Most of the firms in those days accepted the theorem as the new way to increase the productivity. Rather than taking the decisions by using the old imposed methods. The Taylors theorem was first coined as the term ³shop management´ or ³process management´. Later it was changed to the name ³scientific management´. This method is implemented in most of the firms to reduce the wastage of the resources and increasing the productivity in the company. Most of the industries in those days were based on product development. There were fewer firms based on the services oriented. So it was well applicable to those time period/ but later it was falling in the negative side, as it was giving more importance to the part of improving the productivity that the human value.

In the scientific management the people were asked to do the work they were assigned with. The top level management comprises of the directors and other board people who are having the authority to take the big decisions of the firm by themselves. middle level management. The middle level persons are the supervisors who carry the decisions made by the top level to the bottom level. So whenever there was a small change in the firm. . the customers and other people who are all having connected to the business in any way. Hawthorne studies: The Hawthorne studies resulted in two phases a) the experimental effects b) social effects. The low level persons are the real workers of the firm. The workers thought that the firm is interested in them and also their welfare. Either it is useful or not. The middle level people are there to manage the decisions taken and to process those things to split the work among the low level persons. All the strategies that are going the affect the firm in a major aspect will have its birth from the table of the top level management. Most of the persons in this level are low thinkers and capable of doing things they got expertise. They were used like the machines. closing productivity of new product. Then they started using the value of the human relation to increase the productivity. It splits the organization into three level based on the power they are having in changing the firm with their decisions. Most of the workers used to think like that they were not being noticed and they were loosely coupled to the firm as whole. According to these studies in the industries it was decided that any change in the organization will make workers notice it. Like buying another firm. opening new departments. The human relation has its worth starting from the time of 1960s. They are classified as top level management. These bottom line workers are the labors who were working for the hourly wage or sometimes as contractors. opening a branch in foreign. They are executing all the plans and the decisions of the top level management and the middle level management. Human relations: Later the industrial campaigns come to know the value of the human relation and its effect in the firm.Classical theory of management: The classical theory of management has done most of its work on the flow of the control and the decision making capacity in an organization. They were not supposed to do anything on their own. applying innovations to create a new product. and Low level management. The human are the basic workers. They are used in all the way to increase the growth of the firm as well the firm started to provide the necessary freedoms for the people and benefits they were in need of to enjoy their working environment.

any person has to keep them well prepared. groups.So the human can be parted into the individuals. 1. Without the up gradation of knowledge no one can survive in the field. This will not only affect the fresher. During the bad economic time and recession they will send out the persons who were not assigned with any of the projects. So it will affect their health as well the huge potential to complete the task. For that they have to implement their offices for development as well as marketing in other nations also. Following are some of the individual problem faced by the persons in the software firm. Benching: Whenever the software industry is in need to get the status of the multi national company they will have to show some their internal status to get that MNC grade. The job of a person in the MNCs is not safe. The firms will keep on training the persons with new technology and keep on appraising their knowledge with the examinations. The employees are stressed more to accomplish the task. the companies are recruiting lots of freshers and forcing them to work in the new projects and in new technologies. Recruiting the freshers: In most of the times to reduce the cost for salary. If suppose we could solve most of the problems of the individuals then we could have solved most of the problems in the group and as well as in the whole firm. Since it is the emerging domain. 3. The persons showing poor result in the examination will be de-promoted or thrown out of the firm at any time. Time shortage: The employees are getting less time to finish their projects. Often the freshers will need some time to learn those new things. 2. 4. So their job is in danger. The person in the software field is having no longer time to relax in his career. . the firm will also lose its quality in working in the project as well. Some of the persons feel it difficult to go through. For that they used to take the employees more than enough for the projects in hand and without assigning them the task they used to keep them in the bench. Likewise they have to show the certain number of employees working in their company. The companies are looking for cutting the unwanted cost and to gain more. Software field needs updating in frequent manner. Technical up gradation: Most of the people in the software firm failed to update themselves. So the software engineers have to work day and night in order to finish the work on time. But that person is provided with the huge salary. But the company is not ready to provide them that time and wanted them to act like an experienced professional which is not possible most of the time leaving the fresher in a bad situation.

