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(AGRICULTURAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT) (PAPER-II) 120. MARKETING OF AGRICULTURAL INPUTS AND PRODUCTS May) Maximum: 100 Marks (5×3=15) SECTION –A I. Define any FIVE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Consumable inputs Distribution channel Agricultural products Online trading Grading Market Financing Economic development Marketing margin Price policy Producer’s share in consumer’s rupee SECTION –B II. Write short notes on any Five 11. 12. Special features of agricultural input marketing in India Fertilizer marketing in India. (5×5=25) (Time: 3 Hours

14. b) 23. Certification for organic products. a) Explain the potentialities available for organic products and also discuss about the constraints in marketing of organic products. (OR) Discuss the theories on determination of input prices. 20. a) Write a note on agricultural price policy and importance of CACP. a) Explain the measurement of marketing efficiency and critically explain the relationship between marketing channels and efficiency. State the role played by APEDA in promoting agricultural exports. 16. SECTION –C Answer ALL questions All questions carry equal marks (5×12=60) 21. b) 22. a) Importance of State Trading in agricultural input marketing in India. ~~~~~~~~~ 25. (OR) Discuss in detail the special features of agricultural input marketing in India. Role of packaging & transportation in marketing of agricultural inputs in India. Importance of scientific marketing of farm produce. Market information. Risk taking/bearing Marketable and marketed surplus. 18. 15. Role of NAFED in farm products marketing Specify the marketing channel for a cereal and a perishable commodity. . Also critically review the field level constraints of its implementation. 24. (OR) b) Discuss the present status and future scope of marketing of inorganic fertilizers and plant protection chemicals in India. 17. a) Write a note on management of Distribution Channels. (OR) b) State the importance of agricultural insurance in India.2 13. 19. (OR) b) Discuss the share of various agricultural commodities in Indian Agricultural Export Basket.

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