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Executive Summary: Colgate Palmolive is a well-reputed company with a large series of its well-known products having different varieties in terms of flavour. Colgate is one of the most prominent products of Colgate Palmolive. Here in our project we are going to introduce a new orange flavoured Colgate which is specially prepared for kids. Our aim is to produce best quality product for the kids for make the market attractiveness. It reflects the company’s best opinion as to how it can most profitability apply its skills and resources in the market place. As our company believes that quality is our product, therefore we designed our product according to specific quality standards. We are decided to evaluate the various segments and decide how much and which segment we can serve best. Colgate is serving customers through ‘Differentiated Marketing’. Using different flavours and alterations, and it focus different age group. But Colgate Junior by Colgate Palmolive is now planning to target children. It is an Orange cooling crystal Gel which is specially manufactured for kids ranging 4 to 9 years. The company competitive edge is a best quality fruity crystal gel with maximum calcium and fluoride. This will distinguished our product from our competitors. And Colgate Junior will be a high priced and high quality pastes whose price corresponding substantially with its quality. As we know that Colgate is the market leader in oral hygiene. We will expand our market with the time. We will launch our product (Colgate orange) in the other provinces of Pakistan like Sindh and N.W.F.P. The company try to increase our net profit more than 23% of the sales by the end of 2009.and our aim is to achieve 10% of the market share by the start of 2009. The company goes for exclusive distribution and has an indirect channel of distribution. Colgate Junior adopts market skimming pricing strategy, product line pricing strategy, promotional pricing strategy, and geographical pricing strategy. History of Colgate Palmolive: In 1806, William Colgate opened up a starch, soap, and candle factory on Dutch Street in New York City under the name of "William Colgate & Company". In 1857, William Colgate died and the company was reorganized as "Colgate & Company" under the management of Samuel Colgate, his son. In 1872, Colgate introduced Cashmere Bouquet, a perfumed soap. In 1873, the firm introduced its first toothpaste, aromatic toothpaste sold in jars. In 1908 they initiated selling toothpaste in tubes. In Milwaukee, WI, the B.J. Johnson Company was making a soap entirely of palm and olive oil. The soap was popular enough to rename their company after it - Palmolive. A Kansas based soap manufacturer known as the Peet Brothers merged with Palmolive to become Palmolive-Peet. In 1928, Palmolive-Peet joined the Colgate Company to create the Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Company. In 1953 "Peet" was dropped from the title, leaving only "Colgate-Palmolive Company". In the beginning of television, Colgate-Palmolive wished to compete with Procter & Gamble as a sponsor of soap operas. Although the company sponsored many shows in part, they were most famous for being the full sponsor of the serial The Doctors. George Henry Lesch was president, CEO, and chairman of the board of Colgate-Palmolive in the 1960s and 1970s.

This announcement has received both praise and criticism.                                 . deodorants/antiperspirants. a leading maker of natural toothpaste. such as toothpaste. for US$100M. Introduction: Colgate-Palmolive is a $10. Colgate is delivering strong global growth by following a tightly defined strategy to increase market leadership positions for key products. with many questioning why a company with a 'No animal testing' policy would sell themselves to a company that does test on animals when not required to by law. For the past 33 years the Colgate-Palmolive Company has sponsored a non-profit track meet open to women of all ages. dishwashing detergents. toothbrushes. and are currently worth $358 Million. Kathryn and Carleton. Personal Care. Our goal is to provide an athletic competition that helps the participating young girls and women develop a strong sense of personal achievement and self-esteem. This event is called the Colgate Women's Games. Colgate-Palmolive announced the intended acquisition of Tom's of Maine.6 billion global company serving people in more than 200 countries and territories with consumer products that make lives healthier and more enjoyable. household cleaners. The Company focuses on strong global brands in its core businesses — Oral Care. Colgate currently manages the company. bar and liquid soaps. Harvey A. The Colgate Women's Games is the nation's largest amateur track series open to all girls from elementary school through college.In 2006. Tom's of Maine was founded by Tom Chappell in 1970. fabric conditioners and specialty pet food. He and his wife have two children. Home Care and Pet Nutrition.


