the charity?

The callers are re­
The number
charitable ";'''''MAne­
ues t.o increase, The Better
Business Bureau has
Take the time to TP<""r!'h
charities. Those that: are
will welcome your
tomorrow as
much Don't suc­
cumb to pressure to
money on the spot and be
sure to use inc
means to do your research.
five to be asked
of telemarketers:
II Are you a thinL"ow
fundraisers can
where from 25
percent of the
collect. Most efficient
ties less than 25 per­
cent on fund
II How much of
tion will end up with
law to disclose this
to contributors.
The BBB recommends that at
least 65 percent be given to
....Y"I"\ ..................... ,..
II What is the full name
and location of the
ImllIar or
semble the name of a
Bewarv of
known organi:zation.
II Does your
IRS? This
to include a
them as a tax deduction on
your income tax return.
II What does the
charity do? If a
II BBB Mis!;issi]:lpi evaluat:es
local charities­
Bill Moak is flr;,ddPl1t
Better Business Bureau
Missis:sipjpi. E-mail him

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