Bahaa Q 3rd period

Philadelphia Tales Part One

As I was enjoying my friend¶s birthday dinner last night, I noticed a smile that I had qualities I haven¶t seen in years. It was simply beautiful. I look up to the person carrying that smile and it¶s a gorgeous burnet girl sitting at the end of that dinner table. Her blue eyes were noticeable even thought she was about 8 feet away. She seemed to be 16 or 17, wearing a very fancy dress that complemented her body and figure in every possible aspect.

She noticed how dazzled I was by her, and it only made her smile more. It was time to pay for the food, and I had to go to the ATM to get money, when I got up she followed me claiming she needs to do the same thing. She started asking me about where I¶m from and how I knew the birthday guy. She has a breathtaking voice that I can listen to for years. She explained that she¶s Russian and came to Philadelphia from Moscow ten years ago.

She was very active, always laughing on my jokes and making ones in return. She reacted to every topic I mention and never managed to lose her smile. She seemed to hide anything too personal and kept her ³cheery´ mood to the people around her. I deduced that she¶s emotional but she manages to show a happy side of her personality; perhaps to keep people entertained. I took her phone number that night but forget to save it in my contacts. All I can do is hope that I see her again one day, and catch that incredible smile one more time.

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