TecSmart Electronics


medical & office products • Company focuses on quality.ABOUT TecSmart • Manufactures. service & value • They based their quality journey on Deming’s 14 points • Current CEO decides to pursue Baldrige focus . designs electronic power supplies for OEM’s in computer.

market research and benchmarking • Quality assessments • Institute leadership High level of involvement of the senior management in training. Objectives and strategic goals set by senior management Implementation of six sigma goals Learn the new philosophy Customer feedback network to improve quality Understand inspection Collection of operational data Stop making decisions purely on the basis of cost Involvement of suppliers from early product development stages Improve constantly and forever Strategic planning based on inputs from customer feedback.Q1. guiding cross functional teams.Discuss how the practices that TecSmart identified support Deming’s 14 points Create a Vision and demonstrate commitment. setting strategic goals and handling of customer complaints .

contd Institute training • Employees trained in five step problem solving process • Customer relationship training • Involvement of senior management in training process • 72 hours training of internal quality and service related training Optimize the efforts of team • Existence of cross functional teams at product development stage • Self managed work groups Encourage education and self improvement Employees are surveyed for the effective implementation of Deming’s 14 principles Take action • Clear communication between the top management and work force for implementation of goals • Customer feedback taken as a measure for improvement .Q1.

Senior leaders participate in quarterly communication meetings with employees. •Strategic planning .Senior leaders guide cross functional teams . identify which of the questions in the criteria each of these practices address. • Leadership . How did these practices support the Baldrige criteria? Specifically.Senior management set company objectives .Q2.Each department operates to serve company’s objective .

• Customer and market focus . .All employees received CRM Training.Meetings were held with customers to identify requirements of their products • Human resource focus .Q2.Customer satisfaction data is acquired from sales representatives. ..All complaints were handled by Vice president of sales . Contd.All employees were involved to discuss problems & issues .All employees were trained for handling problems .

.Company collects operational data in every dept to evaluate information requirements . • Measurement. Analysis & knowledge management . Contd.All employees trained in 5 step problem solving process .Company has set Six sigma goals for its processes .Q2.

Q3.Key aspects of Organization process was not being examined which creates value for customer • Key results area’s were not defined • Lack of performance measure system that looks into real time marketplace performance. and operational performance • The organization must become active in its governance and social responsibility measures . What are some of the obvious opportunities for improvement relative to Baldrige criteria? What actions would you recommend that TecSmart do to improve its pursuit of performance excellence using the Baldrige criteria? • Process Management .


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