They are supposed to learn all those sort of new technologies by themselves. So the people should develop their skills in the entire project they are getting. banking. So their work will not have perfection. Because the software domain jobs are highly payable as well it produces more stress in you than other jobs. This is the main reason for the health issues of the software people. To avoid such kind of situation people should develop the self habit of meditation. 9. doing aerobic exercise. The software firms are not getting enough time to train the people in the emerging technologies as they want them to learn it by themselves. 8. This is due to the simple fact of not planning the things properly. They used to think like the management people should handle the problems related to that. . Lack of training: Most of the people in the software firm are not getting enough training when they are placing them in new project with new technology. Health issues: Most of the health issues to the software people are psychological oriented. At last by the deadline they start working more than their threshold level. Else he will feel like that he was in wrong department. So they cannot relieve their stress by concentrating on other things around. decision making and other similar skill set. But what the real thing is that the people with both the technical skills as well as the management qualities like leadership. aerospace. For this the person should be a quick and easy learner. But lots of the software technical people are not showing interest in this part of their work. High stress: It is not the kind of job for the people who are not capable for solving their solving their stress. Because the firms are not interested in wasting the money and precious time in training and upgrading them. Most of them develop spinal problems too. insurance. So they didn¶t do the work by the time schedule. 6. 7.5. And having the management skills and leadership qualities are unnecessary for them. Lack of leadership qualities: The technical people should also develop with the leadership qualities. For this most of the firms have developed the stress management programs/ but still at the end of the project the people have to work more to finish the project on time and with perfection. research purpose. Because most of the projects are involved not only in the system side but also in other field like physic. Learning in more than one domain: The software firm people are expected to have knowledge in other domains as possible. At that moment they will be highly stress. And likewise it will provide space for more flaws. People are sitting in front of the system are not having any kind of movement around. health department and a lot more.manufacuring.

Those people will not actively participate in the formal activities. Avoiding argue at such kind of general things should be important in the firms. Most of the issues in the organization arise due to the problems in the groups and within the groups. And making the judgment for things allocating themselves to the leadership post will make some burdens in the heart of some other co workers. All the personal disputes between people have to be keep apart at the working place. So a conflict occurs which leads to the decrease in the overall performance of the team. even that person is not having any formal responsibilities like that. Communication problems: Most of the MNCs have acqiuired the global deevlopment system in which single software would have splitted into more small modules and those things are scattered around the world for the development. So that all the modules could get developed and it is mounted in the integrator to integrate all the things. So the people should develop the character of existing with the people like those. It can even cause the dispute sometime. This is the latest method of developing the software. So there comes a bad situation. Some other group members take that at ease. But some of the people those who are very strict in following the rules ask the other person to act according to the rules. This is the common nature of the people and some people always have the responsibility to manage things in their environment. Communication plays a vital role in the organizational behavior. . Most of the problems within the group and inside the groups are informal activities. Some of the people in the group act as a leader of the group. Mode of communication of some people are not in the pleasant way to other. In this case the small modules have been developed in some part of world. Team dynamics: These are the issues faced by the team as whole and the individual in the team. Some of the funny world said by them at the excited moments will hurt others. which that person won¶t like. Personal things should be avoided in the firms as it will affect the overall performance of the firm. Because it will cause grouping up of people having similar thoughts in the group and it starts to split the people into different categories of people having different thoughts. Most of the persons are not wishing any person to rule his or her characters and activities. Some of the people in the group will never act according to the rules in the firms. Sometimes even their thought on the public contents such like the political view will get change within the people. The management cannot expect all the persons in a group to be perfect in all the manners. They used to take all the issues within the problem and try to solve it.10. So we have to communicate with the group members properly to make the system.

Thus it reduces the cost of implementing the solution. If two people were friends in a group. Some of the positive things about the team dynamics are as follows: This drags others in the team to get into the discussion. The size of the team will also sometimes influence the way of attraction or the way that is causing the dispute between people. Likewise the solution may be innovative and smart and sometime it will reduce the amount of resource we need to reduce.It is the responsibility of the manager to look into the group regarding the communication issues. Social culture within them gets spoiled and the people are not actively participating in each others activities. different gender. The group is made of individual characters. The team is made up of different people. The miscommunication within the team will lead to the poor performance from that team. So that the team friendliness increases. then managing that group is somewhat easier than the other. all the things will be helpful in a team. They should find the opportunity in the difficult times. This will reduce the processing time of the problems as well as bring out lots of alternative solutions for a single problem. And that kind of friendship asks them to be more informal and make their minds free of the stress. So eventually there will be two sub groups. That¶s the real way to learn the things. Hence the dispute between any two of the characters will lead to the destruction of the whole team. And the authority given for a person is used in the right way and has never been misused. At the time of problem the members of the group have to find the solutions as a team. The team will manage to due to the works of other persons so that . from different location so they have to develop the skills to learn from each other. then the other people might find it difficult to get between them. their cultures and more. Will increases the social feel to the group and the people start taking the things at ease. Most of the information passed through these groups is not passed to other group. Even there may be difference in the way of learning. Their team members are there to please them at the needed time. The managers have to make sure that there are no personal disputes in the group and the communication mode is perfect in making the decisions within the group. People from different location can learn each others way of living. But it has some negative effects too. way of habit. Some of the people in a group will actively participate in all the works of the group. The decision making of the group is to be done without the intervention of one of the groups. Remove their hesitation to play and having fun with other. So. The responsibility to make sure that the ideas of any individuals are freely opening in the group resides with the manager. If the size of the team is too small in a single digit. But others used to avoid such things. So the people will not have to expect the motivation and encouragement from any of the formal persons or through the beneficiary acts. They won¶t actively participate in the team events.