Customers’ Loyalty: Colgate Palmolive has been serving its customers since long and now at this point of time has made its mark in attracting quite a large number of loyal customers.       . eventually it is on the top as a market leader of oral hygiene. Colgate launched many products keeping in mind the preferences of its customers. This can help in gaining an idea about the acceptance of the new product which is Colgate Junior. Micro environment ii. So Colgate Palmolive has succeeded in making quite a large number of loyal customers by fulfilling their demands up to their perceived value and expectation.      SITUATION ANALYSIS: It is the first step in developing a marketing plan. It includes the following two steps:  Internal analysis  External analysis i. Global Teamwork and Continuous Improvement —are part of everything we do. For 1806 it has been striving to be the market leader and now with 26% shares of the whole oral care market. The main purpose of this analysis is to discover the distribution trends.   Market attractiveness: Following figure illustrates the market attractiveness for Colgate Palmolive. logistics and sourcing process Market Share: Colgate Palmolive is an exceptionally renowned brand when we talk about oral care. Mission Statement: To provide colgate with a significant competitive advantage by reducing total delivered cost. Macro environment Internal Analysis: Vision Statement: Our three fundamental values—Caring. company’s product and most importantly the situation of the markets in which the company has decided to compete in. extending technology resources and developing excellence in purchasing.

economic. technological. Product life cycle (PLC) is to do with the life of a product in the market with respect to business/commercial costs and sales measures. whereas Product Life cycle Management (PLM) is more to do with managing descriptions and properties of a product through its development and useful life. Micro: The micro environment consists of the factors close to the company that affect its ability to serve its customers_ the company. natural. PLC starts from the research and development phase and ends with the decline phase where strong and applicable techniques are required to up raise the product back to the maturity or growth phase. mainly from a business/engineering point of view. If a country experiences inflation then it will have a negative impact on the businesses running in that country. Socio-cultural factors: The main forces affecting decisions about our product are the social and cultural factors. Economical Factors: Another imporatant external force that directly affects our decisions is the economic variation. suppliers. If the government is inactive then the company advances at a standard rate but the other way round. Whereas the industry stands very close to maturity stage and can unquestionably considered to be at this phase. marketing intermediaries. Technological factors: Technolgy is a factor whose value cannot be ignored. customer markets. So our product is directly influenced by this factor.   Porter’s 5 Forces: . a drastic fall can be seen. Our product has stepped into its introductory phase after crossing through the research and development phase of its life cycle. political and cultural forces.     External Analysis Macro: The macro environment consists of larger societal forces that affect the micro environment including demographic. PEST Analysis: Political Factors: Political factors play a vital role for the business prevailing in the country. Technologies vary with the passage of time in all industries. competitors and publics. We also make our techniques and methodologies up to date for keeping our product preferable in the market.      Product Life Cycle: Product life cycle depicts the aging procedure of a product. Before taking any decision we have to keep in mind the specific religious and cultural key factors for our survival in the industry because people will repel the product that their religion or culture do not prefer.

• Orange Crystals:- . A-1 and minto toothpastes which are in this field and pursuing the same purpose. Bargaining Power of Buyers(Low): It is quite low because there are not many substitutes in the market to which the consumer can switch. Bargaining Power of Suppliers(Low): Bargaining power of suppliers will be quite low because colgate is a leading brand so suppliers wish to maintain stability in delivering their raw matarial to the firm without fluctuating the prices. english. Threat of Entrants(High): As the international market is rapidly growing so there is always a threat that new companies are going to jump into this industry for pursuing the same objective. sparkle.Competitive Rivalry (High): Our competing firms include close-up. medicore. doctor’s. shield. It will provide you the maximum freshness in yours mouth through out the day. medicam.               SWOT Analysis: Strengths: The strength of Colgate is as follows:• Qualified sales staff • Strong financial backup • Orange Gel:First time in the Pakistani market we are going to introduce the toothpaste with orange gel. Threat of substitute(Low): Threat of substitute is quite low because most of the people prefer using toothpastes instead of going for toothpowders or herbal stems for dental cleansing and there are not many subsitutes in the market for toothpastes. forhan’s. This will keep fighting against bacterial actions in yours mouth. The prices are fixed and customers are not provided with enough opportunity to alter the consistent prices.

• Technology:. • Friendly Environment:Colgate provides you the employee friendly environment that provides the positive impact on society. and great orange taste that helps yours teeth in removing plaque and stains while you brush yours teeth. • Globalization:.Stable economic conditions boost the growth of the product. so taking it as an opportunity we can consider it to be a prospect for Colgate orange. may be the people accept the new taste in toothpaste field or may be reject the new product.Palmolive Company. It’s the threat for the company that disturbs the company management. The company has no idea about its chances of success.Technology is at its bang. OPPORTUNITIES: In the Opportunities of the Colgate Orange are… • Large investment:High investment is the biggest Opportunity for the Colgate.As the world is becoming a global village.hours’ protection of yours teeth. cleanness. • Intensive distribution:As the product is daily useable commodity so the company is using intensive distribution which provides an Opportunity for the company that the Colgate Orange is available at every shop and due to this the sales of the company is increasing day by day. • Stable economic conditions:. Also the company has an idea that may be this product is failed in earning the market share oral care field because there are usually 90% chances of failure of new product in the market. Colgate provides the total 12. • Maximum Protection:Colgate orange gel contains sodium fluoride that helps in preventing exposed root cavities and prevents tender gums. Threats: In the threats that Colgate Orange feels there are … • Chances of Failure:As the company is new in the market. . Weaknesses: • Due to high rate of taxes our prices are higher • Giant competitors like pepsodent and close-up.This Colgate Orange includes orange crystals that provides instant freshness.

