Automatic Safety Cover

By Coverstar


System reliability matters. We
know that once you have a cover on your pool, you don’t want to repair anything. The ECLIPSE™ has superior engineering that is based on more than 35 years of field experience. Heavy-duty, precision laser cut stainless steel components are designed to make the ECLIPSE™ mechanism endure harsh environments, giving you many years of reliable service.


Stainless Steel Brackets

The ECLIPSE™ automatic safety cover has superior engineering based on more than 35 years of field experience. System reliability, high quality components and compelling benefits make it the preferred choice of pool owners everywhere. k more easily.

Wheel Assembly
The hybrid design wheel assembly (Topguide) reduces stress by rolling on top of the guide. Sliders attached to the wheel assembly provide accurate and smooth tracking from end to end.  Other wheel assembly designs can jam and create enough stress to break system components or tear the corners of the fabric.

The motor’s hardened stainless steel shaft and oil bathed gears virtually eliminate motor problems. It is also sealed against water by the original motor manufacturer.  Other less reliable means of water protection could result in an expensive motor repair.

Stainless Steel Guide Feed
The guide feed on the end of the cover guides prevent the ropes from snagging and tearing the cover. Because they are made from stainless steel, they last forever.  Other systems use plastic guide feeds that can wear out quickly and cause the cover to come out of the guide and fall to the bottom of the pool.

Durable Mechanism
Heavy-duty, stainless steel components allow the ECLIPSE mechanism to endure harsh environments giving you many years of reliable service.

Guides & Sliders
The heavy duty sliders are the strongest in the industry. An extra slider channel in the guide prevents binding and stress on the mechanism and increases reliability.  Sliders without these features can bind in the guides, causing jerky motion of the cover in operation and early failure.

Safety Fabric
UltraGard III™ specially formulated heavy duty vinyl fabric provides optimal ultraviolet, chemical and mildew resistance. Superior fabric strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance are enhanced through the extruded coating process and closed polyester weave.  Laminated fabrics and non-UV protected fabrics are more vulnerable to de-lamination, cracking, flaking, and leaking.

Heat Sealed Webbing
This patented feature is a substantial improvement over industry standard webbing attachment methods and provides substantially longer webbing life and improved cover operation.  Over time, a standard sewn webbing, which is not bonded to the cover, moves back and forth in its sleeve, which creates bunching that wears against the aluminum tracks and shortens its life.

PowerFlexTM Rope

PowerFlex rope behaves like a shock absorber that allows it to be more forgiving and self-adjusting during operation.  Standard ropes cannot hold up to this application.

Stainless Steel Pulleys
Stainless steel, double row, rope pulleys are nearly triple the load capacity of standard pulleys. They provide smooth operation and long life.  Standard pulleys wear out easily causing ropes to break and uneven operation.

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