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Webster Industry

Webster Industry

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The Webster Industries Case suggests that the performance evaluation data and the methods used to collect it had several problems. Analyze how the limitations of the PAS, personnel audit, and the impressions and opinions of the group members are likely to affect the Carter Team s decisions from the perspective of decision-making biases. In your analysis, cite specific problems with the data or data collection methods and how they relate to the decision-making biases that we discussed in class. This question focuses on how the content of data and they process by which it was guantified, collected and organized in a firm can raise the probability that manageers and the Carter team will inadvertently use cognitive biases when appraising employees. Note: do not analyze the team decision processes.

2. Part A: Analysis Catrter s team from the perspective of building a network that can successfully handle diverse, multi-dimensional problems. In addition, analyze Carter s leadership of the team with regard how his team reviewed the performance data and settled on a termination list. Use Henry Fonda as a benchmark for good thought leadership and problem-solving in teams. Justify your analysis with reference to class material and with evidence from the case regarding specific problems. Part B: Describe three changes you would recommend in the team s network structure or group processes to overcome the problems you identified in Part A. Justify your recommendations with class material. 3. Imagine you are the Greenboro Plant manager. You just received a call from Abe inviting you to a meeting to discuss the new layoffs at Webster. Caught off guard by the invitation and the pending layoffs, you make some discrete calls and learn some alarming facts. The Home Furnishings Production Manager is being terminated; Industrial Furnishings is taking control of Home Furnishings; 43 terminations were earmarked by Abe but 47 terminations are on Carter s list; and your plant is targeted for a disproportionately large number of the terminations, a blemish on your record of leadership. Consequently, this meeting may be your best opportunity to save your reputation and the jobs of your personnel, whom are top-notch in your experience. The meeting is attended by Carter Group (Bob Carter, 3 of the 4 production m angers, Jack Bryant, and Cecil Stevens. Your objective is to get Carter s Group to agree to reduce all or some of your division s firings before they hand Abe the final termination list. Describe the leadership tactics you would use to win them over to your position. Use case information to support your strategy.

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