3. 4. 2. Time – When you are suppose to achieve the objectives. Achievable – The objectives you set should be achievable and attainable. These objectives are very important and help the management as well as the staff to see how they can get what they want over a specifis period of time.• Competitors:In Pakistan there are many companies in the field of toothpaste manufacturing so there is a huge rate of competition in the market. before being a part of any industry. (Time duration) Objectives of Colgate Junior:  We will create 50% awareness of our product to the target customers in 3 months. .  Increase the net profit to more than 25% of the sales by the end of 2009. Realistic – Keeping in mind your resources. it should be realistic to achieve the predefined objectives. 5. plans on what it actually wants to achieve. Specific – Objectives should specify what you actually want to achieve. China is also offering their products at lesser price so this is another threat for the Colgate-Palmolive company and also for their product that is Colgate Orange.                     OBJECTIVES: Objectives provide the basis for any firm to stand. These objectives must be SMART enough to work upon. Every firm. Some international companies are also offering their products of this category. • Unstable political conditions. SMART stands for: 1. Measurable – You should be able to measure whether the objectives are being met or not.

Included within this would be a series of decisions on the markets in which the organization will operate the type of product it will offer and the basis of the competitive stances. Marketing strategies are the means by which objectives will be achieved. Strategies endow us with a broad direction directing the way through which we can achieve the desired position or objectives. It reflects the company’s best opinion as to how it can most profitably apply its skills and resources in the marketplace. To gain 10% of the market share by the mid of 2009. Marketing strategy is the broad statement of the way in which the organization sets out to achieve these objectives.                               MARKETING STRATEGY: Strategy is a decision which will affect all the subsequent tactics. It includes: • Market Segmentation • Market Targeting • Market Positioning .  To introduce our product also in Sindh and NWFP somewhere around 2010.

Dividing a market into smaller groups of buyers with distinct needs. This is the reason why we will target kids from 4 to 9 years of age. So to . the product is designed keeping in mind the younger population nevertheless people ranking above the age limit can also utilize our product as it is not a detrimental product. As mentioned earlier. we have divided our market on the basis of following four variables:• Geographic • Demographic • Psychographic • Behavioral Geographic We have divided Pakistan in four segments on the basis of provinces. We will specifically design our marketing strategy according to our selected segments. Since now toothpaste is a product which is not used occasionally in urban areas round the country. characteristics or behaviors who might require separate products or marketing mixes. Behavioral According to a national survey by Colgate Palmolive in 1999 only 16% of the total population of Pakistan had been using toothpastes as a mean of daily oral cleansing. Multan and Faisalabad. Our product (Colgate Junior) is specifically manufactured for kids. Ref:. buying attitudes and buying practices. Psychographic Psychographic segmentation has been done on the basis of social class. Punjab keeping in mind the factor of population. Middle class and High class will be targeted because our product will not be within the means of middle class society.  Market Segmentation: Markets consist of buyers and buyers differ in one or more ways. We have selected Punjab for different reasons. This is what we call market segmentation. With the passage of time we will expand our business all over the country. Kids are specially advised to use toothpaste because of different reasons. People use toothpastes daily and their attitude towards toothpaste is quite positive because dentists advise to clean teeth after every meal and at least twice a day for healthy teeth. But our targeted segment will be the biggest Province of Pakistan. locations. Islamabad and Rawalpindi etc. resources. As Punjab is the biggest province according to population (as depicted in the subsequent pie chart) so we will start our business from Punjab.Web1 Demographic The basic selected variable from demographic segmentation is age. They may differ in wants. Some other reasons are that Punjab is the most prospered and developed province and there are much developed cities than other provinces like Lahore. One major reason has been mentioned earlier that Punjab is the biggest province of Pakistan and this is the safest market to do business. To target the market in a better way.

It is the place the product occupies in consumer’s minds relative to competing products. The firm now has to evaluate the various segments and decide how many and which segments it can serve best. it has focused on people with different age groups and with different preferences. Colgate Palmolive is serving customers through “Differentiated Marketing”. very narrowly (micro marketing) or somewhere in between (differentiated or concentrated marketing). Colgate Junior by Colgate Palmolive is now planning to be part of the besieged customer group (children). Our first priority is to maintain the good image of our brand in the mind of our customers by introducing a new product of an equivalent quality. Ref: See Index Market Targeting: Market segmentation reveals the firm’s market segment opportunities. Using different flavors and alterations. Market positioning: Market positioning involves the way a product is defined by customers on important attributes. For example colgate launched a flavor of miswak for people who preferred miswak to paste thereby attracting new customers having different attitude towards a product. This flavor is preferred by the majority of kids (as stated in the market research) so they would love to try this new tasty toothpaste.attract the kids towards toothpaste we are introducing orange flavor of Colgate (as orange flavor proved to be the most demanding in accordance with our survey). The core strategy is the matching of company strengths and market opportunities and has two components: • Identification of group of customers to whom the company can clearly show it has a differential advantage. A target market consists of a set of buyers who share common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve. We have to position our product in market in a way that can attract more loyal customers. • The firm needs to position its offerings in the customer’s mind. It is basically an orange cooling crystal gel that is specifically manufactured for kids standing somewhere between 4 to 9 years. Target marketing can be carried out at several different levels. The company can target very broadly (undifferentiated marketing). Positioning Statement:           . Kids of this age group normally do not like brushing their teeth.

