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Enviro harms of nuke war
I'm running "Fear Bad" -Says fear caused by deterrence causes states to overreact
I'm running "Commitment Trap" -Says if we make a nuclear threat, and somebody uses
bio or chem weapons, we must retaliate to uphold our reputation
(I can give that ev to anybody who wants it)
Nuclear weapons possession leads to imperialization
Nuclear weapons possession leads to conventional war
Big nasty nuke war
Nuclear programs initiate force on a state's own citizenry
terrorism, accidents, radiaiton, deontology affs.
Risk of nuclear war
Harms relations between states
Threat of terrorist theft
Megaton --> Megawatts Extention Plan
Iran/NK Plan
Nuclear Weapons Language K (Pre-fiat)
Deontology Aff with Deo/Util impacts.
Morality Aff (talks about how we coerce and hold nukes over others heads)
Accidents Aff
States ought only possess Tactical Nukes. Smaller, less chance of extinction, less civilian
Space colonization
Statism--alt- corporations ought to possess nukes.

States ought possess tactical nuclear weapons
A DA about how nuclear weapons are key to deterring the use of bio-weapons
Nuclear weapons possession deters conventional war
Nukes for enviro protection because they solve oil spills
I'm spiking out of some AC stuff by saying deterrence doesn't depend on rationality
I'm also running existential deterrence
Conventional Warfare Aff
NK gives nukes to terrorist without US nuclear deterrence DA
Terrorist Bioweapon DA
Permissibility (Meta-ethics) NC
Self-defense NC no method of enforcement
Nukes don't exist.
Deterrence--of course
NK Disad
Megaton to Megawatts is a current policy where US and Russia are converting nuclear
weapons to nuclear fuel for reactors. It ends in 2013. This plan extends it. Honestly you
could've googled that one.

Nuclear Weapons Language K talks about how the language of nuclear weapons excludes
talks of peace etc and shows them as having strategic uses.

And the TNW pic is to have states possess tactical nuclear weapons.