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For delivery on 送貨日期 : 8, 10, 12 May 2007

Tel: 3612-0147 Fax: 2129-4244

蔬 菜 類 Organic Vegetables 訂購單/ Order List

No. Item 貨品 Origin Unit HK$
HK's local organic farm
1 秀珍菇 Oyster Mushroom、鮑魚菇 King Oyster Mushroom、豬肚菇
本地有機農場 $18 /200g /pack

節瓜 Hairy Cucumber、薯苗 Potato leaf、紅莧菜 Chinese Spinach, Red、西芹頭

Celery Root、白通菜 Water Spinach, White、青通菜 Water Spinach, Green、青 HK's local organic farm
2 瓜 Cucumber、青椰菜 Cabbage, Round Green、蕃茄 Tomato、紅菜頭 本地有機農場
$18 /斤 /Catty
Beetroot、芥蘭 Kale、唐生菜 Lettuce, Chinese、小甘筍 Baby Carrot

3 青木瓜 Papaya, Green、薑 Ginger HK's local organic farm $16 /斤 /Catty

本 周 熱 賣 乾 貨 類 Hot Dry Goods Items

半島有機赤靈芝荼包每盒 20 "Granoro"Organic Spaghetti "Granoro" Organic Farfalle
Mother's 包 30 克 Organic Lingzhi
"Granoro" Linea Biologica
Penne & Fugilli ( 有機螺絲通粉 ( 有機意大利粉 )$15 ( 有機蝴蝶粉 ) $19
/ 尖通粉 ) $17
Day Tea(30g, 20 packs) $280

S pecial S ales
每盒 10 克 Organic
Lingzhi (10g)
$342 (was $380)

有機意大利葡萄黑醋 – 3 有機靈芝湯包 Organic Hain Sea Salt $19.50 萬家香有機醬油 Organic

葉 Organic balsamic Lingzhi Soup Pack (Certified Soy Sauce $28
vinegar 250ml $42 by HKORC) $36

紐西蘭天然有機蘋果醋 Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 355ml $58/bottle

德國健寶有機車厘子蜜 Organic Cherry Nectar 750ml $62/bottle
有機蘆薈汁 Organic Aloe Vera Juice (946ml) 946ml $125/bottle
有機原蔗糖 Hain USDA Certified $32/pack
有機純石榴果汁 Woodstock Farms Organic Pure Pomegronate 946ml $108/bottle
有機提子乾 (14 盒裝 ) Organic Snack Raisins (14 small packs) $37/pack

清 潔 用 品 類 Environmental Friendly Cleaning Products

Country Save Dish Country Save Laundry Environné Fruit and Organic Aloe Vera Gelly 另有多款有機食
Detergent (946ml) $35 Detergent (160oz 80 loads) $128 Vegetable Wash $50 Cream $50
用品 , 歡迎來電
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Many Organic Items

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本地優質鮮魚 (由香港政府漁護處優質養魚場計劃監管 ,並由魚類統營處進行加工處理及真空包裝 ). 食得安心!!

All Quality Fish comes from HK's local fish farm and under Accredited Fish Farm Scheme (AFFS) by AFCD and with vacuum pack by FMO.

紅魚 (Red Snapper)、紅鮪 (Mangrove)、石蚌 (White Blotched Snapper)、細 HK's AFFS fish farm
1 鱗 (Paint Sweetip)、烏頭(Grey Mullet) 本地優質魚場
$5.5 / 兩 / Tael

HK's AFFS fish farm

2 黃立倉 (Pampano) (1 catty = 16 tael 1 catty =605g)
$4 / 兩 / Tael

(Only Thur. & Sat. home delivery service for fish! Please place fish order 2 working days ahead)
(優質鮮魚暫時只於星期四、星期六送貨! 請提早二天落單訂購)
If you want to order by fax (21294244) or email ( , please write down your
name and phone number. Our cut off time is 5:30 pm. (Hong Kong Organics 有機良品)

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