The graph stated below depicts some of the main pursuers in the market.Perceptual Map: In planning the positioning strategies. We want our customers to retain their belief that we provide them quality products within their budgets as we believe quality never goes out of style and though we never compromise on quality. being superior in quality. which show consumers perception of their brands versus competing products on important buying dimensions. marketers often prepare perceptual positioning maps. We can witness from the above graph that close-up and pepsodent are the close competitors of Colgate. to some extent it is more than the competitors and can be considered as slightly more than the average prices. having slightly less prices than Colgate. As far as price is concerned. Here we can show our position by this graph. .                             Differentiation: Our competitive advantage is superior quality of fruity crystal gel toothpaste with maximum calcium and fluoride.   Our product can be placed in the first quadrant.

It is based on the product life cycle theory. The basis idea in using the Matrix is that the higher the market share a product has. And the combination of both effectiveness & efficient will drive our product to the target box (thriving). This will be done through strong advertisement and awareness share and market growth. a newly introduced product will have a low market share but with the passage of time Colgate Junior will gain rigorous sales through our promotional strategies. jellies etc. As far as market share is concerned. As the product is being launched by a company already running successfully in oral care industry i-e Colgate Palmolive. billboards and cable networks are considered to play an imperative role for this purpose. it is assumed that these earnings will grow faster the higher the share. so the product has intensive growth rate and market acceptability. BCG Matrix: The BCG Matrix was created by the” The Boston Consulting Group” (BCG) and it became one of the most well-known portfolio management decision making tools in the early 1970's. Briefly. Due to having the edge of strong brand name the range of products is already efficient. At that echelon. newspapers. . As kids usually don’t like to brush teeth which is a problem for the parents. Magazines. Pull Strategy: Colgate Junior will implement pull strategy in order to be a magnet for customers. Our new product (Colgate Junior) is a product targeting an existing market (kids market). that's why our product is designed accordingly that will attract kids and urge them to use toothpaste daily. This strong image is enabling our product to win the confidence of target market and increase its effectiveness in a short span. the strategy would be intensive cash investment to keep the product on the track and then transforming the product to the maximum revenue generator. We are offering new flavor with the new style in toothpaste. Ansoff's product/market expansion grid: In this grid strategies are made on the basis of products and markets. we prospect our product Colgate Junior to be in QUESTION MARK box.As currently we are in die slowly stage. Ref: Web 2 In the above illustration. So STAR will be our ultimate and prior location. There are two dimensions . This scheme will pull the tendency and . We will adopt the product development strategy because we are launching a new product for existing market. We have selected orange flavor because lots of kids prefer orange flavor (as stated in our market research) in their candies. as the market for kids already exists. and it is used to prioritize the product portfolio in a company or department. Time is the main factor to gain require target of market share & growth. The profit share will increase parallel to the ratio of growth. the higher the growth rate and the faster the market for that product grows. Product development includes modified or new product to current market. Product development strategy: Developing new products for existing market is product development as shown in the above table. Our toothpaste also contains ingredients (maximum calcium and fluoride) which are good for the strength and shine of teeth. As a result of 'economies of scale' (a basic assumption of the BCG matrix). we will be moving towards the star box.

