Staff’s Investigation For this investigation, the staff interviewed seven individuals, inspected payment records for the

research and for the website, and briefly looked at the research notebook that was the basis for the website. A summary of the investigation and our staff findings are contained in a memo that has been provided to you confidentially, in accordance with 21-A M.R.S.A. § 1003(3A). Our conclusion is that the attached redacted affidavit is mostly correct. The Cutler Files website is the work of two individuals. One of them performed most of the research that is shown on the website during the period of August 2009 to February 2010, after learning that Eliot Cutler was running for the office of governor. He was intent on exposing Eliot Cutler’s background, as he understood it. We suspect that this individual intended the research to be used some day in the 2010 general election. He was not compensated for this work. The two individuals were frustrated that Cutler’s background, as they saw it, was not being explored by the press. In July or August 2010, they decided to create a website to publicize the research. Both individuals contributed writing for the website. No candidate in the 2010 general election directed or authorized them to create the website. They expressed that their goal was to get the information they found into the open, so that it would be covered by the press. The other individual in the team (not the researcher) was experienced in creating websites. That person did the editing and graphics for the website, purchased the domain name, and paid the hosting fee. The staff’s investigation has concluded that the total cost of the website (including the research shown on the site) is $91.38. It appears that no one was compensated for conducting the research for the website or for creating the website.

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