banking. media. business consulting. enterprise application development. Wipro is one of the IT firm that is giving importance to the innovations of the people. By the years of 1990¶s it became one . security applications and more. The services provided by the Wipro are as database management. The IT services of the Wipro are providing its services to the companies in the Europe. Most of the above said problems for the workers in the software firm are applicable for the persons in the Wipro too. hospital. Some of the innovations made within the company are home networking. In the later years the company made its step into the IT related services. The Wipro technologies is the subsidiaries of the Wipro limited started first as the company that produced the sunflower vanaspati and 787 laundry soap. by azim premji. wireless communications and workplace collaboration. military. business management and more. The company is having it services in almost all the parts of the business such as health care. And also to receive the IEEE software process award by a company that is outside of the United States. The top management of the Wipro was keen in looking for the innovation within the organizations. mobile. Wipro is the first company to make the multiprocessor systems in India and making mini computer along with the compiler that was written in India. Wipro is the first company to receive the CMMI level 5 in the software services company. Japan and almost all the parts of the world. insurance. In the year of 1980 the Wipro enter into the IT industry with the name Wipro technologies. it has to make lots of changes in the innovative way. service delivery innovations innovation. Global services 2. testing services. The one of the Wipro¶s promise statement is the innovations. America. The top management believes that to become top most in the IT servicing firms. Wipro is one of the companies that are providing the unmatched business solutions through the process excellence. Wipro has strong faith in the innovation. Wipro is having more than 40 ³centers of excellence´ that will provide solutions to the number of specific industry. customer relationship management.Case study: Wipro is one of the largest IT services firm in the India that has been started in the year of 1985. finance. according to them the innovation will act as a significant partner in developing the business and achieving high goals. India and Asia pacific services 3 consumer care and lightning. business intelligence. The company majorly operates in three segments such as 1. The term of the Wipro is ³applying thoughts´. network management.

After the Infosys and the Tata consultancy services.of the notable firm in providing the IT related services. Over the days the Wipro is making lots of the quality based process and keep on increasing the quality and servicing perfection. name and other details about their project in the intranet of the firm. They made their policies in such a way that it will motivate and boost up the people to come up with new ideas that could be converted to a profitable innovation. The Wipro is the only company to get the six sigma certification along with the CMMI level 5 certificate and people capability maturity model. The Wipro thinks of making the innovations as the product that can make profit for the firm all the time that is alive. the Wipro is the major software exporter of India. The Wipro not only motivate the ideas from the individuals but also from the groups and teams as well. It produces all the needed things to convert the innovative component into a profitable component. They made it successfully too. If they found it suitable and valuable they will post the photos. And other step involves generating the ideas from the employer and validating it by referring it with the customer. After globalization start making impact on the world market. Conclusion: . the IT service providing in India got a boom. This designed framework is used to create the innovations right from its generation to implementation of that idea to convert it as a best outcome. The top level management created a facebook for the innovators and tried to implement all the innovations within that framework. So they take the ideas and generate the innovation. It took the entire step to increase its standard to enter in the IT firm of world market. Wipro was one among them to take their ship in that wave. The innovation framework consists of 12 steps in which the initial step is starting of the innovation and finding the right theme for it to build on. So the basis of the Wipro becomes the innovation now. Implementation of the new ideas should be marketable. So they are not looking into the ideas that cannot result in the profit. Some of the policies of the Wipro are the idea is considered to be innovative if and only if the ideas can be transferred to something to make profit by company. For the people to come up with new ideas and innovation they have started new policies and reward management system that could result in the process of innovation. All the guidelines were provided by that framework itself. Those kinds of things in people are called as innovation by the top people in the Wipro.

That can change the status in the market abruptly. motivation and reward management technique can be widely seen through the process going in the Wipro. So the organizational behavior also resides it shoulder in the innovation and process of bringing out new ideas.The result of the innovation. .

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