Audit as a Quality Control Tool

or account to evaluate performance.An audit is a systematic and official examination of a record. Auditing in health care organizations provides managers with a means of applying the control process to determine the quality of services rendered. process.concurrently. Auditing can occur or retrospectively. environment. . structure. prospectively.

Ô Retrospective audits ² Are performed after the patientreceives the service. . Ô Concurrent audits ² Are performed while the patient is receiving the service.Attempts to identify how future performance will be affected by current interventions. Ô Prospective audits .

and Structure Audits. .Outcome. Process.

Outcome Audit Outcomes can be defined as the end result of nursing care. These audits assume that the outcome accurately demonstrates the quality of care that was provided. Outcome audits determine what results occurred as a result of specific nursing interventions for patients. .

The audit assumes a connection between process and quality of care. Critical pathways and standardized clinical guidelines are examples of efforts to standardize the process of care .Process Audit Process audits measure how nursing care is provided.

Process audits are used to measure the process of care or how the care was carried out and assume that a relationship exist between the process used by the nurse and the quality of care provided.Process Audit Process audits tend to be task oriented and focus on whether practice standard are being fulfilled. .

A structure audit includes resources inputs. .Structure Audit Structure audits assume that a relationship exist between quality care and appropriate structure. It also includes all those elements that exist prior to and separate from interaction between the patient and the health care worker.

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