The 5th Annual First Year Social Issues Project Study Abroad Class Theme: Homelessness in the World

Since 2003 First year students in the English Course have done a poster project based on a social issue in the world. Previous social issues that Kanto students have examined include: child labour, child abuse, discrimination, and homelessness. You can see what previous projects looked like by visiting the URL below:

Goals of the Project
You will:

•Enjoy reading Oliver Twist •Learn new vocabulary and broaden your range of understanding
of words familiar to you.

•Show an understanding

of connections between the thoughts

and feelings of the characters in the story and your own thoughts and feelings.

•Show an understanding of the importance of homelessness in
the lives of the characters in Oliver Twist, in your own lives and in the lives of people throughout the world.

•Make a contribution to solving a social issue

Getting Started
First, each team will select a continent: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand). Next each member of the team will select a country on that continent that he or she wants to research. After that you will research homelessness in the country that you have chosen. You will use the following research questions to help you do your research: 1. What is the population of __________? 2. How many people are homeless in __________? 3. What is the cause of homelessness in __________? 4. What agencies are working in __________ to help the homeless? 5. What are these agencies doing in order to help the homeless? 6. What can I do to help the homeless in __________? Finally you should find a profile of a homeless person in the country that you researched.

Next Step
Find images for the poster that you will make. You must find the following images: 1. The Flag of the country that you researched 2. A map of the country that you researched 3. Pictures of homeless people in the country that you researched 4. The logos of agencies that help homeless people in the countries that you researched.

After that
Using Excel make a graph to display the statistics that you found while researching homelessness.

Based on your research write a short speech about homelessness in the country that you researched. Your speech should be 100 – 150 words long. Finally Put together your poster with your team mates. Teach your team mates about the country that you researched. Learn about the countries that your team mates researched.

Name: Class:

# Date:

Homelessness in the World Worksheet 1
Team Name

Team Members’ Names

Our team will make a presentation about homelessness in ___________________________________________________ will research will research will research will research Winter Homework: Project Research
Due December 30th. Submit by e-mail to Please type “Homelessness_research_yourname” in the subject of the e-mail. Also name your file: “Homelessness_research_yourname” Attach images and graphs as separate files.

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