engine log book

Log book is the official document which has all the operational data related to the operation of the ship machinery.


Consumption record.  Evidence to prove that certain checks were done prior entering a port.Importance of log book Legal document. And F.  Evidence for investigation of an accident.  Ensure proper checking of parameters every watch by watch-keepers.  A condition monitoring tool.O. Useful in early fault finding.  .  Identification of trend of parameters of m/c.O.  L.

.Procedure to make entries in log book Entries to be made clearly and legible. Preferably local reading to be recorded. All corrections to be made by a single line cut and to be signed by person making correction. Additional events / accidents to be recorded.

Scavenger temp and pr.O. M/E L. piston cooling oil and jacket water temperatures. F. M/E L.O. Engine load.O. Flow meters. T/C RPM. And JCW pressures. .Important readings Engine RPM. .O. M/E exhaust gas temperatures. F..

Never to change reading at later time to divert an investigation.Caution ! Never to write false reading or statement in logbook. . Failing to do these may result in imprisonment or personal fine or both. Its a criminal offense.


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