Often the price difference exceeds the actual increment in quality.   . Market leader: We will expand our market with the time. puppet shows and color festivals for kids as a mean of promoting Colgate Junior. Push strategy on the other hand can also serve the same purpose of promotion.P as stated in our objectives. We will also analyze the competitor's strategies. Our overall positioning will be MORE FOR MORE. There are many competitors in the market but our close competitors are Close-up. They are also providing good quality pastes but our competitive edge is superior quality fruity crystal gel with maximum calcium and fluoride. We will also focus on arranging events for kids like drawing competitions. By giving special considerations to the retailers. This will distinguish our product from our competitors. We will launch our product (Colgate Junior) in the other provinces of Pakistan like Sindh and N. Pepsodent and Medicam toothpaste. we can push our product to the end consumers. But the main focus will definitely be on pull strategy i-e to urge the consumers for the demand of the specific product and thus making loyal customers for the brand. It indicates possible weaknesses in operations and addresses areas where to charge. So we will provide value to our current customers to retain them because the customers are big assets of a firm. This product will give prestige to the buyer and a satisfaction of using a desirable brand. Thus marketers should position their brands on the key benefits that they offer relative to competing brands. Measuring customer satisfaction is therefore important task of marketing department of the company. and try to find out how they tempt customers.F. “More for more” positioning involves providing the most upscale product and charging a higher price to cover the higher costs.demand from the consumers. Customer satisfaction is a key parameter that makes protecting market share possible. Competitive Positioning Strategy: Consumers typically choose products and services that give them the greatest value. Other important task is to benchmark competitors. what will be their following moves and implement lucrative moves first. Colgate Junior will be a high priced and a high quality paste whose price corresponds substantially with its quality. Using superior quality in association with this strategy also symbolizes status and life style.W. Competitive moves: There are four competitive moves: • Market leader • Market challenger • Market follower • Market nicher Our firm is the market leader so we will adopt market leader strategies. what they are offering to their customers and how they tempt their customers.



More precisely. competition and some other environmental factors like economy and governmental issues. It includes Marketing Mix which is stated as follows: Marketing Mix: Price: Price has been a major factor. the way we can get a hold on our objectives and provide the details of strategies via individual tactical tools. The product will consist of a 30g. We can either go for market penetration or market skimming strategy. Through this way the product can attract a large number of buyers and can raise the potential of winning a lump of market share. The company decides to adopt this strategy for the impediment of new entrants in the market thus reducing the threat of new entrants. costs etc and external factors including nature of the market and demand. In contrary to it. Both the strategies are adoptable while keeping in mind the pre-defined objectives of the firm. the product Colgate Junior is an extension of renowned and famous toothpaste manufacturer’s. Colgate Palmolive Ltd that has pre-occupied the desired position in the mind of its target customers. affecting the buyer’s choice. Market Skimming Strategy: In our case.        TACTICS: Tactics include all the techniques and methodologies used to achieve the objectives. Available sizes Prices  30g Rs 20  50g Rs 35  70g Rs 50 New Product Pricing Strategy: New product pricing strategy includes all the possible ways through which a product can be made more adoptable and affordable by the customers. marketing mix strategy. In market penetration the producers set low prices of the product in order to penetrate the market. Price is the only element in the marketing mix that produces revenues as our required audiences are kids so our price range will be according to the quantity and size of the tube. The price varies as we are launching our product in three sizes occupying our targeted consumers. So charging high for the new product will be more suitable as they are also producing a high quality product with an aim of earning maximum revenue from the target customers. We will set prices of our product by taking into account all internal factors including marketing objectives. . 50g and 70g tube. market skimming demands a high price for the new product in order to put on more revenues.

The company offers the same fixed price for the product in all regions of Punjab. flavored and eye catching for the targeted kids. Deciding whether the company should risk losing the business of more distant customers by charging them higher prices to cover the higher shipping costs or it should charge all customers the same prices regardless of location. Value based pricing uses buyers’ perception of value not the seller’s cost.   Geographical Pricing: A company must decide how to price its product for customers located in different parts of country or world. Product: Parents are very conscious about the quality of the product that their children are suppose to use.   . our pricing will begin with analyzing consumer needs and value perceptions and price will be set to match the consumers’ perceived value. keeping in mind the fact that “good value” is not the same as “low price”. As a result. regardless of their location. even then the strategy of uniform delivered pricing will remain corresponding. Price is considered along with other marketing mix variables before the marketing program is set. Colgate Junior is going to set its target price based on customer perceptions of the product value. keeping in view the requirements of parents and our besieged age group of the audience we have to retain the competence of quality meanwhile making the product colorful. The target value and price will then drive our decision about product design and what cost can be incurred. The product will be offered throughout Punjab including Lahore. We can price the customers in all the following possible ways:  FOB-origin pricing  Uniform delivered pricing  Zone pricing  Basing-point pricing  Freight-absorption pricing Colgate Junior is supposed to offer through Uniform delivered pricing scheme. It will be a symmetric packing range in three sizes making it more adoptable and affordable for people concerning our focused income level assortment. Islamabad.Value Based Pricing: An increasing number of companies are basing their prices on the product’s perceived value. as the key to pricing. Faisalabad. Rawalpindi and Multan. Even if we boost our distribution and availability to other provinces. Uniform delivered pricing: Colgate Junior has a uniform delivered pricing strategy in which it charges the same price for all customers. Value based pricing means that the marketer cannot design a product and marketing program and then set the price.

