Tata consultancy services Introduction The Commissioner ate of Rural Development (CRD), the Government of Andhra Pradesh, administers

various rural development programmes like Watersheds, Comprehensive land Development programmed and National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme of the Government of India and GoAP. These programmes are implemented at the delivery levels by the District Water Management Agency (DWMA) headed by Project Director under the overall guidance of the District Collector, through the Panchayat Raj Institutions and Self Help Groups. Process the Commissioner ate of Rural Development requested CDS-APARD to engage a Professional agency to study the Human Resources of CRD and develop a comprehensive HR Policy for the contract staff. The CDSAPARD engaged ASCENT Leadership and Management Consultants (P) Ltd.in came up with a draft HR policy. The draft Policy was discussed with all the Project Directors, DWMA and CRD functionaries to ensure smooth implementation of HR systems and policies, a sound HR structure was set up. IT integration while the HR Policies were framed and Management structure is set up for implementation, the need for the IT integration of these HR systems was felt. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Hyderabad- the IT consultants developed the web based software for Human Resources Management Information System. The web based HR services enable the FTEs, the Unit Reporting Officer, DDO etc.. to avail various HR services at their respective work units in/for i) Generating FTE contracts ii) Access to Service register

pay orders and pay slips. The process of IT integration will be taken up in two phases. Tour Management. Benefits Managements etc will be IT enabled. T&D.iii) Access to Roster Register iv) Access to career advancement list v) Generating monthly pay orders vi) Generating Pay slip vii) Generating HR analytical Reports etc. all the HR modules like recruitment. In phase two. .. The first phase is developed to generate contracts.

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