2009-2010 TRACK TEAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1) Team GPA 3.0 2) All Athletes Maintained eligibility 3) We graduated 15 seniors.

All will be attending college in the Fall 2010 4) Indoor city champions 5) Indoor National champions 6) Broke the USA record in the Shuttle Hurdle Relay (Boys) 7) 13 indoor All Americans 8) Both Boys and Girls 2nd at Outdoor Nationals 9) Broke NY state record in the Shuttle Hurdle Relay (Girls) 10) 12 outdoor All Americans 11) Broke 20 school records 12) John Thomas named the PSAL MVP 13) Bishop Loughlin games champions 14) New Balance Games champions 15) Hartford Invitational champions Former athletes currently competing at the following universities: Kentucky, Rhode Island, Rutgers, Cornell, Virginia, Coppin State, Morgan State, South Carolina State, Texas, Monroe, LIU, Adelphi, Manhattenville, Buffalo State

Akeam Allen, John Thomas, Richmond Ahadzi, Paul Fyffe 2010 indoor national champs 4x200

Jose Marc Sears, Richmond Ahadzi, Jose Farley, Naquan Alexander 2010 indoor national champions and National record in the shuttle hurdle relay.

Naquan Alexander, John Thomas, Darryl Bradshaw, Ayo Isijola 2008 4x100 national champions and state record breakers.

Tyroy Lawson, Devin Lee, Richmond Ahadzi, Kensey Jean Claude. 2010 bishop loughlin champions 4x200 us #1

Championship rings from our 4 National championships.

Jose Farley 2x national champion

Darryl Bradshaw 10x All American 4x State champion, 3x National champion, 2x PSAL MVP. Currently a college All American and team captain at the University of Kentcky

Rolyce Boston Long Jumping 24 feet at the PSAL championship

Loraine Cruickshank, cassey Griffith, Khadijah Cudjoe, Marisa Ahrendts 4x200 All Americans

Mitchell Kun #1 PSAL distance runner. 96 average student

John Thomas passing the baton to Naquan Alexander to win the 2008 4x100 national championship.

Ayo isijola 5 x city champion, 5x All American, currently playing football and running track at rhode island university.

Steve Delice: 2004 graduate 10X collegiate all American, 5x Academic all American, Haitian Olympian and Hatian National record holder 400hurdles.Bs from Coppin state, Ms . from university of Virginia

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