colgate junior has been associated with most preferred cartoon character Tom & Jerry as preferred by the majority in research. • Features: The toothpaste is manufactured as an orange gel with cooling crystals and enclosed in an attractive tube. So the product is considered to be pleasing for kids through unique design and style.         Actual Product: Brand name: Our brand name is Colgate Junior® that is in line with Colgate Palmolive. Augmented Product: . The hub benefits are stated as follows: • Prevent Tooth Cavities • Prevent Exposed Root Cavities • Fight Against Bad Breath • Reduce Plaque • Reduce Gum Problems • Strengthen Weak Tooth Enamel • Remove Stains . initially to the major sector of Punjab. in the tube. assuring quality and affordability to the major sector of the country. So keeping in mind this fact. Kids are usually more attracted towards colors and cartoons. • Quality: We are determined in providing the brand. The quality is the factor that cannot be compromised in any condition as the leading brand of Colgate assures the best quality paste to its customers.Ref: Web 3 Core Product: Our core product is the orange gel with cooling crystals. • Packaging: The packaging is made very attractive as the product is specifically designed for children so packaging is given special consideration so it may prove appealing to the target consumers. • Design and style: The design and style of Colgate junior are set to be quite appealing and catchy for kids.

After sales services include the responsibility of replacing the damaged or expired piece from the customer. website address and helpline number or U. intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from the competitors. Channel level: Our product will follow a chain in which from the manufacturers (Colgate Palmolive). Labeling includes the brand name. Branding: A brand is a name. the product goes straight to the ware houses of distributors then to the respective zones (separations made by Colgate Palmolive for the ease of distribution to multiple cities).pk and the helpline number is (92-21) 5698000. Then after pricing. ingredients. key outlets (walking stores) and karyana stores. benefits.N number for assistance and after sales services. 5685867. symbol. Brand name: The name of the brand is Colgate Junior® proposed by Colgate Palmolive.colgate. Branding has become so strong that hardly anything goes unbranded. If we consider the categorization of our product then it falls in the category of staples in Convenience Products. the product goes to the shops (retailers) and finally to the customers and end consumers. . design or a combination of these.It includes the classification of our product. sign. Brand Sponsorship: Colgate Junior is a Manufacturer’s Brand (National Brand) because Colgate is distributing its product with its own brand name as created and owned by Colgate Palmolive itself and can be available at general stores. Distribution: Marketing Channel or distribution decisions are among the most important decisions that management faces and directly affects many other marketing address of the firm and expiry date. Packaging and labeling: Orange gel paste is enclosed in a very attractive tube.   Place: Placement plays a vital role in the life cycle of product so we will place our product at:  Departmental stores  Shopping malls  Target retailers As we already have a very strong distribution network of other products of same brand so we will use the same distribution channel and network that is considered to be a very strong key factor in distribution procedures. Manufacturer Ware house Retailer Consumer   Conventional marketing channel: We will have a conventional marketing channel since we have a distribution channel structure in which Colgate Palmolive places its products in the shops of retailers or sales them to the wholesalers and they do not work like a single team. Web site address of Colgate Palmolive is www. term.

Bill Boards: We will also advertise our product through billboard because the kids who watch our ads on television when they will watch our value added product on billboards they will definitely enforce their parents to buy it for them. newspapers and brochures.Type of distribution: Colgate Junior is dealing with a few authorized dealers. 1 in Islamabad. Making attractive T. • Also to offer free samples to the target consumers to check the quality of offered product that is substantially high. Snoopy etc (It will be decided on the basis of market research). • Power of advertisement while using both media (Print & Tele). billboards. More precisely: • Our first and foremost objective is to provide market awareness to our target customers. This would be done by placing stalls and counters of Colgate Junior 30g tube free of cost. billboards. 4 in Lahore and 1 in faisalabad. Above mentioned only the authorized distributors are allowed to deal with Colgate Palmolive and henceforth with Colgate junior for the sake of distribution. newspapers. • Use of cartoon characters which are favorite in kids like Tom & Jerry. T. Promotion: The promotional strategy which Colgate Junior will adopt to cop up with the competitive market would be firstly to focus on awareness of the new product. magazines. Television: . Promotional mix: We are supposed to use the following steps in our promotional mix: • Advertising • Personal Selling • Public Relations • Sales Promotion • Direct Marketing Advertisement: We will advertise our product through television. We have two distribution channels in rawalpindi. We would focus on increasing the sales with the passage of time to gain control on the besieged chunk of market share.V channels along with buntings in the shops.V advertisements would definitely attract and urge children to try it because of its catchy appearance. outside the schools. 1 in multan. pamphlets. As the number of authorized dealers is 9 so it follows Selective Distribution Channel. Then next step would be promotion through magazines.

