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Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam

Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam

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Published by: Rajeev Kumar on Jan 06, 2011
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  • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing and Online Advertising
  • How Search Engine Marketing Works
  • How Online Advertising Works
  • Direct Response vs. Branding in Online Advertising
  • Introduction to Google and Google AdWords
  • The Benefits of AdWords
  • How AdWords Targets Audiences
  • How Ads Are Ranked
  • AdWords Costs and Payments
  • Ad Formats
  • About the Search and Display Networks
  • Ad Performance and Monitoring
  • Common AdWords Terms
  • Creating an AdWords Account
  • AdWords Account Access
  • Activating an AdWords Account
  • Creating Accounts for Others
  • Finding an Agency or Contractor
  • Working with an Agency or Contractor
  • Getting Help to Create Ads
  • Key Concepts of AdWords Account Management
  • Managing Client Accounts
  • Navigating an AdWords Account
  • About Billing Preferences and Billing Summary
  • About Account Preferences
  • Try it Now: Account Preferences
  • Monitoring AdWords Accounts
  • Try it Now: Set an Alert
  • Troubleshooting AdWords Account Issues
  • AdWords Account Best Practices
  • Understanding the Components of a Campaign
  • Setting up a Campaign
  • Monitoring Campaigns
  • Troubleshooting Campaign Issues
  • Campaign Best Practices
  • Creating New AdWords Campaigns
  • Editing Existing Campaigns
  • Try it Now: Edit at the Campaign Level
  • Managing Campaigns for Clients
  • Key Concepts of Ad Group Management
  • Creating Ad Groups
  • Editing Ad Groups
  • Monitoring Ad Groups
  • Troubleshooting Ad Group Issues
  • Try it Now: Ad Group Level Data Interpretation
  • Ad Group Guidelines & Policies
  • Ad Group Best Practices
  • Text Ad Key Concepts
  • Creating Text Ads
  • Integrating Text Ads into Campaigns
  • Image Ad Key Concepts
  • Creating Image Ads
  • Video Ad Key Concepts
  • Creating Video Ads with Display Ad Builder
  • Integrating Video Ads Into Campaigns
  • Try it Now: View Mobile Ad Formats
  • Rich Media Ad Formats Key Concepts
  • Creating Rich Media Display Ads
  • Integrating Rich Media Display Ads Into Campaigns
  • Text Ad Guidelines and Policies
  • Writing Targeted Ad Text
  • Text Ad Best Practices
  • Try it Now: Writing Effective Ad Text
  • Image Ad Guidelines & Policies
  • Image Ad Best Practices
  • Video Ad Policies
  • Video Ad Creation Best Practices
  • Video Ad Performance Best Practices
  • Try it Now: Find Options for Video Ad Types
  • Rich Media Display Ad Guidelines & Policies
  • Rich Media Display Ad Best Practices
  • Add display ads to an existing ad group
  • Create display ads in their own unique ad group
  • Color
  • Calls to Action
  • Images
  • Balance your ad content
  • Create a visible Display URL
  • Change color schemes
  • Measuring the Impact of Rich Media Display Ads
  • About the Google Network
  • About Search Targeting
  • About Display Network Placements
  • Device Platform Targeting
  • Try it Now: View Page for Mobile Targeting
  • About Keyword Match Types
  • About Broad Match Keyword Targeting
  • About Phrase Match Keyword Targeting
  • About Exact Match Keyword Targeting
  • About Negative Match Keyword Targeting
  • About Embedded Match Keyword Targeting
  • Developing and Maintaining Keyword Lists
  • Keyword Tools
  • Monitoring Keywords
  • Try it Now: Quality Score
  • Troubleshooting Keywords
  • Keyword Guidelines and Policies
  • Keyword Best Practices
  • Overview of language and location targeting
  • How language and location targeting works
  • Setting and enabling language and location targeting
  • Try it Now: Set Language and Location Targeting
  • Choosing Languages to Target
  • Ad Text Using Double-Byte Characters
  • About Country / Territory Targeting
  • About Region / City Targeting
  • Accuracy of Region / City Targeting
  • About Customized Location Targeting
  • Troubleshooting Language and Location Targeted Campaigns
  • International Targeting Strategies
  • Best Practices for Language and Location Targeting
  • Key Concepts of Display Network Placements
  • How Keywords and Automatic Placements Work Together
  • About Contextual Targeting and Placement Targeting
  • Setting up Automatic Placements in a Campaign
  • About Managed Placements
  • How Keywords and Managed Placements Work Together
  • Pricing for Keywords and Managed Placements
  • Selecting Managed Placements
  • Try it Now: Add and Edit Placements
