January 7, 2011 PO1 AILEEN ALFORTE

Dear Sir/Madame: Magandang Gensan! We are pleased to announce that Labangal National High School will be conducting an antidrug symposium for third year and fourth year students this January _, 2011. The said symposium aims to foster awareness to students on ill effects of prohibited drugs to health towards the attainment of our vision for a drugfree environment with the theme No to drugs, Yes to a better future! . In this connection, we are inviting you to be one of our guest speakers for the said activity. We would be very pleased and greatful of having the oppurtunity to share to us your knowledge and expertise. We are looking forward for your opmtimistic action regarding this matter.

Very truly yours, Noted by:

_Mr. Henry Balbon _ SSG adviser

Leo Marapo Jr Organizer

_Peter James Verula_ SSG President

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