557.000 15 days (every other day) Rs.000 ARY Digital 1am – 8 am 6pm – 7pm 9pm – 11pm October 1st Rs. Blaze and Review through which we are suppose to publish our advertisements.155.   ADVERTISING BUDGET: TVC & Radio Media Plan Station Timings Launch Cost per Diem Duration Total Cost PTV Home 7am – 10 am 5pm – 7pm 10pm – 12am Octobe 1st Rs. We will run our commercial ads especially during the intervals of cartoons and children concerning serials or in times when children can almost certainly watch TV.332. The most preferable magazines would be Aurora.500 15 days (every other day) Rs.500 15 days (every other day) Rs. Aag and PTV.500 Aaj Ent .170. Newspapers & magazines: We will also advertise our product in newspapers and magazines using interesting and appealing pictures of their favorite cartoon characters so that more kids can be made aware of our product.925. 2. 2. 2.195. Newspapers which are selected for this purpose are Dawn and Din newspapers. after that we will switch towards the advertisement on famous television channels including Geo.We will advertise our product on local area cable network because it is the most effective way to get the attention of the kids.500 Geo Ent 8am – 10 am 8pm – 9pm 10pm – 12am October 1st Rs.

320 Dawn October 1st Rs.000 .045 6 months Rs.7am – 10 am 5pm – 7pm 10pm – 12am October 1st Rs.144.000 15days (every other day) Rs.000 FM 101 KHI. 1.000 FM 89 KHI.930 6 months Rs. 6000 6 months Rs. FSD.16. 150.6000 6 months Rs.8.385. Aurora October 1st Rs. Jang Mag October 1st Rs. FSD 8am – 9am 10pm– 11pm October 1st Rs. PES.000(per 14 days) 6 months Rs.000 Total Rs 213. ISD.880 Akhbare jahan October 1st Rs.214. LHR 7am – 10am 9pm – 10pm October 1st Rs.000 Dawn magazine October 1st Rs.63. LHR.500 6 months Rs.4200 15days (every other day) Rs.080 The News October 1st Rs.000 Newspaper & Magazine Media Plan Periodical Launch Cost \ week Duration Total Cost Jang October 1st Rs.20.000 Total Rs 9.144.75000 15days (every other day) Rs.745 6 months Rs.113.

720000 Hoardings Sadar karachi October 1st Rs.661.35000 12 months Rs. We can also offer complementary products like tooth brush with the sale of a 50g pack after achieving the desired sales. The introductory phase. The product will be available on doorstep for making more and more people customary of this new product and people would test the product without going to the shops. in the minds of people whether they are presently our customers or the other way round. Colgate junior has decided to trail for a certain amount of revenue in specified time period and has decided to donate 9% of the total revenue to charity organizations earned per annum by the team. . Another way can be giving discounts or providing more of the product in the same price.60000 12 months Rs.384000 Hoardings Peshawar cantonment october 1st Rs. Sales Promotion: Sales promotion is made in order to intensify the boost of sales. Public Relations: Public relations undoubtedly play a vital role in the acceptability of any product by the general public. It can be done in a variety of ways. We can offer short term incentives in order to break through the market and making the sales even bigger in size.400   Personal Selling: This scheme will be applied in the introductory phase.420000 Total cost Rs. Sales can also be promoted by giving free samples of the 30g pack to specific locations like schools etc.457200 Hoardings Blue area islamabad October 1st Rs 45000 12 months Rs. 32000 12 months Rs.528000 12 months Rs.4.39600 12 months Rs. This technique would also influence those who did not catch free samples due to some reason.238.45000 12 months Rs.720000 Hoardings D – ground October 1st Rs.280 Billboard Media Plan Type Location Launch Cost per Month Duration Total Cost Hoardings Kalma Chowk October 1st Rs.540000 Hoardings Tariq road Karachi October 1st Rs. Its all about setting a perception necessarily positive.457200 Hoardings Ferozepur Road October 1st Rs.540000 Hoardings f-10 sector islamabad October 1st Rs.39600 12 months Rs.60000 12 months Rs.Total Rs 1.

                                            . The medium used for this can be either through billboards or directly mailing the cutomers. undoubtedly play a vital role in creating the awareness or interest of the product but they only convey what a product actually is in a short span of time. Customers normally want to know more about the specifications and characteristics of the product and this could be done through providing the customer with the proper channel that they can use to interact with the company.Direct Marketing: Direct marketing can be considered very important in a way because it helps in maintaining good relations with the customers. Advertisements on the other hand.