  • Monitoring Placement Performance
  • Excluding Placements from Display Network Targeting
  • Try it Now: Add Placement Exclusions
  • Targeting Video Placements
  • Targeting Game Placements
  • Targeting Feed Placements
  • Targeting Mobile Placements
  • Overview of Best Practices for Placement Targeting
  • How AdWords Bidding Works
  • Bidding Options
  • Impact of Bids on Ranking
  • Setting AdWords Bids
  • Tools for Managing AdWords Bids
  • Overview of Best Practices for Bidding
  • How Budgeting Works with AdWords
  • Types of AdWords Budgets
  • Setting Budgets in AdWords
  • Tools for Managing AdWords Costs
  • Try it Now: Change the Budget for an Ad Campaign
  • Overview of Best Practices for Budgets
  • Types of AdWords Policies
  • Impact of AdWords Policies
  • Double-Serving Policy
  • Third-party Ad Serving Policies
  • AdWords Screened Products Content Policy Overview
  • AdWords Editorial Policy Overview
  • What is a trademark?
  • Google Trademarks
  • Trademark Policy
  • Trademark Policy Across Different Regions
  • What is a Copyright?
  • Google's Copyright Policy
  • Copyright Claims Procedure
  • Overview of Ad Approval Process
  • Common Reasons for Ad Disapproval
  • Reacting to Ad Disapprovals
  • Exception Requests for Disapproved Ads
  • While creating or changing ads or keywords
  • For disapproved ads and non-text-based ad types
  • Best Practices for Ad Approval
  • How Ad Quality Is Defined
  • Introduction to Quality Score
  • Introduction to Landing Page Quality
  • How Quality Score Is Determined
  • Overview of Landing Page Quality
  • Improving Your Landing Page and Site Quality
  • Types of Websites That Receive Low Landing Page Quality Scores
  • Tools for Landing Page and Site Quality
  • Monitoring Your Quality Score
  • Try it Now: Keyword Analysis
  • Improving Your Quality Score
  • Overview of Optimization
  • Benefits and Goals of Optimization
  • Key Strategies for Optimization
  • Improve Your CTR
  • Increase Your Clicks and Traffic
  • Promote Brand Awareness
  • Types of Optimization Tools
  • Optimization Tool Use Cases
  • Overview of Optimizing Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • Overview of Optimizing Keywords
  • Tools and Strategies for Optimizing Keywords
  • Overview of Optimizing Ad Text
  • Tools and Strategies for Optimizing Ad Text
  • Overview of Optimizing Language and Location Targeting
  • Tools and Strategies for Optimizing Language and Location Targeting
  • Overview of Optimizing Display Network Placements
  • Tools and Strategies for Optimizing Display Network Placements
  • Overview of Optimizing Bids and Budgets
  • Tools and Strategies for Optimizing Bids and Budgets
  • Best Practices for Optimizing Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • Overview of Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages
  • Benefits of Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages
  • Overview of Tools for Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages
  • Basic Strategies for Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages
  • Try it Now: Match Features with Marketing Goals
  • Why Relevance Is Important to Us
  • Targeting with Precision and Scale
  • Precisely Controlling Ad Campaigns to Meet Advertiser Goals
  • Pricing
  • Reporting and Metrics
  • How Brand Building with AdWords Aligns with Advertiser Goals
  • Overview of Value Proposition for Metrics
  • Most Commonly Used Reports in the Report Center
  • How AdWords Aligns with Direct Response Advertiser Goals
  • Conducting a Client Needs Analysis
  • Aligning Client Needs with Goals and Opportunities
  • The Value of Hiring a Qualified Third Party for Account Management
  • AdWords and Google Marketing Reach
  • AdWords Relevance
  • AdWords Return on Investment (ROI)
  • AdWords Impact on Conversions
  • AdWords Costs and Flexibility
  • Overview of Common Questions and Concerns
  • Explaining Paid Search vs.Organic Search
  • Proof of Publication
  • Explaining Google AdWords Policies and Invalid Clicks Issues
  • Explaining the Search and Display Networks
  • Connecting with Your Customer
  • Value of Hiring a Third-party Professional
  • Services and Operations
  • Reporting
  • What to Share on Reports
  • How Often You Should Share
  • Explaining the Performance of a New Account
  • Protecting Customer Information
  • Account Ownership
  • Considerations on Segmenting Your Market

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Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam

1. Introduction to AdWords

1.1 Overview of AdWords

Overview of Search Engine Marketing & Online Advertising

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