TiVo is a digital entertainment system which aims to provide users flexibility in usage of TV by providing them with innovations which

aim to do away with the multiple difficulties users face in viewing TV such as inconvenient timings, disturbances and distractions while watching TV. Comparison of value proposition of TIVO vis-à-vis the Competition: Features of TIVO Pause LIVE TV Replay LIVE TV Fast Forwarding (3 times, 18 times, 60 times) Record Programs (4 hours 30 hours) y Electronic Program Guide (EPG) y Preview for shows y TiVo video magazine y Network Showcase y On-screen TV guide y Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down y Season Pass These were the reasons which facilitated adoption of TiVo. Factors that make adoption difficult for TiVo was the pricing model of TiVo sets y $ 499 for 14 hour recording, $ 999 for 30 hour recording. y After paying the hefty amount, the consumers were also supposed to pay $9.95 for TiVo service. y If the user opted out of TiVo service, TiVo lost its competitive advantage of its value offerings such as the Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down, Season Pass, EPG, Programming Suggestion etc. Entire market of TV viewing population can be categorized on various parameters: On the basis of age: Category 1 Category 4 y 4-12 years old y 30-55 years old y School going kids, mostly cartoons, y Consumption pattern same as earlier enough time to watch television category y Deviation into more serious programming with age advancement y Married and have family Category 2 y TV is a bigger part of their lifestyle due to y 12-17 years old kids, work and additional responsibilities y Sitcoms and movies made for teenagers, as members of society. music channels y Pre-defined tastes y Enough time to watch television y However, would like to explore similar programming but not enough time to explore Replay Network Microsoft Ultimate TV

X Up to 300 times



Marketing efforts of competition: 1.Category 3 y 55 and above y Kids moved out and retired y Leisurely lifestyle and enough time to watch TV Category 5 y 18-30 years old y Adult sitcoms. y Increase of 15% in those saying TV is primary source of entertainment. record TV shows etc. However. 2. hectic lifestyle y Most open to experimenting with new shows y Most prone to missing their favorite shows y However. the Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down which is not provided by any other player. An Idea of an Advertisement to showcase TiVo s Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: . y Ads like the network executive ads can alienate and infuriate networks.e. y TiVo s marketing plan also needs to focus on the value-add that it provides to its customers i. Benefits to networks: y 62% watched more TV with the service than without. y 59% watched programs once unavailable to them because of inconvenient scheduling. news. lifestyle channels etc y Starting college or jobs. TV may not be a big part of their social plans. due to active lifestyle. Replay Networks i) Educating salesperson by providing mostly on catchphrases about features like QuickSkip button. It should be avoided. y These technologies are also offered by other players in the market. Benefits for cable/satellite providers: y TiVo cannot bypass cable or satellite operators because TiVo needs one connection to operate. pause Live TV and No Monthly Fee. y 31% decrease in channel surfing. the plan focuses only on features such as Pause TV. recording pay-per-view movies. Based on the above categories. Benefits for advertisers: y Detailed data on advertisement consumption pattern. movies. ii) TV ads focused on Pause Features. TiVo s current marketing plan: y TiVo s current communication plan involves a good mix of TV and print advertising. the target segment should be the 4th and 3rd category in that order. Microsoft Ultimate TV: i) Focuses on technological advances such as watching or recording two shows at a time.

He uses Thumbs Up to increase the show s rating. someone rings the doorbell. 2. Certain Other Solutions: 1. Advertising in business districts which will create awareness among people traveling to and from work. The user is shown pressing another button and similar sequence is repeated for another of the user s favorite show.y y y y y y The Ad is of a viewer watching his favorite show. The scene on the TV is that of a drama being played out in a room. 4. People most prone to missing favorite programs due to work and commute are people living in suburbs. To sequence of favorite shows can be gauged after a market survey of the most popular soap operas currently. Once the user presses the Thumbs Up button. A media campaign in the suburbs on weekends and holidays. . 3. Increase advertisements and sponsorships in radio shows popular among adults between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Advertising in and sponsoring traditional family holiday spots in various cities. Advertise in subway systems in big cities because people use it to commute to work. The member of the cast opens the door and the cast of the user s another favorite show walk in the room. The idea is to maximize impact of the advertisements to the target audience. 5. when people are commuting from work.

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