We will put our all strategies and tactics into action by using the following • Project Management • Schedules and Deadlines • Budget Allocation . We will put them into action and try implementing them efficiently to carry out the maximum result.                                        Actions: After making the strategies and managing the tactics.

professional service with the highest quality workmanship. Budget Allocation: Our budget for Lahore branch is 2000000 per month and for Faisalabad. Our total budget per month is Rs. He will Monitor the proceeding that is the department achieving its desired goals or not? If not then GM will have to change his plan by consultation with the higher authorities. Miss Shoa Khan and Messieurs Ali and Sohaib are the marketing managers assisting Mubeen Liaquat in managing the marketing activities of the organization to get the objectives set by the higher authorities. The company has a very strict quality control department which seeks complete customer satisfaction . Further Allocation of Marketing Budget: • 50% of the marketing budget is allocated for Promotion. promotion or advertisement and etc.6500000 with the annual budget of Rs. vehicles maintenance and fuel. utility bills.The quality control department principal job is to ensure that our customers receive prompt. • 15% for Research and Development Distribution of promotional Budget: Distribution is as follows: • 45% for advertisement . which is affordable for us. company will start its campaign on TV by 20th of January for seven days a week at least one month. salaries of our artisans. Rawalpindi and Multan branch is 1500000 each. Colgate Junior will announce its annual report on 31st of December to attract the customers by showing our increase sales. Billboards will be placed on Liberty and Feroz Pur road by the 25th of January for one month till 25th of February. Mubeen Liaquat is a General Manger of the marketing department. Mr. The first show will be at Lahore Grammar School (Model town) on 27th of February. Miss Novera Ilyas is a director of the marketing department and is supervising the marketing department. courteous. • 20% for distribution along with vehicle fuel expenses. • 15% for office supplies. She will give the instructions to her subordinates that how to achieve the goal and implement the strategies and tactics. As the marketing is our concern so we will describe the marketing department and we will put our stated strategies into action.78000000 (PKR 78million).• Project Management Organizational Chart There is a hierarchy of our organization in which CEO of the organization will lead the four directors of the company from different departments. Colgate Junior will arrange a puppet show at different schools to attract kids. Colgate Junior service network will check the performance of the organization that is the company getting its desired customer response? Is it getting the loyal customers? Schedules and Deadlines: Colgate Junior project management team is very concerned with the timely completion of the tasks and goals which they have set for themselves. The distribution of the pamphlets at traffic signals will start on 27th of January. For creating brand awareness. Islamabad. This budget includes expenses like building rent. 50% of this budget goes to Marketing. office supplies.

• 25% for Sales Promotion • 10% for Public Relations • 10% for Direct Marketing                                             .

It involves measuring. The monitoring team will also check that is the plan working or not if not then what should be done. We will arrange a general body meeting by inviting different departments like Marketing. we will take the following control procedures.                    CONTROL: To keep an eye on our tasks and procedures. Monitoring Marketing department will manage a monitoring team which will check the performance periodically. As customers are a big asset of a firm so if a firm will not get loyal customers then firm will be in a great loss. R n D managers in which we will see that have they achieved their desired target. reviewing. Newspaper ads Billboards. Media Plan As we know that advertisement is a best way to get the attention of the customers. updating and modifications in our performed schemes and procedures. Our plan includes that. Finance. So to get the awareness of our product among the customers We have made a media plan including TV ads. controls are used. And we will also try to figure out our mistakes. Pamphlets and we will review that are those planned activities getting the required costumer response or not. monitoring. are our ads suitable to target market or not? We will control all the plan and try to get the best response from our customers. To see things in accordance with what was planned. first one that the firm may switch to plan B or may they update their plan.     Updating Plan . There could be two possibilities. They make us sure whether we are doing things in a right way or not.

Suppose if a company does not measure its objectives for a long time then. Measuring Objectives From business point of view objectives are the one of the most important If the company is achieving its objectives then board of director will set new goals for the coming years.               References: Web 1. The marketing department will specially update its advertisement plan. how it can be determined that business is going in a right direction or no? That’s why our board of directors will review the goals and objectives of the company periodically.http://images.html Web Firm will create a committee who will check the market trends periodically and will update its plan according to the market trends and changing behavior of its customers.decideguide. Measuring objectives is much more important for us than some other company because our product is new and we have to get customer satisfaction and to create awareness among the customers which is an essential part of our objectives to achieve.html&h=427&w=515&sz=14&hl=en&start=1&tbnid=J7Vi2wqI5wup7M:&tbnh=109&tbnw=131& prev=/images%3Fq%3Dbcg%2Bmatrix%26gbv%3D2%26ndsp%3D18%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den %26sa%3DN Web 3Reference”a”Adnan Ali Assistant Manager (Advertisements) DAWN Group of Newspapers .pk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.gif&imgrefurl= So if a business has to survive in the market they have to measure their objectives by time. because advertisement is a basic tool to get customers awareness as mentioned earlier.The company will keep a regular check on the market and record any change in the market If the company is not achieving its objectives then board of directors will figure out the problems and they will try to sort out the solution.decide-guide.

com Reference”b”Mr. Lahore Tel: +92-042-5758120 Email: adnan.Mujahid Suhail Assistant Manager (Advertisements) DIN Group of Newspapers Gulberg . Lahore Tel: +92-042-5883545 Reference “c”Mr.II.II. Gulberg .20-N.mktglhr@dawn.Adnan Siddique Assistant Manager Advertisement BLAZE Advertising Agency 61-B3 Gulberg 3 Lahore .

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