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Invention Timeline Rubric !! ! ! ! !

Name __________________________

4 3 2 1
Quality of content Included events are important Most of the included events are Some events included are Beginning
Many major events are
and interesting. No major important or interesting. One or trivial, and major events are excluded, and too many
details are excluded. two major events may be missing. trivial events are included.
Quantity of facts • timeline contains at
The timeline contains at least The timeline contains at least 6– The • timeline contains
8–10 events related to the 7 events related to the invention. least 5 events related to the fewer than 5 events.
invention. invention.

Dates An accurate, complete date An accurate, complete date has An accurate date has been Dates are inaccurate or
has been included for each been included for almost every included for almost every missing for several events.
event. even event.

Sequence of Events are placed in proper Almost all events are placed in Most (~75%) of the events Most events are
order. proper order. are placed in proper order. incorrectly placed on the
content timeline.

Fonts/Colors/ Use of fonts, colors & pictures Use of font styles, colors & Uses fonts, colors & pictures The use of font, colors &
is exceptional and shows a pictures is consistent and shows consistently, but is not used pictures is not consistent
Presentation logical pattern. It helps a logical pattern. effectively to organize. OR is absent.
organize the material.
Grammar, spelling Spelling, grammar and Fewer than 3 spelling, grammar 3-6 spelling, grammar, and More than 6 grammar,
capitalization are correct and capitalization errors. capitalization errors. spelling, or capitalization
etc. throughout. errors.

Graphics - Several of the graphics used One or two of the graphics used The graphics are made by No graphics made by the
on the poster reflect a on the poster reflect student the student, but are based student are included.
Originality exceptional degree of student creativity in their creation and/or on the designs or ideas of
creativity in their creation and/ display. others.
or display.

Marker 1 ______________________ Marker 2 __________________________
______ / 28