This year we turned Easter sunnyside down and made the trek to Wyoming, where it was SNOWING. Aaron met a lot of cousins he never knew he had and we had one long road trip to talk about for years to come.
We started our trip after seeing Jen’s Dad, Gary, retire from the South Coast AQMD after 40 (?) years of service. It was a very exciting event where he was given an award for his service and a gold medal from the 1984 Olympics. Awesome!

Easter In Wyoming


girls and boys. And you know what he still has a perfect record. Aaron had a great time meeting his Great Grandma O’Brien and all of the other aunts, uncles and cousins. He was quite the Easter Egg hunter as well. Finding more than his share of the candy filled eggs. We want to thank the O’Brien and Keener families for showing us such a great time while we were in Wyoming and Utah.

The holiday cheer is in BIG supply around the Keener home. Our decorations were up by Thanksgiving weekend and Aaron asks everyday if the newly wrapped presents under the tree were delivered from Santa for him. It’s important to remember in the middle of this joyous time that the real reason we celebrate is for the birth of Christ and the sacrifices that God made to give us his son.
Our road trip to Wyo m i n g t o o k u s through Salt Lake on the first night. On the second day, we hit a snow storm going over South Pass. It was a bit stressful but we arrived safely. Aaron’s big question was how the Easter Bunny was going to find him. We told him the Easter Bunny can find all little

Merry Christmas


To our Motorhome. It took us on a lot of great trips and gave us a lot of wonderful memories.

Good Bye

Our new Fun Finder X trailer to the family. You have added a lot of fun back into camping.


uly 2010 brought some change into After Jyears of working at Sunstone Hotels,our lives.was laid10off. Shane Rather than sit around and think about it, we took a family trip to Oahu. We stayed in Waikiki at the Princess and Ko’Olina at the Marriott Villas.

Aloha From Oahu
ore importantly we got back, had a Mas Vice PresidentwhenOnline StrategyShaneYo!Dog new job of for from a Shrimp Shack on North Shore. Danced in a Luau. And I am sure I forgot something. Marketing. He was hired to help grow this start up into a premier internet marketing company focusing on hotels. He is also lucky enough to continue doing what he has a passion for. Aaron has always loved playing in the water. This year he started taking swim


e played in the water A LOT. We got to pet sea turtles. See how pineapples are grown. Walked on the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Ate the best shrimp ever

IN 2011

Aaron’s Year in Review
He was a busy boy, or rather a “Busy Bee” this year as he started preschool. School has been good for Aaron. He is now potty trained and is learning to share. He is excited that he gets to see his best friend Riley a lot more now. He loves bike days and jumper house days!

May our paths cross more often
May your bank account grow in heaven and on earth May you laugh often, play hard and forgive easily May you cross something off of your Bucket List

Earlier this year, Aaron was asked to lessons. In November be the Ring Boy for Chant and Casey’s he passed his survival test and can Wedding. He was quite the charmer now swim on his own! In July, Aaron got a new Toy Story bicycle for his 3rd birthday. It took him a while to figure out how to work the pedals. Wouldn’t you know it, one bike day at school and he can ride like the wind.

and we also learned that he had major moves on the dance floor.

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